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The Location of the Fire Lord, Prince, and Avatar have been lost. Nobody seems to know of their status, or just hasn't discussed it yet, perhaps. The Phoenix Islands have dominated the Northern half of the Fire Nation while nationalists remain in the south.


Hoshizu's House

"Well done, Mr. Hoshizu," said the Admiral.

"Thank you, Admiral Chen," replied the Former Fire Nation General.

"Well, as promised, you're now a High General of the Phoenix Islands, congrats," said Chen, preparing to leave Hoshizu's House. It wasn't needed to say anymore.

"But...sir? My appointment as governor of the Fire Nation?" inquired Hoshizu, as the Admiral was heading for the door.

"That is me, Hoshizu. Good day," finished Chen, he stepped out in to the sunshine. He had to contact the Phoenix King.

Hoshizu just stood there. He had been cheated. He had been...promised...promised Governor of the Fire Nation...but Chen...took it. He grabbed his coat and left to see a recovering friend.

Fire Nation Capital Hospital

"Raiku, they cheated me. And you, you knew about it! Didn't you? Didn't you, you lying...little.." Started Hoshizu. He was at the Fire Nation Capital Hospital, in room 205. The Building hadn't been damaged too much during the siege and was already being used as a hospital.

"Don't finish, Hoshi. Listen I had no idea...but now, it's too late. I'm stuck in a hospital bed..for crying out loud.." Raiku took a deep breath, he was exhausted from all of this...listening and..talking but he continued " I can't do anything anyways, but once I come out I'll ask the king..he's a good..friend of mine." With this Raiku fell fast asleep.

"Pffh, the idiot. He won't do crap. And Hoshi? Hmmph." Mumbled Hoshizu, leaving the Hospital.

High General Meeting

"Welcome, Comrades. I know that there are only a small handful of us here, the most still in the Homeland, none the less we shall liberate the Fire Nation," said Governor Chen, sitting upon the former seat of the Fire Lord. He was wearing his Phoenix Admiral Suit, with several dozen stars. Below him stood all of the High Generals present in the Fire Nation, for now. It was their fourth meeting since the Liberation of the Capital.

"You mean...there's still do?" Yelled a High General below him.

"Well, of course, it will take some time for us to properly secure the whole Fire Nation...and the Armies are still preparing to take..." began Chen.

"Please, it's been almost a month! There's little resistance, you're just lazy! Why the King picked you, I'll never know" Yelled another General.

"As I was saying, General," said Chen, stressing the word, reminding the Generals of his Authority over them. He continued "It shall take some time, and the resistance in the South is very tough. They have declared their own country..some..confederacy or whatever."

"Don't they want to continue the Fire Nation?" asked the High General.

"No, they recognize that the Fire Nation has fallen, and our dominance in the North. So they established their own country, under the control of the Fire Lord..of course," answered Chen.

"Is he...even alive?" mumbled a General in the back.

"Meeting adjourned," shouted Chen. He watched the Generals get up and leave, one remained, in the corner. Hoshizu. Chen jumped off his throne and in bullet speed stood in front of the man. Hoshizu didn't seem surprised at all; in fact he seemed to expect it.

Hoshizu immediately pointed his finger at Chen's face, just an inch away.

"Don't mess around with me, Chen. I want to know what's going on," whispered the General.

"Some Compassion, Hoshizu? National Pride, perhaps? Oh wait, no, you betrayed your country for power. You sicken me. You've been told what you need to know," replied Chen.

"Shut up! Just shut up! You don't know, what quiet. I know things Chen, I'm connected in the Islands and here...don't mess with me. And yes, this is a warning," yelled out Hoshizu, some Generals near the door looked his way suspicious. Hoshizu simply glared back, and left the chamber.

Chen stood there and watched the General leave, he hadn't expected this.

Southern Fire Nation City

"The Pyro Confederacy must not fall!" yelled out Chief Minister. There...the rally was finished. He shook hands with Generals and the people and left for the Meeting. He walked into the Former Summer Palace of the Fire Lord, where ever he was. He took a left at the first turn, and headed for the Meeting hall. He had always been a devout Fire Nation Govt. Official. After the news of the Capital's fall, and in the middle of his Southern Tour he declared a new country. The Fire Lord was leader de jure, and would be in charge... when he was found. Until then, he had to make sure those stupid Islands didn't over run the Nation. He entered the Last Chamber at the hall.

"Hello, Minister," said the guard. He just nodded and took his seat in front of the remaining Govt. seated in assembly before him.

"Alright, now, first Order of business how far have they gotten?" asked the Chief Minister.

"We control the South, and they control the north. That's it in simple terms," said the Minister for War.

"What about the Fire Lord?" continued the Chief Minister.

"No news about him, the prince, or the Avatar," yelled out an official.

"So, what has the Water Tribesman said?" asked the Minister, almost casually.

"Well, the Prince of the Southern Water Tribe has arrived...he's expected to come in soon," said the Foreign Minister. Suddenly, the door opened and as if he knew they were talking of him, Prince Mizu walked in.

"Talking about me, are we?"

"Err..yes..yes, sir," said the Chief Minister, feeling awkward.

"Sir? Please just call me Mizu. And as far as we're concerned, because you're all dying to know, we're at war and have been at war with the Phoenix Islands. Now, we're going to step it up. I will be leaving for Omashu, soon, and several battalions shall arrive to support your men here. On the bright side, we have reports that say that the Phoenix Islands are having revolts from ethnic tribes in their homeland."

"Great, that's err...great, So would you please take a seat? We have much to discuss," said the Chief Minister.

"Indeed we do, sir," replied Mizu, sitting down in the front row

Behind the Scenes


  • This Chapter was released about a month after the last.
  • The Avatar wanted to create a chapter not focused on Team Strike, and Hoshizu instead, and his development.
  • This chapter sets up the next several by organizing the basic structure.


  • This will be the first chapter that does not include Team Strike.
  • This Chapter is fairly short, and consists mainly of the Leaders meeting up to organize future combat.
  • Another new nation has been created, The Pyro Confederacy.
  • The Status of Team Strike has not yet been revealed.
  • Mian's brother, Mizu, makes his debut.
  • This is the First Chapter of Book 2: Rise.
  • The chapter mainly centers around Hoshizu and how he felt cheated by the Phoenix Islands, and not being Governor as promised.
  • Raiku has been confirmed to be alive, though bed-ridden in a hospital.
  • This Chapter is one month after the last.

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