Finale Steps & The Ambiguous Bust
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Greatest Firebender Ever



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April 14th, 2015

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Greatest Firebender Ever Part 6: Tying Loose Ends

This fanon will tell the story of Kulon, who is on a path to be one of the greatest firebenders of all time.

Previously on Greatest Firebender Ever

After tracking down Ikki's kidnappers, Team Avatar ran into a surprise and found Ikki had already taken care of herself. After returning to Air Temple Island, Kulon teaches Mako a new Firebending trick that counters an opponent's flame and sends back his initial shot triple the size. The next morning, Korra was instructed the same trick.

Chapter 5

Korra and Mako are practicing the new trick Kulon had taught them and they're making good progress while Kulon is studying. Korra is anxious for Kulon to return because she wants to make significant progress with their sessions.

Kulon is done studying for the day and makes his way back to the temple. Korra is happy because he's finally back and she can't wait to begin. Before beginning, Kulon tests how well Korra can perform his new trick and shoots a stream of fire by surprise - Korra quickly reacts and performs it successfully. Kulon nods and begins.

At the beginning of the session, Kulon informs Korra that he has all of the data he needs and all that's left is for him to analyze it and figure out an approach. He tries to tap into Korra's spirit, but gets blocked for some reason; he then searches a different approach but finds non. He thinks this lack of path ways is a result of something in Korra's spirit trying to transmit outside. Suddenly, Raava appears and shows them what happened from her point of view - with each strike from Unavaatu, it seems that Raava was going through an amnesia-like effect. Kulon now knows that he has a lot more to know if he is to help Korra reconnect with her past Avatars. As Kulon accumulates more knowledge from Raava, he begins to understand that we wouldn't be able to help Korra by himself; he'll need a Waterbending healer, preferably a master. Kulon explains to Korra that in order to connect to her chi, there needs to be some waterbending executed. Korra immediately comes up with the idea of reaching to the Southern Water Tribe and seeking Katara's help because it is well known that she's the greatest healer in the world and she could physically enter the Spirit World and use her bending on Korra's spirit (Clarification - Kulon and Korra will remain in Republic City and enter the Spirit World not physically, while Katara will enter the Spirit World physically and meet them there). Kulon elaborates that once Katara begins, he would only instruct her on what to do and there will be no stopping until completion so he advises her to prepare for as long as she needs because it will not be a pleasant experience. In fact, it would be one of the most difficult things she would have to endure. Korra acknowledges.

As they return to the physical world, Korra asks Tenzin to contact his mother while Kulon decides to, once again, search for more Firebending abilities. Korra interrupts him and asks him if he wants to eat something because she knows a great Water Tribe place not far. Kulon says he's happy to come, but before he wants to show her something; Kulon activates flames form his palms and begins with making a circular motion with his hands to form a fire-ball, Kulon quickly places himself above the circling ball in a sitting position and starts mobilizing with it, just like airbenders do. Korra is excited and wishes to learn it as well. Kulon simply replies that she needs to do what she knows with air, but with fire. It shouldn't be difficult since Air and Fire are very closely related; not by what they represent, but by their co-existence in the world, for Fire cannot exist without Air. Korra comprehends what Kulon is saying and again, catches it rather quickly. Kulon adds and says that a riding fire ball can be faster due to its combustion source, but more harmful which requires more skillful hands. Korra replies by saying that he has nothing to worry about because she always was a better firebender than an airbender.

While Korra and Kulon are having fun, elsewhere in the city, Asami and Bolin are chatting and words of revulsion arise towards Kulon, claiming he's a nobody who'd just showed up a month ago and thinks he is better than everyone. They add some emotional-hateful comments on the fact that he took all of Korra's attention and he's all she thinks about all the time. Asami mostly feels that way while Bolin doesn't really have anything against Kulon and he thinks it's great that he's helping Korra and all, but he falls victim to conformity. Bolin stops riding along on Asami's smack-talking about Kulon, so Asami changes the subject in order to draw him into a conversation again and asks about Opal. Bolin acts as if he had just been activated and starts rambling on about how sweet and pretty and smart she is and he's so happy he has won her over, and so on. Asami regrets asking about Opal because her own relationship with Korra isn't doing too well at the moment (From Asami's end) and asks about Mako. Bolin informs her Mako is finally done working for Wu and is back on the force. Bolin lets her in on a little secret - Beifong has ordered a raid on a major weapons deal (Super weapons arming) and has placed Mako in charge of an elite squad of metalbenders during the raid. Bolin adds that Mako wasn't sure he'd be able to pull it off but after Kulon had showed him that firebending trick he was certain he'd do a good job. Asami's feelings of resentment start kicking in again.

While Korra and Kulon are eating, and Asami and Bolin are doing the same, Mako is getting ready for the biggest mission of his police career. Mako's very nervous, but Lin reassures him he'll do great. As half of the force along with Mako's special ops team scout the deal, the seller unveils the super weapon; the entire "half force" is shocked, for it's an exact replica of Kuvira's spirit vine canon. Beifong immediately gives the order to move in and so they do, but as soon as they take action, a huge explosion takes place in the other end of the city. Lin takes with her a team to investigate and tells Mako to keep his eyes on the mission. Mako and his team easily bust the deal and dismantle the weapon. Lin reaches the fire and calls for Mako's help because it's a lot bigger than it seemed at start; it's an additional experiment with Kuvira's weapon. The sellers were prepared for the deal with a major manufacturing process. Team Avatar, along with Lin and Kulon, took care of the fire and the destruction of the weapons, but the suspects have escaped...

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