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Fire Nation

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39 BG


4 AG

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Gonnosuke was a general of the Fire Nation Army who served as the head of a military mission in the Earth Kingdom prior to the Hundred Year War. A respected strategist, he was appointed by Fire Lord Sozin to lead the team of military advisers sent to assist the Earth King in reforming his army. Gonnosuke came to respect Earth Kingdom culture during that time and, as a result, was against the war launched by Sozin. He commanded the Southern Area Army for the first few years of the war, but was executed in 4 AG for planning a revolt against the Fire Lord.


Early life and service

Born to a military family on Ember Island, Gonnosuke attended a military school as a teenager and became a skilled swordsman. He later graduated from a military academy at the top of his class, proving to be a brilliant strategist, and was commissioned as an officer in the military of the Fire Nation. Gonnosuke held a number of command from an early age and became part of clique of young officers who were determined to take the highest positions in the army general staff. The young swordsman was promoted to general in 10 BG. He served on the foreign intelligence section of the general staff before being dispatched to the Earth Kingdom as the head of a military mission. Fire Lord Sozin made a deal with the 50th Earth King to help improve his military in exchange for large quantities of raw materials. Gonnosuke was one of the couple hundred officers that was sent.

The general initially worked with the 88th Division, the first unit selected for training under Fire Nation officers. He befriended an Earth Kingdom colonel who had attended a military academy in the Fire Nation, named Zikai, commander of the 88th Division. Gonnosuke instituted a brutal and harsh training regimen on the 88th, whipping it up into one of the best units in the Earth Kingdom Army. During his time in the Earth Kingdom, he also came to respect the Earth Kingdom people for their fortitude and resilience. After the military mission was recalled by orders of Sozin, the general suspected what he was up to in regards to the Earth Kingdom. He had no choice when the Hundred Year War began, accepting command of the Southern Area Army, the army group tasked with invading the southern Earth Kingdom.

The War and execution


Calculating and methodical, Gonnosuke was considered to be a brilliant strategist. He graduated from the military academy at the top of his class and quickly rose to the rank of general. The man was also very ambitious, wishing to obtain more power for himself in the hierarchy.

Although he believed in the traditional Fire Nation values of honor and loyalty, Gonnosuke did not support Sozin or the other extreme nationalists in the government. He had developed a respect for the Earth Kingdom people and culture during his time there, and did not want to go to war with it, believing that it would only serve to damage both the Fire Nation and the Earth Kingdom.

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