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Gommu (New Nomads)
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United Republic


Air Temple Island




115 AG

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Pema (niece)

Gommu is a character in the fanon New Nomads. He is a former vagabond, current Air Acolyte, and the maternal uncle of Pema. He was also the first friend Avatar Korra made on her first day in Republic City.

After the Attack on Republic City

After the attack on Republic City, Gommu remained on the streets for six more years until one day in Republic City Park, Tenzin and Pema were taking a stroll with their 6-year-old airbending son, Rohan. Gommu came out of a bush to greet the councilman, then he noticed Pema and realized that she was his niece and it didn't take long for Pema to recognize her uncle that she loved as a little girl. They both explained to her husband that Gommu was the younger brother of Pema's mother that passed away sixteen years prior and how Pema thought he was still serving in the United Forces. After their reunion and explanation, Tenzin offered for him to reside on Air Temple Island as an Air Acolyte, much to the vagabond's acceptance, pleasure, and tears.

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