By Philanahembree Part of the Forces of Nature continuity.
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Earth Kingdom


Earth Kingdom

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Bagguk, Paladins, Orjanti


Poshehn, Vahaan, Northern Water Tribe, Issan, Hoccon

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Darkbending master
General of the Paladin army


Paladin army

Gohonn was a Darkbending master and one of the commanders of the Paladin army. He lead an invasion force against the Northern Water Tribe, which ultimately lead to his death and the escape of almost all of the Paladins' energybender captives.


Gohonn was born in the Earth Kingdom, and spent a small portion leading small raids against Earth Kingdom villages. His raids became more promising following the defeat of Kuvira

To be continued.

Gohonn took the Paladin's offer to join their army, meeting Poshehn, whom he would develop a deep seated rivalry with. Gohonn proved himself to be a focused leader, capturing far more energybenders than Poshehn and forcing the captives into strict training. Gohonn was the first to be granted bending by the captives. After a few weeks of illness, he developed Darkbending abilities. Poshehn at first told him he had been selected so that none of the Paladins would come to harm if the energybending process went wrong, but Gohonn maintained his loyalty to the Paladins. Gohonn continued helping the Paladins recruit followers, even some former members of the Red Lotus.

Training his recruits

After five years serving the Paladin, almost a third of their army were made up of Darkbenders, the others being Lightbenders under Poshehn's command and the last third being roughly made up of Earthbenders and Firebenders. Trusting Gohonn's experience in the art of Darkbending, he was instructed to teach his third of the army all that he knew while the Paladin's were away, having taken some of the captives with them.

Gohonn star pupil was Orjanti, whom he would grow to have romantic feelings for, but knew better than to express them while in the stages of training an army. Over the coming months, Gohonn's rivalry with Poshehn grew stronger as they both disputed which parts of the army would

Gohonn blamed his failure as a teacher on Vahaan, starving him and locking him up with more chains.

Attacking the Northern Water Tribe

Gohonn was given orders to begin an attack on the Northern Water Tribe.



Gohonn became the first darkbender in many thousands of years.

Other Skills

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