Great Loss of Life
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Ganto - Airbender From Northern Air Temple


Book 2: Struggle



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June 12, 2012

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I'm Back.

Previously on Ganto's adventures

Ganto and Aria were kissing on the well deck. The man in crowns nest looked down. "Hey, look!" Other man looked down, he smiled. "It's a lot warmer down there," he said." Well, if it's the only way to warm thank you," said other man and they both laughed. Suddenly they saw iceberg in front, it was less than a mile away. They grabbed phone and called the bridge.

Meanwhile, the officer went to the phone and picked up. "What is it?" he asked.

"Iceberg, right ahead!"

"Officer gasped and turned to the wheel man. "Iceberg right ahead, turn hard to start board!"

Other officers heard that. Then the 2nd officer saw nothing happens yet." Reverse the engines and call waterbender troops!" Suddenly Equalists ambushed them and electrocuted all officers......

"Ugh..." said Ganto and opened his eyes weakly. Then he gasped when he looked around. Equalists were guarding them. "So you're finally awake..." said Equalist lieutenant.

Ganto looked to Aria, she also began to recover. "Let us go!" Ganto said madly, lieutenant chuckles. "I'm afraid that won't happen, you're staying on the ship till the last moments..."

Ganto gasped. "You can't sink this ship! Here are innocent people on board!"

"Don't worry, half of the passengers will survive...the other...will die!" he said.....

The Story...

The water kept rushing in the ship, bow slowly disappeared under water, water rushed in well deck and soon forecastle deck will disappear under water. Meanwhile, Ganto, Teo and Aria tried to find a way to upper decks." Do you know where you're going?" asked Teo.

"Of course I don't! I'm just trying to find the way up!" said Ganto. Finally they get to some door, it was locked, but they could hear many people talking." There must be a corridor, I'll open the door!" Ganto said and used strong wind to airbend the door, they ran into a corridor.

"Finally, now it will be easier...."A steward saw that and ran to them." What the-?!That's the star of the Earth Kingdom property, you will h...."steward couldn't even finish the sentence when Ganto, Aria and Teo turned to him upset." Shut Up!" They said madly because they knew the ship is going down and they won't have to pay. They ran to main gate, there many 3rd class benders were kept inside." Why they keep them here? They should let them go up!"

"Equalists took control over the ship, they will save ONLY non-benders!" said Ganto.

Teo gasped. "This is bad...We need to find another way."

Ganto didn't want to leave these people, but he and Aria followed Teo unwittingly. They got to a gate where officers were keeping a smaller group of benders. "You have to go to Main Gate, we won't let anyone pass here, So go to main gate!"

Ganto rushed trough the people to the gate and commanded the officer, "Open the gate!"

"I'm sorry, but to get up you need to go to Main Gate! No o...."

"Open the gate, now!"

"We won't!"

Ganto got really mad, his hand turned into fist." Fine, then I'll open it!"

Ganto ran to Aria." Find water, we're going to open that gate!"

Aria nodded and found water on ground, she bend it to the gate. Ganto airbend the passengers to the side so Aria can water bend the gate opened." Stop it! Stop this right now!" commanded officer. Aria kept waterbending against the gate, finally she broke the gate and could get trough. People began to get out, Aria took Ganto's hand, Teo followed them.

"You can't go here!" One of the benders pushed the officer out of the way. They finally got on the boat deck." Aria you need to get in a boat!" Ganto said.

"B-but only non-benders get in...And it seems like all lifeboats are gone!"

"We'll look for a boat and you will get in!" Ganto said he tried to find a life boat. Finally they did, there also were Aria's father and her brother. Aria hugged him." Father!"

"Aria!" He said." Is everything alright? Where were you?"

"In crew passage, Equalists captured me and Ganto. Luckily, Teo came and freed us."

General Fang was a bit upset, but he sighed in relief." I'm glad to know you're doing alright...You have to get in the boat with Taru!" He said.

"I'm a non-bender..I may get us all in the boat.."

One of the officer who was actually and Equalist heard that, he turned to them." Only you thee get in the boat, the Airbender have to stay!"

Aria looked around, then turned to Ganto" I'm not going without you!"

"No, you have to go, now!" He said.

"No, Ganto!"

"Get in the boat Aria."

"No Ganto..."She shaked her hand and didn't want to leave.

"Yes, Get on the boat!" He said.

General Fang turned to Aria." Yes, get in the boat Aria!"

Ganto and Aria looked at him, then Ganto turned to her" Aria, please get in the boat...."Ganto kissed her and hugged her tightly, then pushed her in the boat, Taru and Teo followed." I'm so sorry..."He said.

"No, Ganto! I can't leave without you!" she said and tried to get out of the boat. It was full and the officer gave sign." Lower the boat!" said the officer.

