Tying Loose Ends
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Greatest Firebender Ever



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April 19th, 2015

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Greatest Firebender Ever Part 5: Finale Steps & The Ambiguous Bust

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Greatest Firebender Ever Part 7: Welcome to the Family

This fanon will tell the story of Kulon, who is on a path to be one of the greatest firebenders of all time.

Previously on "Greatest Firebender Ever"

Asami is developing feelings of resentment towards Kulon, while Mako has been preparing for a major bust. As something during the bust went wrong, Team Avatar arrived to help, but the suspects were already gone...

Chapter 6 - Tying Loose Ends

The next day, the police is at a loss and in need of leads. Lin and Mako are occupied with this loose end.

Korra is preparing for her upcoming challenge with the instruction of Kulon in order to help her achieve mental peak; this preparation is very time consuming, so Asami remains irritated by the thought of Kulon. Bolin notices it and takes her to offer their assistance in capturing the people responsible for the events of the night before which is an efficient way to solve this mystery and keeping Asami's mind of Kulon's time consumption. It's also useful for the police, having one of the brightest minds of Republic City to aid this brain teaser of a case.

Kulon leaves for his studies and obligates Korra to resume her training while he's gone. Korra is reluctant, but does not have much of a choice if she is to reconnect with her past lives. Kulon arrives at the University and notices a brand new course that offers instructions in the way of the sword; he takes a flier and considers attendance. As Kulon studies, Korra gets annoyed by the prerequisites of the task and instead decides to search for the hidden domain of Firebending that only Kulon has discovered and developed. She struggles with the task at hand due to her lack of discipline in the matter. As an alternative, instead of trying to understand it like he did, maybe attempting his abilities would appear more progressive, so Korra tries to sustain a thrust like ability in order to fly, but she succeeds only in making her jump more significant. Korra tries to see with Thermal Vision, but fails again. As Korra grows weary of trying and failing Kulon returns; Korra is surprised.

"Kulon, why are you back so early?"

"I'm not," Kulon replies.

Korra did not notice the time and Kulon was already done studying. Kulon asks if she resumed training while he was gone and she replies negatively. Kulon asks what was she doing instead and Korra said she tried to mimic his Firebending abilities. Kulon is surprised she didn't wait for him to teach her if she wanted it so badly. Kulon promises her that he would teach her after the awaiting ordeal she must face first. Kulon adds that currently he's attempting to achieve something very rare and powerful.

Back to the detectives, Mako takes Asami and Bolin with him to search for any pieces of evidence that might help to the factory where the explosion occurred. They enter the factory and they start searching for something useful. Asami finds an insignia of the Red Lotus; Mako quickly realizes this case would take much longer to solve. Since the defeat of the only known Red Lotus members, the Red Lotus was and still is completely anonymous for the past 3 years.

Korra is aroused and asks more about what Kulon is trying to achieve. Kulon tells her that he would show her right now as long as she would give him quiet and a few minutes to focus. Korra watches Kulon in the Lotus position meditating and, after 4 long minutes, Kulon takes flight and opens his eyes with a different color. His entire eye, except for his Sclera, is pure blue, including the pupil. Korra is dumbfounded by what she sees before her. Kulon tells her she hasn't seen anything yet and suddenly shoots a blue stream of fire! Kulon has discovered the way to unlock Blue Firebending. Korra is speechless for she begins to realize the greatness Kulon is approaching.

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