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Warning! This page contains spoilers for the released chapters of Avatar: The Legend of Mel.

Great Fire Sage Chan
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Fire Nation Citizen and Fire Sage



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White (once black)

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The Fire Mistress, Unnamed Fire Sages


Hope, Mel, Past Avatars

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Fire Sage

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Chapter 2: Hope (only planned appearance)

Fire Sage Chan was the Great Fire Sage in the time where the Fire Mistress ruled over the Fire Nation. He was known to be a loyal servant of hers.


Even though Chan served the Fire Mistress with his life, it was probably because of the fear of losing it that he served her so loyally, knowing her abilities to generate lightning and her merciless character. Nevertheless, Chan did not show his fear publicly. For the other parts of his life, not much is known, except that he was never allowed to leave the Fire Nation capital since the Fire Mistress became Fire Lord.


  • All of the Fire Sages were Firebenders, but none of them could generate lightning.
  • The Fire Sages were once the rulers of the Fire Nation. But after a Royal Family was founded, the Fire Sages gave up their control over the Fire Nation. IF there had been any hopes of restoring the old regime in the Fire Sage community, they were all killed when the Fire Mistress came to power.

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