Aria sat down and looked at Ganto sadly, the life boat slowly went down. Ganto looked at her, Teo and Taru going down. Then when life boat reached A deck promane, she stand up, ran to the railing and got back in the ship.

"Aria!" Gasped Teo and Taru." No!" Gasped Ganto, he ran inside the ship. Aria ran towards Ganto. Ganto ran in the promenade and ran to Aria. He hugged her tightly and kissed her." You're so stupid Aria! Why did you do that, Why?!"He said sadly, but happily in the same time.

"I can't leave you here! I love you!" she said and kissed him. "I love you too!" They both were about to cry. The ships upper structure slowly began to disappear under the water while the stern slowly raised higher out of the water.

The lieutenant was near and he saw that, he frowned and ran towards Aria and Ganto with his electrified kali sticks. Ganto noticed that and grabbed Aria's hand." Let's go!" He shouted and run inside the ship, they ran down the staircase and the lieutenant followed. They got till D deck, the water level was till knees. Ganto and Aria tried to run trough reception room to dining room. Equalist captain smirked, he hit his kali sticks in the water and electrocuted it.

"No!" Aria shouted and waterbend ice platform for them so they don't get electrocuted. Lieutenant frowned, Aria and Ganto ran in the dining room. They ran trough the dining room exit and ran down to 3rd class still trying to hide from the lieutenant. Lieutenant smirked walked up to boat deck.

Ganto and Aria stopped hiding, the water from dining room rushed in the 3rd class corridors that were in the stern. Aria and Ganto wanted to go back, but suddenly a massive water wave rushed from above. "Run!" Ganto gasped and ran with Aria, they ran into a different corridor, then the water hit them and pulled till gate.

"Urghhh!!!!!!"Ganto and Aria tried to get away, then they saw stairs." Let's go!" They got till the stairs weakly and ran up. There also were gate. "Dammit! Aria, bend water and break it!" He said and breathed heavily.

"You got it!" she said and destroyed the gate with water, the water from corridor below already have got till their stomach. They ran up to the boat deck. All life boats were gone and panic raised. The bridge went under water with the captain,1st funnel broke down. Stern raised higher and higher.

Ganto and Aria ran to the railing and looked down. "We've got to stay on the ship as long as possible, come on!" Ganto grabbed Aria's hand and they jumped down to sterns well deck, then they tried to get on poop deck wich was already full with passengers.

Ganto and Aria rushed trough the passengers weakly and got till the railing, Ganto grabbed against the railing with one hand and hugged Aria with another. Meanwhile, ships grand staircase dome broke and water rushed in, many people who were in there drowned. Ships bow kept going under water faster, and faster. While stern raised higher and higher.

"Ganto, this where we first met!" she said, Ganto looked at her and kissed her forehead.

Ships stern was completely out of water, it was possible to see massive propellers that once powered the ship.

Ganto hold Aria tightly and made sure Aria don't get out of his hands, meanwhile the passengers that didn't hold on on something feel backwards, people on promenade slide down in the water and drowned.

Ship's stern continued to rise out of the water, then the 2nd funnel disappeared under water. Many people jumped over board and died cuz of the fall. Aria closed her eyes in fear.

Meanwhile, Teo and Taru looked at the ship in fear. "Oh my god..." said Teo.

Suddenly ship reached 30 degrees, and right then the lights turned off. They zipped back one and then off, people screamed. Then the ship began to crack, it slowly broke apart between 4th and 3rd funnel, as the stern began to fell back in the water Aria gasped. The ship fell on people that jumped over board, created a massive wave.

4th and 3rd funnel broke off and then the bow began to pull the ship under water, stern slowly raised again out of the water, Ganto saw what's about to happen." Oh no....Come on!" Ganto climbed over the railing and helped Aria to climb across it too, couple seconds later ship stand completely vertical, people who didn't manage to climb over the railing hold on it tightly and then fell down. Then, slowly the stern began to go down.

"This is it!" He said, the ship kept going down." Listen Aria, you've gotta do exactly what I will say, do you trust me?" he asked.

"I trust you..."

"The ship will pull us down, you will have to hold on me tight and try to swim up using waterbending, got it?" he asked as ship went down fatser and faster, poop deck was about to disappeared under water.

"Got it" She said.

"Ready....Now!" he shouted as stand up, Aria tried to stand up, then the ship disappeared under water, Aria hold onto Ganto tightly and tried to swim up. Finally they did it, they gasped loudly and breathed heavily.

"It's so cold!" she said and kept breathing heavily.

"Come on! We have to find some part of the ship where we could stay on!" he said and grabbed Aria, with his last strength he swam with Aria and tried to find a place where to stay on.

Meanwhile, other passengers panicked, firebenders tried to heat up using fire, but that didn't help them. Waterbender tried to make a place where to stay, but it was still ice and they kept freezing to death.

