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Greatest Firebender Ever



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March 25th, 2015

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Greatest Firebender Ever Part 2: Examination & Accumulation

This fanon will tell the story of Kulon, who is on a path to be one of the greatest firebenders of all time.

Chapter 1 - The Build Up

Born in Ember Island in the Fire Nation, Kulon, from the beginning, was bright, stubborn and confident, a bit hot tempered given he's from the Fire Nation where it is customary of people to get a bit loose with their inner fire.

When Kulon reached eight years of age, his mother, Torena (Avatar universe names need some work), taught him to meditate in order to better himself by getting rid of his temper.

Torena believed he was mature enough, given he discovered the gift of Firebending at four years of age and immediately understood the meaning and responsibility that comes with Firebending. Anyway, Kulon's mother Torena taught him how to meditate and connect to his spiritual self, thus exposing him to a brand new spectrum of life and entities known as the Spirit World.

Fast forward a couple of years (four as a matter of fact), Kulon, age twelve, is climbing up the ladder of Firebending skills and simultaneously achieving spiritual growth. Kulon, given he was born mainly analytical but tempered, detaches himself from vulnerable feelings such as dismay, meaningless anger, and meaningless sadness (elaboration: meaningless in this context - caused by insignificant, childish and common human demeanors), thus opening the door of lightning generating. Kulon is thrilled by his new found abilities, however, he now realizes he should be extra careful from now on.

Five years later, Kulon is seventeen, achieving mastery of Firebending (including lightning), spiritual maturity, and has figured out his profession to pursue as a career - Applied Mathematics and engineering (mainly Math). He is off from the peaceful Ember Island, departing away from his warm, caring, supporting and intelligent mother, Torena. Kulon, though causing his mother some sadness due to leaving her, gives her great pride. Kulon arrives at the Fire Nation Capital (help me guys, I don't know any educational establishments in the Fire Nation) to begin his new life alone. Although Kulon was very independent, he had longing feelings for his mother. As a result, Kulon purchased a messenger hawk to send her letters in order to keep in touch.

As customary for Kulon, he keeps training Firebending and accumulating knowledge about science and the Spirit World. One ordinary day for Kulon, after 3 years of studying at the Fire Nation Capital (meaning he's 20 years old), Kulon overhears a radio from a newsstand that the Avatar - Korra - has defeated Kuvira and her attempt at taking Republic City. As clear, Kulon is an expert of all things spiritual related and considering, given Korra had lost her connection to her past Avatars, to relocate his studies to Republic City and try to offer Korra some spiritual help if necessary. Kulon packs his belongings and leaves for Republic City.

As Kulon arrives at Republic City, he finds out that he made the right choice because he realizes there's nothing more important than helping the Avatar (with Kulon's spiritual training, he understood the greatness of the Avatar). As Kulon awaits Korra and Asami's return from the Spirit World, he meets Bolin and Mako. Kulon introduces himself, where he's from and why he had come all the way to Republic City. The bending brothers welcome him. Kulon informs his mother, Torena, of his whereabouts and his mission. Torena is overwhelmed of the greatness her son is approaching, but little does she know, this is only the beginning.

A week later, Korra and Asami's vacation came to an end and everyone greets them back, including an unfamiliar face, Kulon. Korra, as assertive she can be, walks right to Kulon and asks who he is. Kulon responds by sharing the main purpose of his current location - helping Korra. Korra at first is a bit skeptical and so is Tenzin, but Mako and Bolin vouch for Kulon after a week of getting to know him. Kulon further explains why he thinks he is able to help Korra. Tenzin begins to reinforce Kulon and advising Korra to accept his help. Korra is baffled by the fact that some guy, who shows up out of nowhere, thinks he could help with what Korra has struggled with for 3 years, and rejects him. But as mentioned before, Kulon is stubborn and confident, meaning he's not done yet.

Kulon finds a conveniently close apartment to Air Temple Island. Two weeks went by and Korra's decision still stands. One morning, Kulon conducts a meditation session and is revealed to a vision. In the vision, Kulon sees Zuko and Aang just after when Ran and Shaw taught them the real essence of firebending and Aang made it clear by saying that fire isn't just heat and destruction, but it is also energy and life. Kulon, as clever as he is, acknowledges it. What may open a door to a whole new concept and domain of firebending - the domain of energies and temperatures. Kulon comprehends the new spectrum of abilities that firebending has to offer.

Kulon reveals his new knowledge to Tenzin, and urges him to pressure Korra about his services. Tenzin is astounded and goes straight to Korra to talk to her. Kulon, awaiting Korra's response, hurries up to further develop the new firebending world and discover what it has to offer. Kulon not only is smart, goodhearted and mature to wield the new abilities, but very proficient in firebending since he's a master by 17 years of age. Kulon senses a new type of feeling he had never felt before; Kulon tries to control this sensation and succeeds. He feels a new type of power, a power that allows him to see other people's heat signatures and radiation levels. This skill is otherwise known as Heat\Thermal Vision.

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