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April 8th, 2015

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This fanon will tell the story of Kulon, who is on a path to be one of the greatest firebenders of all time.

Previously on "Greatest Firebender Ever"

We pick things off when Ikki had been kidnapped by a rogue Firebending gang named "The Light Seekers", which is led by Zhoran. Their goal in attacking Air Temple Island was to extort Kulon into revealing his secret of sustaining flight using Firebending without the need of Sozin's Comet. Team Avatar managed to fight them off the temple and are on the search for Ikki.

Chapter 4 - Abduction & Retraction

As Kulon and Team Avatar search for Ikki along with her kidnappers, Kulon proposes to Korra that they'll re-begin their second session, which was disrupted by the gang's attack. Everyone else would keep an eye out while Kulon and Korra would efficiently use their time on Oogi. Asami advises against it because of the fact that it'll be much easier for them to track down Ikki and the gang utilizing Kulon's Thermal Vision and another fact is the possibility of them finishing a session that would once again leave Korra extremely weak once they find them. Kulon agrees, and proposes an alternate suggestion - Tenzin would give Kulon a bison whistle while he takes flight and search for them from a different angle and if he finds them, Kulon would whistle to Oogi to bring them to him. Tenzin thinks it's a good idea and gives him the whistle. Kulon dismounts Oogi in mid air.

Kulon conducts a sweep and finds nothing. He then approaches a more eastern part of the city and detects an unusual amount of heat from the industrial district (more than normal); he decides to check it out. When Kulon reaches the ground, he sees a sign named - "For Those Seeking enlightenment" and the name rings a bell (The Light Seekers). Kulon steps inside alone and finds what he has been looking for. Kulon whistles Oogi and Team Avatar quickly appears. Team Avatar enters the structure looking for Ikki. Kulon activates his Thermal Vision and spots a weak and fading heat signature deep underground, they take the elevator assuming Ikki is located at the lowest level which was where she was but surprisingly, as they reached the lowest level, Ikki was already taking care of things as well; Zhoran was all tied up. Team Avatar has a good laugh and heads back home with a much more lighter atmosphere and leaving Zhoran tied up (yes, they taught him a lesson).

As soon as they arrive, Kulon reminds Korra that a session is still due for. Korra begins the session a bit reluctant, but still understanding the importance of these sessions. They begin where they had stopped, but this time, Kulon requests of Korra to be even stronger than last time and not give up when it's hardest and adds - "For the night is darkest just before the dawn." Korra engages the vision once again and approaches the most difficult moment where Unavaatu destroyed Raava. Korra wishes to stop but Kulon keeps her hanging and advises her to try and accept it, just like she accepted the fight with Zaheer. Korra bravely survives the intensifying experience and Kulon gives Korra an approval to stop and calm down, for he has what's needed for the revamping process to commence; all he has left is to sit down and analyze it in order to understand best what happened.

Kulon once again takes Korra to rest with the help of Asami. Kulon leaves early because he has class the next day. Before engaging sleep, he sends a letter to his mother sharing all that he had went through the past month while living in Republic City.

Morning comes and Kulon wakes up looking forward to his studies. His class begins at 10:00 AM until 09:00 PM. Kulon's finished for the day, but still visits Air Temple Island before heading back to his apartment. Korra regards him not staying at Air Temple Island stupid and obligates him to stay. Kulon is comfortable with letting Korra not letting him have much of a choice and he moves his stuff to the temple.

Before turning in, Kulon calls Mako to teach him a new useful trick in Firebending. Kulon tells Mako to shoot a stream of fire towards him. Mako shoots and Kulon deflects it and dictates the flames in a circular motion around him, takes a deep breath and sends back to the air a stream of fire triple the size of Mako's initial shot. Mako asks Kulon how did he do it and Kulon explains that by taking an adversary's flame, sustaining it like in Waterbending, absorbing its auxiliary heat and utilizing it to create an even bigger flame approximately triple the size of the adversary's initial flame. Mako asks the same from Kulon and catches it rather quickly, he succeeds at tripling Kulon's initial shot.

The next morning arrives and just before leaving for class, Kulon and Mako show the same trick to Korra and as the Avatar, who's familiar with all techniques of bending, catches it rather quickly as well. As Kulon leaves, Korra's anxious for Kulon to come back and resume the revamping process.

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