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June 2nd, 2015

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Greatest Firebender Ever Part 9: Spirit Terminus

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This fanon will tell the story of Kulon, who is on a path to be one of the greatest Firebenders of all time.

Previously On "Greatest Firebender Ever"

Kulon had decided that Korra is in fact ready and it was the right time for them to begin the "Final Session". With the assistance of Katara, Kulon is able to conduct the session. Korra experiences an indescribable ordeal, but thanks to her admirable strength, she holds in there long enough for Kulon and Katara to complete the session.

Chapter 10 - Shut Down

The next day, Korra is still sleeping and Kulon patiently awaits her. Korra's spiritual journey has been completed regardless of the still unknown result, but there's still a matter that must be attended to - The Red Lotus' unruly return. While Asami, Lin, Mako and Bolin are already on the job, Kulon and Tenzin will come to assist however they can after Korra will regain consciousness.

Come noon time and Korra finally wakes up. Kulon gives Korra unlimited patience and he treats her very delicately. Korra smiles and hugs Kulon. Kulon is pleasant Korra is well and cautiously asks her how she feels, does she feel a restored connection? Korra replies with uncertainty and wishes for Kulon to assist her in ascertaining the outcome. Kulon accepts and leads her to the Spirit World. Kulon asks Korra to try to connect to Raava and she succeeds. Raava appears and Kulon alongside Korra ask her if they achieved their goal. Raava disappears and Kulon and Korra remain confused for 30 seconds. Suddenly, they see Avatar Wan at first and then Avatars after him and the cycle proceeds all the way to Aang. Aang approaches them and expresses pride in them for showing resilience beyond measure, goodness and determination. Aang lets them know that they have succeeded and achieved their goal - Korra's connection to her past lives has been restored. Korra's eyes are filled with tears of happiness as well as she fills up with joy, incredible joy. She swarms Kulon, hugs him and is grateful for all he has done. Kulon smiles and says with was simply his spiritual duty.

"Lighten up for once, Kulon. Please," Korra replies.

They return, delighted, to the physical world and as soon as they arrive, a White Lotus guard gives them the location of their friends that claim to be in pursuit of a lead regarding the Red Lotus. Kulon asks Korra for a sitrep of her well being. Korra answers she feels great and is ready to join their friends in stopping the Red Lotus. Kulon trusts her physical evaluation. Tenzin, Korra and Kulon are on their way to assist Asami, Lin, Mako and Bolin.

As Tenzin, Korra and Kulon arrive at the dynamic location, they see their friends on a jeep pursuing an armored vehicle. Korra wants to take them out on the spot, but Kulon stops her because it'll be more efficient if they follow them to their headquarters and take out the source. Korra agrees and lays low.

They follow them to an underground tunnel reaching an enormous structure underground. They are prepared to attack, but it has been revealed all of that was a decoy meant to trap them. Suddenly, they notice a big monitor with the ambiguous character on the screen.

"Hello Team Avatar, nice of you to fall into my trap. As we speak, there is a team of metal and fire benders entering the prison where Zaheer is incarcerated. I'm sure all of you would like to meet your old "friend"."

The monitor shuts down. Tenzin observes the contraption that holds them and realizes that the material is vulnerable to extreme heat. All start to stare at Kulon and waits for him to do what is expected of him. The group assembles at one end and Kulon will fire at the other end. Kulon takes a deep breath, charges a blue fire stream, and shoots. The end which he shot at has been obliterated and Team Avatar is free to stop the liberation of Zaheer's. As Team Avatar mounts Oogi, Kulon takes flight by himself with the reason that there's a shortage of time.

Kulon quickly reaches the prison in the mountains. He sees 2 Red Lotus men at the entrance and easily knocks them down. He hurries inside only to see Zaheer freed and more driven then ever to end the era of the Avatar. Kulon shoots a stream of fire for the remaining Red Lotus men inside the prison and quickly chases Zaheer to the air. Kulon strikes with a mighty fire blast, but Zaheer deflects it and suffocates the fire with too much air.

"Blue fire; impressive, I've never encountered a bender with such skill, You can also fully fly and with speed without the need of Sozin's Comet. Extraordinary." Zaheer's remark on meeting a bender like Kulon for the first time.

"Well, being connected to the spirits gives you an advantage over other benders. I see you have reached a remarkable ability yourself - An Airbender who can fly. Nice of you to continue Laghima's legacy," Kulon comments in return.

"I'd love to stay here and chat with a remarkable individual such as yourself, but I have an Avatar to kill."

Zaheer flies away to kill Korra but Kulon does not intend to let him do so quite easily and pursues him. Zaheer reaches Air Temple Island and awaits Korra. Kulon quickly arrives at the temple and sees Zaheer in the Lotus position. Kulon doesn't attack and enters the Lotus position as well.

"Are you preparing to duel me?" Zaheer asks Kulon.

"If it comes down to that, I will do what I must," Kulon answers.

"You will try," Zaheer answers back.

Kulon and Zaheer are in the Lotus position for quite some time. The latter suddenly attempts a surprise attack on Kulon and hits him. At the same time, Team Avatar is preoccupied with a mass attack launched at them by the Red Lotus, but Korra and Mako manage to reach the island and fight Zaheer. On the way there, Kulon already sees them and spots a Red Lotus member knocking down and kidnapping Korra by surprise. Kulon quickly takes flight to save her and Mako remains alone with Zaheer. Zaheer doesn't view Mako as a threat and focuses on the Avatar and flies to stop Kulon. At first, Mako strikes to distract Zaheer; Zaheer becomes irritated by Mako and blows him right off. Mako recovers, but Zaheer has already turned his back to Mako and is now flying towards Kulon. Mako runs and launches himself high enough in the air to tackle Zaheer and Zaheer gets mad. While Mako is holding onto Zaheer, he prepares to zap him with lightning. Zaheer notices, lugs him off and begins to attack him.

"You seem to be quite the nuisance. Time to take care of you once and for all." Zaheer prepares to kill Mako.

Before striking Mako and killing him, Mako manages to zap Zaheer in his face with lightning in mid air. Zaheer is going through a lethal experience, but Mako doesn't let up. He keeps generating lightning, which drains his energy, but Mako keeps on. Zaheer rapidly wags as his entire body is electrified. Mako shoots another beam of lightning with his other hand to finish Zaheer. Zaheer tries to resist, but Mako is locked onto him. Zaheer manages to escape Mako's lightning, and starts attacking Mako. Mako evades his air strikes by thrusting from side to side. Zaheer then covers Mako's head with a sphere of air and starts to suffocate Mako. Mako, despite the extreme difficulty, succeeds at firing one last lightning bolt and fries Zaheer. Mako regains his ability to breathe and witnesses the sight of Zaheer falling into a watery grave. Mako has succeeded in defeating Zaheer. Before hitting the water and dying from whiplash, Team Avatar catches him onto Oogi.

Kulon overcomes the kidnapper and rescues Korra. As he reaches Team Avatar on the island, Mako and Kulon discover that Team Avatar was able to overcome the massive Red Lotus assault with the help of Gen. Iroh and the United Forces when they came to assist and were the determining factor of the battle.

"Today we celebrate 2 big victories," Tenzin starts to announce.

"Korra regaining the connection with her past lives and..."

"And the defeat of the Red Lotus!" Bolin interrupts Tenzin.

See you in Book 2!

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