Finally Ganto found a bg platform made of wood, he pulled Aria to it. Aria and Ganto tried to climb up, but they couldn't. "S-stay on it, Aria!" He said and Aria began to climb on the platform, she got on it. Ganto laid his hands on the platform, He hold Aria's hand tightly and kissed it. They both breathed heavily.

"I'm..s-so cold!" she said.

"D-don't worry, A-Aria, the boats are coming back..I-I'm sure that at least one boat..W-will come back! T-they will be here a-any minute!" he said.

Meanwhile, many meters away from the place ship sank, Teo and Taru heard people screaming. "We have to get back!" Taru said.

"We can't!" said metalbender officer that lead the boat." We're full! We have to wait for other boats to come!"

Teo and Taru sighed.

Then many minutes later, everything got quite, only some people screamed. Ganto was very weak. "It-t's been 10 minutes....T-they..H-h...Have to come..B-back!" Ganto said weakly.

Aria sighed sadly. "I...Love you, Ganto." Ganto looked at her. "D..Don't do this, don't say you're goodbyes! Not yet..Do you understand me?" he said.

"I.....I can't feel my body," she said weakly.

"Listen....E-even if I was trapped on the ship, getting this ticket was the best thing that ever happened to me.....It brought me to you, and I'm..Thankful for that Aria...I'm thankful....Y-you must do me this honor...P-promise me, that you'll survive. That you won't give up, n-no matter what happens, no matter h-how hopeless. P-promise me now, Aria......and never let go of that promise," he said while hold her hand tightly.

"I promise...." she said weakly.

"Never l-let go..."He said.

"I'll never let go, Ganto....I'll never let go," she said sadly, Ganto kissed her hand. She felt that this is the end.

Meanwhile, finally all the boats got in one placed, some of the officers disagreed to return, but most of agreed. So passengers we're sent do different boats. Finally one boat was completely freed. Metalbender officers and one waterbender got in, they sailed towards passengers.

Most of the passengers already have died, water was too cold since it's Northern Water Tribe sea. The boat arrived and looked for passengers that has survived.

Meanwhile, Ganto have almost died. There was a small breath of life inside him. Meanwhile, Aria looked in the sky sadly. She sang really weakly." Come, Josephine, in my flying machine....."Then she saw a light. It was a boat. Aria weakly turned to Ganto. and shaked his hand. "Ganto.....G-Ganto...Wake up!...There is boat, Ganto!" She tried to wake him up.

Ganto stayed quiet, he wasn't dead yet. The boat didn't saw them and began to sail wrong way. "There is boat, Ganto!...Ganto!" She shook his hand. She laid her head on the wooden platform. "Ganto!" She tried to shout as loud as possible, she cried and looked at the boat sailing away. "Come back...! Come back!" She was about to let him go, but then remember the promise she gave.

She bend water froze water in front of the boat with her last strength. She kept crying. The boat stopped and looked backwards. "C..Come back!" she shouted again. Then Aria bend water up weakly, the officers saw her. "Turn Around!!!!!" yelled the metalbender officer as the boat sailed towards them.

Aria kept holding Ganto's hand, she kissed it. She shaked him again. "G-ganto! W-wake up! P-please!"

The boat arrived and the officers gasped. They were shocked. "I'm...S-sorry... Miss, but...."

"H-he's not dead! He's not dead!" she shouted.

"I-if you say so...." said the officer and began to pull her in the boat with Ganto, other officers helped. Then once they were in the boat, she felt Ganto's heard beating weakly. "I knew it!" She cried and hugged him weakly. Ganto stayed quiet. Officers helped warm up her and especially Ganto. Six other people were saved from the water. They all thought it was a miracle that Ganto was still alive.

Then many hours later, in sunrise. All people were shocked as they saw dozens of icebergs around. And they also saw a ship, it was Carantia,the "Northern tribe's ship line's" cargo ship.

Taru and Teo didn't knew yet about Ganto or Aria, they thought they have died. All boats met up near the ship and then Carantia began to take on board passengers. Their faces were sad, devastated. Aria got on the ship, she was weak. She almost collapsed on the ground, but officer catched her. They wrapped around her many blankets so she warms up, then Aria was back on her feet again, even if she knew Ganto was alive, she was still sad.

She knew that she was lucky to be alive. Meanwhile, other officers took Ganto into a cabin and laid him on the bed get many blankets so he warms up. Then later when most of the passengers were on board Teo and Taru saw Aria, they were happy to see her." Aria!" Taru hugged her while crying." I thought you have died! I was so worried about you!" he exclaimed happily.

Then Teo looked at Aria worried. "W-where is Ganto?" He asked.

"Officers took Ganto to bed, he needs to rest. I'll go and soon visit him...He almost died..."

"Oh my god...I'm so glad you two are okay!" He said.

Aria, Taru and Teo hugged. Then officers gave them hot tea, they drank it and later left to visit Ganto.

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