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Grand Admiral was a senior rank of the Fire Nation Navy, created by Fire Lord Ozai during the Hundred Year War.


Grand Admirals were appointed by Fire Lord Ozai and answered directly to the Fire Lord, or his authorized executors, in all matters. The creation of the rank of Grand Admiral one year after the Siege of Ba Sing Se was widely recognized as a means to increase the Fire Lord's direct control of the Fire Nation Military. However, although all exceptionally gifted officers, the Grand Admirals were not just front-line commanders; rather, they included several technical specialists and theoreticians, enabling them to serve as a leadership cadre for the whole military—and indeed the whole Fire Nation.

During the height of the reign of Fire Lord Ozai, there were ten Grand Admirals in service, called the Circle of Ten by Ozai. At the time of the Battle at Wulong Forest, which was the end of Ozai's reign and the Hundred Year War, the group included Akiyama, Zinji, Kazuo, Mimura, Ando, Mitsuru, Tanida, Ichimaru, Tokugawa, and Kojiro. The Grand Admirals were visually distinguished from other officers in the Fire Nation armed forces by their gleaming red and gold uniform, sometimes worn with bullion epaulets. It is unclear whether the Fire Nation Army had any rank that was equivalent with the rank of Grand Admiral, but High Generals of the army seemed to possess similar authority. High Admirals in the navy were considered to be just below Grand Admirals in the naval hierarchy.

The Avatar, along with the governments of the Earth Kingdom and Water Tribes, took part in keeping track of them and hunting the surviving Grand Admirals down. Most of them were killed either during the war or within the year after it. Some took action during the Fire Nation Civil War, most notably Grand Admiral Akiyama, who nearly brought down the new Fire Lord, Zuko. After all were killed, Zuko thought about reinstating the rank into the military, appointing new officers to it. However, he decided against it, given the rank's connection to his father.

List of Grand Admirals

  • Akiyama
  • Ando
  • Ichimaru
  • Kazuo
  • Kojiro
  • Mimura
  • Mitsuru
  • Tanida
  • Tokugawa
  • Zinji

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