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Past, Present, Future


Three years have passed since I've joined the Water Warriors, and I've been called forth to guard the Chief, but the trials I faced were far from expected.


As I returned to my tent, Master Fong approached me and said: "So, are you ready for the journey?"

"Definitely! You will need the rest for tomorrow," I replied.

"You're right. Good night Noatak," he told me.

"Same for you," I replied.

As dusk set and dawn bloomed, we arrived at the port of call, where we loaded our supplies onto our sailing cutter ships. The Chief gathered us, before taking the opportunity to thank us for volunteering ourselves to guard him, and his family.

"Today, I will like to thank everyone who is joining my family and I on our voyage to the South. Together, we will travel as a tribe. [Orders] This is how our formation will be. My ship would be in the middle, surrounded by sailing cutter ships, with our supplies and the rest of you men will be on the outside, guarding everything. Is that clear," the Chief said.

"Yes sir," everyone agreed.

We all did as the chief said and we headed out of shore. I was lucky enough to be one of the Chief's personal bodyguard, along with Fong, Tonraq and Unalaq. As we set sail, a few of us had to waterbend the treacherous currents that surrounded our shore. Nearly smashed into an iceberg, before nearly colliding with several herd of whales. After we crossed all that, the Chief went on the intercom to thank all the water warriors for our protection, and that we would make a pit stop in Republic City. As we arrived Republic City, I couldn't help but gaze in awe with the wonders of technology.

As soon as we landed on shore, Fong and I accompanied the Chief, as we had to guard the chief at City Hall. There, I saw many members of the council, including Tenzin. There, we sat as the Chief, along with the world representatives discussed about the crime in the city.

"Non bending citizens in this city has attacked members of the bending citizen bias, including members of the bending triad, and this is what we fear most. The non bending civilization becomes more violent by the day," a councilman said.

"I fear that there is going to be a war torn Republic City in the next twenty years, if we don't act soon enough. We need to hear from the non bending citizens of this city," Tenzin argues.

"They just need to work hard by themselves," the Earth Kingdom Councilman said.

"But we must help them!" Tenzin argues.

"As soon as I heard those words, I knew that I could change the City. Forever. I knew I was the one to bring balance to the City's nonbenders. I am tired of benders, oppressing others with their powers, just like father did to us when we were boys," I said.

"Now I see why you have a grudge against benders. I can't believe what I've done. Brother," Tarrlok said.

"You did your job, and I did mine," I said.

As we left Republic City, I stared and gazed out at the city's nightline. A prosperous city, with many secrets, unveiled. So I guarded the ship, as I listened to Unalaq and his family debating about the fate of the non benders of Republic City.

"The non-benders should have a say in politics" Tonraq said.

"But what can they do for society? It's not like our tribe, where they can actually protect and contribute to our tribe. They're on their own, just like every bender." Unalaq replies.

"I thought you of all people wanted to keep the world in balance!" Tonraq counters.

"Republic City is different, and it isn't our affair." The Chief said.

I knew Unalaq was wrong. Non-benders should have a say, and bending establishments shouldn't get a higher standing in society, but it wasn't my place to speak out. So, for the next few days, I devised my getaway plan: "Bypass". I had to sneak through the ship's kitchen, sneak out as much food as I can without notice, which would last me the next few days.

"This isn't going to be easy." I told myself.

I saw Fong walking up and down the corridor. "Who's there!" He shouted.

He then walks towards the kitchen, holding his spear, he assumed his fighting position. "Show yourself!" He shouted.

He looks all around the kitchen, before he leaves. Luckily, he didn't notice me hiding in the hatch underneath his feet.

"Phew..." I sighed.

As I 'borrowed' all the supply I needed, I packed it away in the hatch, underneath the kitchen floor. Next, I realised that something big needed to happen to get me off this ship, otherwise, I would be considered a deserter, and traitor of the Military of the Northern Water Tribe. I then retrieved my spear, before continuing my work as a guardsman. Fong then approached me and said:

"Did you hear someone in the kitchen?"

