By Gingalover Part of the Avatar: New Universe III continuity.

Gold Moles are large, mole-like animals created by Aang, that live in the Kyouga forests. It has grown well adapted to life underground, using large front claws to dig deep tunnels. They can grow rather large, close to the size of a dog, but aren't prone to act violent towards one another.

Since it lost its eyesight, it is able to sense its surroundings mainly through smell and touch, as it is often found trying to find food. Food includes mainly large insects and amphibians, and large animals aren't threatened by it. It hardly ventures above ground unless at night, when the bright light isn't present to harm its sensitive eyes. During the day, it stays underground, in tunnels large enough for a person to crawl through. Although large and hosting large claws, it doesn't use these in defense and will most likely hid away in its tunnels rather than fight off a predator.

The Gold mole is mainly found in Kyouga's gigantic rainforests, mainly on the forest floor rather than in the canopy like so many other creatures. It is unaware why it isn't adapted to trees, most likely because Aang didn't create the animal with any ways of swimming or climbing.


  • It is the first animal to be recognized in Kyouga by Team Avatar and Teen Titans, described by Aang after it spooked Terra out of its tunnel.
  • It's one of very few animals to not live in trees.

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