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The Great War of 175 AG - 176 AG was the war directly following Kuvira's defeat. Although Kuvira was defeated, her Earth Empire and army remained intact and leaderless. A rogue Hellene by the name Ephialtes took control of the Earth Empire, promising to bring down the Avatar and capture Republic City. Ephialtes planned to conquer the city-state of Zaofu and use it as a launching pad to conquer the world.

However, his plan was foiled when his arch-enemy, Philip Hellene, King of Hellas, became President of the United Republic. Philip, with the support of the United Forces and Hellenic Navy, saved Zaofu and plunged the continent into an all-out war.


Battle Stage Outcome
1st Battle of Zaofu 1 Indecisive
Crossing of Katara River 1 Empire Victory
Battle of Beifong Pass 1 Empire Victory
Battle of Yu Dao Straits 1 Coalition Victory
Miracle of Republic City 2 Coalition Victory
2nd Battle of Zaofu 2 Indecisive
Chameleon Bay Campaign 2 Indecisive
3rd Battle of Zaofu 2 Coalition Victory
Battle of Katara River 3 Coalition Victory
Battle of Omashu 3 Indecisive
Ba Sing Se Raids 3 Coalition Victory

The Great War is divided into sections, with each section representing a certain stage in the war.

Empire's Advance

The first stage of the war, while containing many battles, was a fast war of movement, lasting from winter to autumn in 175 AG. For the Earth Empire, this section is defined by rapid advances and territorial gains against the United Republic, but also a teeth-grinding stalemate in Zaofu.


The stalemate is marked by the Earth Empire's defeat outside Republic City and the great retreat. However, that stage did not last, as the remainder of the section devolved into trench wars of attrition. Allied forces succeeded with new electroguns and EMP grenades, thus knocking mecha suits out of the war. This is also marked with the infamous Chameleon Bay Campaign, a combined Water Tribe - United Forces operation to capture the Southern Islands (success) and capture Chameleon Bay (big failure).

Despite having few battles, this stage was the longest, lasting from autumn 175 AG to the winter of 176 AG. This is due to movement on the fronts grinding to a halt, with victories only gaining a few kilometres on the front.


The conclusion is marked by a transition of tactics. The Battles of Omashu and Yu Dao were commenced from airborne landings. The Battle of Katara River was another traditional trench battle that forced the Earth Empire out of URN territory. The Ba Sing Se Raids used the cover of a bombing raid to catch Ephialtes.

This phase lasted until Autumn of 176 AG.



Brown - URN, Grey - Earth Union, Green - Earth Kingdom, Blue - Southern Water Tribe

Although only a fraction of the length of the Hundred Year War, the Great War was almost a quarter as costly and had far greater impact on the world's borders.

The Earth Empire was forced to cede land to the United Republic as compensation and to act as a buffer zone. Of the three main Southern Islands, the URN gained the westernmost island for use as a military base. The rest of the continent was divided into two lands. The Earth Union, with Zaofu as the de facto capital and Suyin as the matriarch, occupied the southern part of the continent and one of the main islands. The Earth Kingdom, shown in green, became a constitutional monarchy under King Wu, retaining Ba Sing Se as its capital. For its part in the war, the Southern Water Tribe was granted the Eastern Island for use of agriculture and trade.

In addition to the carving up of the Earth Kingdom, the Earth Kingdom was severely limited in its military. It was not allowed a navy exceeding 6 battleships, was not allowed an air force or mecha suits and was limited to only 10,000 men serving in the military.

Over time, the Earth Union developed into a thriving nation with many cities baring similarities to Zaofu.

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