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Rock Golem Rook Earth Black by KazuKun

A Rock Golem

The Golem is an earthbending weapon. And can only be used the highest level of earthbenders.

How to Use

The user builts a tall body with movable joints. And then you cover the joints with any type of earth. After you have it completely cover it in earth, you can mold it into whatever look you want.


The main use of the Golem is to use like a puppet, and to use for attacking enemies at close range without the fear of being harmed. And and to not have to fight an enemy head on.

Another use of the Golem is to make it take one pose and you perform the opposite attack.

It is especially hard to manipulate how the Golem moves about. Even for superior earth benders. For it contains very complex movements, and it is similar to how to manipulate plants.

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