By Gingalover Part of the Avatar: New Universe II continuity.
Biographical information

Earth Kingdom

Birth place





3,000 years old

Physical description

unknown (assumed male)

Skin color


Skin type


Personal information
Weapon of choice

vine whips


supernatural intelligence


Toph, Terra, Geo-Force, Sokka

Chronological and political information
First appearance

Geo Force (brief)

Gravemind is a large, deadly parasite that is found in the Titan World. He is of colossal size, about the same size as the Colossi. He is a very powerful creature, and is very smart. So much so that he knew the captured inside and out before he's even met them through his spy tentacles he leaves on the surface to watch the events as the rest of him is miles underground. He can't physically go out in the open, but he knows enough to be outside his whole life. It's actually scary to first comers when he pretty much reveals their whole lives to his captives. What makes him more strange is that he is hardly known by anyone. The S.C.P and Spirit Council hardly know much about him and didn't attend to actually have him exist.

Avatar: New Universe II

Gravemind didn't officially appear until his chapter under his name, but his spying tentacle was seen when Team Avatar and Titans reunite, when Smile Dog stupidly runs over it. Another was seen in a sewer vent seen by Kyd Wykkyd just before he grabs Toph, Terra and Geo-Force. He conceals the others in a vine dome and tells everyone else telepathically that he's not a threat and they are safe for the moment.

He drags them down to his underground lair. And begins to go through a long talk with them. This is where he shows how smart he really is, giving them a lot of information he seemingly picked up somehow. He knew about their connections with the earth, Geo-Force's half-brother connection with terra, and even says of Toph's dream of Geo-Force. He goes on saying that there is still time and their clue is hidden somewhere in the TT world (which he really says that they have to be captured).

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