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Grand Marshal was a rank in the Fire Nation military at some time after the Hundred Year War and until at least 319 AG. Grand Marshals were the complete commanders of their respective branches, answerable only to the Fire Lord.


The Azula-descendant Dragon Family has become powerful since Kuzon, the Ghost Dragon returned. His son, the Onyx Dragon, has since moved their dynasty's focus from domestic to military influence. He structured the military so that three overlords would rule and answer to the Fire Lord in matters of extreme importance. They would become the Grand Marshals. With the creation of the Grand Marshals, the already-formal branches of the military were made deeper. The largest branch was the Army, the next but possibly most critical to the island nation was the Navy. The smallest branch was the most elite for its need of advanced fighters and technology was the Air Force.

The Onyx Dragon's reign as Grand General of the Army saw a huge effort to streamline the functions of the military. He created and organized the military in the branch so that each command could work effectively. In this was the creation of the special forces called the Dust Dragons.

The Grand Marshals continued to make their military run as the best in the world. The Grand Marshals opposed the United Forces and did their best to mitigate their contributions on the basis they give the most and their men should stay loyal to their nation. It wasn't for a century till they were able to effectively pull out most of their support out of the United Forces.

The Dark Dragon was Grand Admiral in his time and sought to ensure the Navy the most powerful in the world, which it was, but challenged by the rising United Forces. He created a special marine force to mirror the Dust Dragons, these called the Sea Dragons.

Alov, known as the Sea Wolf, was a powerful and inspiring firebender. He was the Sea Dragon Commander, until promoted to Admiral of the First Fleet. Because of his effective restructuring of both the First Fleet and the Sea Dragons, it was recommended that he replace the retiring Grand Marshal. The Sea Wolf was ruthless in anti-piracy.

Rishu is the current Grand Marshal of the Air Force. He decided to create a special forces group like the Dust and Sea Dragons, his new Sky Dragons were a paratrooper corp that were the best in the world as airbenders aren't in the military. The Air Force has ramped up the reach of their airships and fleets so that they could even reach Ba Sing Se.


The position of Grand Marshal is the highest rank of each branch of the military. Naturally they are higher than all the ranks of their respective branches (i.e. general, admiral, etc.). Each branch also has a name relating them to their respective branch:

  • Army- The Grand Marshal of the Army is also known as the Grand General, this is the same rank.
  • Navy- The Grand Marshal of the Navy is called the Grand Admiral.
  • Air Force- The Grand Marshal is also called, though rarely, the Grand Commander.


The Grand Marshals are incredibly powerful, both physically and politically. Grand Marshals had to prove their skill and worth by working through the ranks, often being a Dragon Corp member. Due to the Fire Nation government's military and technological focus, the Grand Marshals have significant pull in domestic policies and absolute in foreign policy.


To become a Grand Marshal, the man had to prove his worth and skill in combat and leadership. Most Grand Marshal have been either a 'Dragon' Commander or at least a 'Dragon' of their respective branches. As there are three branches, only three Grand Marshals are in place at any given time, presently Rishu, Alov, and Toz.

  • The Onyx Dragon: Army- The First Grand Marshal and creator of the Dust Dragons corp for a special forces unit.
  • Toz: Army- Current, former Dust Dragon Commander.
  • The Dark Dragon: Navy- created the Sea Dragons corp to handle special marine warfare missions.
  • Alov: Navy- Current, former Sea Dragon Commander, known as the Sea Wolf.
  • Rishu: Air Force- Current, created the Sky Dragon corp to match those of the Army and Navy.


  • The Dragon Family has its roots deep in the military in no small part because of the creation of the Marshals. Every Dragon after the Ghost Dragon has been a Grand Marshal in one branch or another.
  • The use of the alternate name is dependent on each branch. The Navy uses Grand Admiral more often than Marshal; Grand General is used as much as Grand Marshal in the Army; Grand Commander for the Air Force however, is rarely used compared to Grand Marshal.
  • Grand Marshal are often not nobles of the Fire Nation but capable soldiers. It is a way for even a low class to reach the highest echelons of society. Toz is an example, born a peasant and now one of three overlords of the Fire Nation military.

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