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Earth Kingdom



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Blade, Quier, Ka-Boom, Hammer, Wei, Toph, Saif, Earth Kingdom, Fire Nation


Alden, Yu, Nid, Xin Fu, June, Phoenix Estates

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Police officer

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Chapter VI: Wei's Journey

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Grain was a Sandbender who worked with he friends Blade, Quiver, Hammer, and Ka-Boom to stop drug dealers in the Si Wong. He helped Wei across the desert when Wei helped his friends steal some cactus juice. Later, he and his friends tracked Alden down. When they confronted Alden the first time, Alden destroyed Grain's sand sailer. Grain was extremely aggravated by this, and so, he used his emotions to fuel his bending and bury most of Alden's criminals. The second time he confronted Alden, he faced him, and overpowered him with his bending in Alden's clay palace. Later, Saif and Toph recruited him and his friends to fight in the war in the Fire Nation. While fighting in the Fire Nation, he went to Ember Island to help come up with a plan for how to distribute the troops among the war zones. His idea to not move any troops, but to leave them at Ember Island for protection was argued against by his friend, Blade, during the meeting. He later took part in the Battle for the Fire Nation, the Landing in the south, and the defense against the Phoenix Estates.


Grain was a bit paranoid and pessimistic, as seen in Desert Tales and A New Friend.


Grain was a highly skilled Sandbender, as seen in Desert Tales, when he was able to out-spar Alden the Mushroom, and when he manipulated at least a hundred square feet of sand when his bending was fueled by his emotions.

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