"No, not a sound." I replied.

"What's going on?" Tonraq asks us.

"Nothing sir. I just thought there was someone on board this ship, but turns out there is nobody." Fong replied.

"Good, I trust you two." Tonraq said.

Another scorching day has passed, and night skies are closing in. Tonight, I was ready to desert the Military. Just on the outside of the ship, I created a wave to knock the ship off balance.

"Everyone remain calm and please fasten your seatbelts. We are approaching huge tides." The ship master announced through the intercom.

I then ran for my food supply, tucked it away, before hiding it in my uniform. I then waterbent a mist around the Water Tribe boats, and ship, before deserting away in a water wave. Then, I created a whirlpool to distract everyone on board.

"Water Warriors, capture the intruders!" The Chief said.

Tonraq and Unalaq then cleared out the fog, and ended the whirlpool. I barely escaped.

"Did you find anyone?" The chief asked his sons.

"No father" Unalaq said.

"However, it seems that Noatak is missing. All other warriors are present father." Tonraq replies.

"He might have been captured by the intruders, while protecting the ship." The chief said.

"I hope he's alright." Tonraq said solemnly.

"Alright! Home free!" I told myself.

As I waterbent myself, I saw birds. "Land must be close," I mumbled.

I reflected upon my three years with the Military of the Northern Water Tribe, how Fong was a great friend, and Tonraq being a great and respected General. However, I knew I needed to change the future of the non-bending citizens of Republic City. This is my destiny. I thought I was in the United Republic of Nations, but instead, I arrived on Kyoshi Island. As soon as I landed on shore next morning, I walked through the beach, before getting attacked by the Kyoshi Warriors, blocking my chi with a bunch of quick jabs, and finally knocked me out. I was then taken to see the leader of the island.

"What are you doing on Kyoshi Island, foreigner?" The leader said.

"My name is Noatak, and I am from the Northern Water Tribe. My ship was ambushed upon, and I was lost. I saw a few birds, before following them onto this Island. I'm sorry if you thought I was an intruder. I mean no harm to your village, or your people," I introduced myself.

"My Kyoshi Warriors guards every bit of this Island. I am the leader of Kyoshi Island. My name is Koko," Koko said.

"I still can't grasp how those Kyoshi Warriors managed to attack me, and how I couldn't land a blow on them," I inquired.

"Visit the kwoon down in the village, and find out for yourself," Koko said to me.

"Thank you," I replied.

"Anytime," Koko said.

As I walked down the streets, I noticed the villagers, helping one another. Non-benders and benders living amongst each other in prosperity, something I idolize, other than Avatar Aang's energybending. "Ahh." I finally found the kwoon where the Kyoshi Warriors trained. It was an average sized straw and wooden stilthouse. As I walked into the kwoon, all the women and girls, stopped practicing and stared at me in the eyes. I didn't know what to do, but all that changed when a Kyoshi Warrior said:

"Why did you come to Kyoshi Island in the first place? We don't welcome foreigners, and we intend to isolate ourselves from the world," a Kyoshi Warrior asked.

"Stop! [An older woman then approaches me.] What is your name young man?" The woman asked.

"Noatak. I was on the cruise with the Chief of the Northern Water Tribe, and I was washed overboard, and it so happened that I landed on your Island, but before I could do anything, I was ambushed by a bunch of Kyoshi Warriors," I replied.

"He's telling the truth alright," the woman said.

"How do you know?" A Kyoshi Warrior asked.

"I can tell when someone lies, when their heart beats increased, or their speech becomes mumbled, faster or neutral. I have seen many liars during my time, and I know what they are like, especially that Fire Nation Princess Azula, she was a real slipper," the woman said.

"I've heard of you before. Ty Lee?" I replied.

"You got that right, Noatak." She replied cheerfully.

"You met Ty Lee, the world famous chi blocker, who fought in the Hundred Year War, and and she was your teacher?!" My brother asked. "No wonder you're so good, and that you could defeat so many benders during the last twenty years," Tarrlok said.


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