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Greatest Firebender Ever



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April 7th, 2015

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Greatest Firebender Ever Part 2: Examination & Accumulation

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Greatest Firebender Ever Part 4: Abduction & Retraction

This fanon will tell the story of Kulon, who is on a path to be one of the greatest firebenders of all time.

Previously on "Greatest Firebender Ever"

Kulon had conducted his first spiritual session with the Avatar. Korra, experienced a traumatic event and Kulon had confidence that she would endure the suffering in order to let him know more about what happened. After the session, Kulon had bonded with Korra and Korra confessed to him she thinks that he understands her (the Avatar) the best in regards for all things spiritual.

Chapter 3 - Light & Flight

We resume with Kulon meditating in a remote garden located on Air Temple Island. Kulon is eager to find more new possibilities that Firebending has to offer. It's late at night and Kulon has to attend his class in the morning - he needs to hurry home. Mako finds him and offers him to move in with Team Avatar at Air Temple Island, Kulon focuses hard in meditation without replying to Mako. Mako asks him again and still no answer. Kulon stands up and Mako takes a step closer; suddenly. Kulon takes a deep breath, stomps on the ground and leaps for the sky. Mako is shocked, he sees Kulon hovering above ground (obviously) and then flies away to his apartment. Mako runs into the temple shouting - "Kulon is flying! Kulon is flying!" On a normal basis, everyone would think Mako had lost his mind and would've surely doubted it, but given this is about Kulon they're talking about, none of whom have ever seen something as extraordinary as him, they believe Mako.

Noon of the next day arrives, and Korra, after hearing the rumors about Kulon new thruster like flight ability, is intrigued to see for herself. As we all know and love Korra (most of us at least), we know that she's a go-getter and she decides to come visit Kulon whilst he's studying. Korra arrives at the educational establishment and searches for Kulon. When she finds him, she runs towards him and asks for a demonstration. Kulon quickly takes flight using firebending and Korra is astounded. Kulon discovered a way to maintain flight without the need of Sozin's Comet by enhancing his own inner fire. Kulon quickly resurfaces and tells Korra to keep it a secret (as much as Kulon is smart, he's equally humble).

After Kulon's studies (the same day), Korra couldn't wait to meet Kulon again for their next session and Kulon finally arrives. Korra jumps him due to excitement to begin. They both quickly enter the lotus position and reach the Spirit World, but before Kulon even begins the session, Jinora suddenly appears and informs them of a group of rogue firebenders seeking to achieve Kulon's flight ability (when a revelation is made, rumors spread quite fast). Kulon and Korra must return to help. Kulon warns Korra of the possibility of her being a bit weaker since it's their first session and Korra quickly replies that she feels great and energetic. Kulon is a bit skeptical but Korra insures him that she's sure about her feeling and adds - "C'mon Kulon, can they really stand against the Avatar and the greatest firebender the world will ever know?"

Kulon replies: "We'll see about that statement's credibility."

As they return, they see havoc and destruction. Korra joins Tenzin and Mako to help out and Kulon takes flight to find the leader and put a stop to this (clarification - no killing). Kulon finds him with the aid of his thermal vision and shoots a stream of fire just to warn the leader of the unknown gang. The leader feels up to the challenge and shoots back. Kulon approaches him with a series of strikes (not lethal) in order to knock him off the island; and succeeds. As the gang falls back, Kulon grabs one of the lieutenants and takes him to the rest of Team Avatar to interrogate him. Korra immediately attacks him while Asami notices that Ikki had been kidnapped by the gang and Korra gets extra furious as Tenzin enters anxiety. Mako approaches him and uses some detective skills to strike fear in him. After Mako's done with him, he tells Team Avatar that their gang is called "The Light Seekers" and it is led by Zhoran (again Avatar Universe names require improvement) and they're probably taking Ikki to their base located in the Industrial District of Republic City.

Kulon and Team Avatar quickly mount Oogi to begin the search for Ikki.

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