Examination & Accumulation
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April 6th, 2015

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This fanon will tell the story of Kulon, who is on a path to be one of the greatest Firebenders of all time.

Previously on Greatest Firebender Ever

Before we resume Kulon's adventure, a quick recap - Korra still hasn't changed her mind even though anyone close to her advises her to accept Kulon's help. Kulon discovered a brand new set of Firebending abilities, he had figured a way to see heat readings (thermal vision).

Chapter 2 - Examination & Accumulation

As Kulon developed his new thermal vision ability, Tenzin was on his way to Korra, attempting another suggestion to re-think Kulon's offer. Tenzin reveals to her Kulon's new ability and Korra decides to give Kulon a shot, without trusting him; therefore, Tenzin, Asami, Mako and Bolin would stay close and keep an eye on Kulon if he tries anything "funny" during their first session.

A brand new day has arrived and Kulon is ready to begin his first spiritual session with the Avatar. Korra, though nervous, gathers herself for the upcoming session. As Kulon and Korra meet, Korra blatantly informs Kulon that she doesn't trust him and every single ally at Air Temple Island is on standby for everything. Kulon understands Korra's concern and only adds that it's absolutely understood that everyone will keep guard, but as soon as they'll be in the Spirit World, he requests Korra to order everyone to just stand there, ready for trouble, because if the session is interrupted, it may cause an even greater harm than what has already happened to her (we all know she had gone through some severe experiences). Korra agrees to his request. Kulon offers Tenzin to join them into the Spirit World (not physically) because he thinks he could help Tenzin break his barrier. Tenzin is thrilled and quickly joins them in the lotus position. Kulon also comments that having Tenzin in the Spirit World would provide closer protection (not that it'll be needed, of course). Tenzin is curious regarding the approach Kulon will take in order the break his barrier. Kulon quickly begins. "Close your eyes, Tenzin, focus on the thing that frightens you the most, and don't forget to breathe." Tenzin begins seeing visions of him as a young Airbender; his father, Aang, informs him with the most terrifying thing a boy could hear: he has a responsibility to keep an entire, almost extinct, culture alive. Since then, Tenzin was terrified of his destiny, in fear of disappointing his father and throwing the world out of balance. Kulon reassures him that he has nothing to fear because he, and the Avatar, had succeeded with rebuilding the Air Nation and providing pride for Avatar Aang, as well as keeping balance in the world. Tenzin calms down and acknowledges his success, and with that, releases his lifelong fear. Thanks to Kulon, Tenzin manages to enter the Spirit World with Kulon and Korra.

Kulon says that in order to begin, he must start with searching Korra's back for missing links and whatnot. While Tenzin observes, Kulon examines Korra's back and asks Korra for a sitrep. Korra says she feels nothing around her shoulder blades. With that, Kulon proceeds to Korra's Latisimus Dorsi. Korra replies - "still nothing". Kulon then approaches her lower back. Right there, Korra sees her disconnection from Raava by Unavaatu and starts sensing a great amount of pain. Korra tries to resist and stop the pain, but Kulon insists of Korra to hold on, because he needs to know more about what happened to her in order to help. Korra's strong, she's able to endure the awful event she suffered yet again and lets Kulon have more time while tapping into her vision. As Raava's moment of destruction arrives, Korra gives in and with that, she ends the session.

With Kulon, Korra and Tenzin's return, Korra falls to the ground due to extreme weakness and everyone's running to help her. Kulon immediately stops everyone and he carries Korra personally to her room. Korra, though extremely weak, is glad she reconsidered Kulon's help and she feels she had done serious progress for her first session. Kulon calls Asami to help Korra bathe and to clean herself up before resting. Korra says one last thing to Kulon before Asami arrives. Korra thinks that Kulon understands her (the Avatar) more than any other spiritual expert, close friend or even mentor. Kulon replies and says he's happy to help and in his opinion, there's nothing more important than helping the Avatar.

Korra is all clean and has started sleeping. Kulon heads outside to a remote garden and begins meditating to discover more Firebending secrets.

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