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1st of All...

So here it is, the first chapter of Survivor, my newest fanon, I know it's too early for me to upload this now, but I just couldn't stop writing, and it may be not that good but it still a pretty good start of a user that already had two fanons and deleted both of them. Enjoy! Renata Talk 04:23, June 12, 2011 (UTC)

Good Times

"I won!"

"You always win."

"That's because I'm better than you in Airball."

"No, it is because you're an Airbender, and I'm not."

"If you want to be be a soldier of the Fire Nation, you at least have to win an Airball game with an Airbender."

"I am a soldier of the Fire Nation."

"Well, it didn't make any difference."

(sigh) "Okay Yang, you got me, let's play it again."

"Who makes five points win, alright?"


It's totally impossible for Chon make a single point one me, he's just a Firebender, and I am an Airbender, a master in this technique-

"What are you waiting for? Are you afraid of me?"


Yang begins the game.

"Not a chance."

Yang jumps and kicks the ball to Chon, but this time he kicked with less strength, Chon, noticing that, kicks the ball as strong as he can, but he got it wrong, which made the ball goes strength up.

Yang, seeing his friend's mistake, laughs and says:

"Don't try to be better than me Chon" He jumps very high and kicks the ball with his heel.

It's a point.

Yang, realizing Chon's sadness, airbends the ball to Chon's hands.

"C'mon, you can do it." Yang says

Chon was about to kick the ball when a Dragon Hawk lands on his shoulder.

"Hey! It's a messenger hawk" Yang says while jumping poles by poles until reaching Chon.

"Yes, it is a blue ribbon message."

"Which means...?"

"Which means that it has medium importance" Chon take the message from its canister and free the hawk.

Chon reads:

Fire Lord Sozin invites all his soldiers to his speech in The Capital, at The Coronation Plaza.

"Well, I thought it would have more importance than that."

"Have you ever heard a speech of Fire Lord Sozin?"

"Yes, but not in the Coronation Plaza."

"So this could be an important speech of his."

"Nah, Fire Lord Sozin always talks about economical things, statistics, and stuff like that. Besides, the Avatar is from the Fire Nation, which makes it even better for his government."

"What ever you say Chon."

"Trust me, it's not a big deal, I better get going now, or else I'll be late for his speech."

"Okay, see you tomorrow?"

"As always, my friend."

In the Fire Nation

Coronation Plaza

The plaza.

It's finally day-light, after a long night Chon is prepared for the Fire Lord's speech. He is already at the plaza, which is totally full, because all the soldiers of the Fire Nation are there.

(sigh) "I can't believe that I'm here for more than one hour, I know that being a solider have their boring times, but I didn't think it was that boring." Chon thinks

All the generals scream, "Fire Lord Sozin's speech will begin now!"

A figure suddenly appears, it's him, Fire Lord Sozin, wearing a red robe and a headpiece, only used by the Fire Lords. He was unique with all of that.

All the soldiers bowed to him at the same time, but, as in all his speeches, he raised his hands in order to make them stop bowing to him.

"I'm sure it's not that important" Chon finishes.

To be continued...


  • The sentence "Not a chance" is a reference of Chloe's quote in the penultimate chapter of the game Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, which Renatabls is a big fan of it.
  • Yes, it is possible for Yang to Airbend the ball back to Chon's hands, because after he jumped, he landed in the middle of the court.

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