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Maxnascie By Len Poles Part of the Xiaons continuity.
Gracjan Jarosz
Biographical information
Birth place





November 25, 1995

Physical description


Personal information
Weapon of choice

rifle, pistol, lightsaber, Bending

Bending style(s)


Chronological and political information

Xiao Army (Xiaons)

, Rzeczpospolita

|masters= |apprentices= |family= |allies= Jake, Adam, Jeremy, David, Stowejko, Hairpin, Hearty, Aelita, Daria, Chris, Pierre, Rzeczpospolita, Xiaons, more... |enemies= Xarloman, Ulrich, Fearden, Xerath, Kazelians, Beran, more... |bounty= |appearance= |voice= }} Gracjan (Gratian) Jarosz is protagonist of "Xiaons", Firebender, Xiao lieutenant colonel. He was killed by Colonel Beran.


Gracjan was born in 1995. Until the time of the Xiao Knights was the only friend of Jake. We do not know much about what was later. We know that was in the squadron Dawid Litewski. Then gradually been tested on the Battle of Poznan. He was Major. This Gracjan help discover who is betrayer.

Gratian was killed in Luxembourg by Beran. He was killed by a gunshot wound. A bullet pierced his chest.

Personality and abilities

Gracjan is very serious. Gracjan is Firebender level 2 (Initially it had to be Earthbender). He speaks limited English.


Xiaons: First War

Part 1: Revolution

Part 2: Journey to the Capitals

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