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Godzilla: The Legend of Korra is a fanon created by Megafan121244.


An alternate universe crossover of Legend of Korra and Toho's Godzilla franchise, this fan fiction is set into four different story arcs as well as changes to both established franchises.

Season 1

It has been almost 75 years since the Alpha Kaiju, Godzilla, leveled Tokyo and even less time since more of the gigantic beasts appeared. Now humanity is locked in a devastating war against the Kaiju in order for survival. However, the discovery of a long-lost civilization and a spirited young princess may hold the key in turning the tide.


  • Chapter 1 Strike Zone
  • Chapter 2: Princess Korra
  • Chapter 3: Welcome to Osaka
  • Chapter 4: Battle of Titans
  • Chapter 5: Face-to-Face
  • Chapter 6: The Dragon King
  • Chapter 7: Children of the Dragon King
  • Chapter 8: Meeting of the Extremes
  • Chapter 9: Midst of the King
  • Chapter 10: Tokyo Under Siege
  • Chapter 11: King of Terror
  • Chapter 12: Endgame

Season 2 (Rise of the Spirits)

Korra, now deemed as the Avatar, struggles between holding up her duties as Avatar, princess and her relationship with Mako. Unfortunately she may be put to the ultimate test when ancient spirits, disturbed by the titanic battle between humans and Kaiju alike, awaken to announce their fury to the world.


  • Chapter 1: Rebel Spirit
  • Chapter 2: Into the Storm
  • Chapter 3: Tensions part 1
  • Chapter 4: Tensions part 2
  • Chapter 5: Peacekeepers
  • Chapter 6: Return to Odo Island
  • Chapter 7: Beginnings part 1
  • Chapter 8: Beginnings part 2
  • Chapter 9: The Guide
  • Chapter 10: Into the Spirit World
  • Chapter 11: Let Them Fight
  • Chapter 12: Harmonic Convergence
  • Chapter 13: Light into Darkness
  • Chapter 14: Darkness into Light

Season 3

With humans and spirits now free to mingle with each other, all seems well. However, that is all about to change as an age old enemy of Mu has awakened, reigniting a war thousands of years old.


  • Chapter 1: Dawn of a New Day
  • Chapter 2: Rebirth
  • Chapter 3: From the Past
  • Chapter 4: In the Court of the King
  • Chapter 5: Showdown
  • Chapter 6: Dawn of Destoroyah
  • Chapter 7: Captive
  • Chapter 8: Monster Island
  • Chapter 9: Three of a Kind
  • Chapter 10: Escape
  • Chapter 11: Korra Alone
  • Chapter 12: The Avatar and the King
  • Chapter 13: As Above So Below

Season 4

Korra's ultimate battle has truly begun. With a good number of Earth's Kaiju under Devonian control and war on the horizon, the young Avatar must rise to the challenge and overcome the armies of Mu's ancient enemy. Meanwhile, an old enemy waits in the shadows, planning his next move. 


  • Chapter 1: Aftermath
  • Chapter 2: Dawn of War
  • Chapter 3: Return of Godzilla
  • Chapter 4: Battle of Hong Kong
  • Chapter 5: Godzilla's Queen
  • Chapter 6: Many Questions, Little Answers
  • Chapter 7: Calm before the Storm
  • Chapter 8: Total War
  • Chapter 9: Out of the Shadows
  • Chapter 10: Godzilla's Kingdom part 1
  • Chapter 11: Godzilla's Kingdom part 2
  • Chapter 12: Godzilla's Kingdom part 3
  • Chapter 13: Godzilla's Kingdom part 4


Main Characters

  • Princess Korra N'Doahk— The princess of Mu and current Avatar after Aang, Korra is the protagonist. She has the ability to "bend" earth, fire, water and (eventually) air. She later becomes Mako Iwamoto's girlfriend.
  • Mako Iwamoto— A soldier working for G-Force along with his brother, Bolin.
  • Bolin Iwamoto— Mako's younger brother and fellow G-Force member. Compared to his more stoic brother, Bolin is carefree and fun-loving. He has a pet ferret named Pabu.
  • Godzilla— The "King of the Monsters". Formerly a dinosaur that was captured and experimented on by ancient Mulian scientists, Godzilla, along with other Kaiju, escaped during the Cataclysm that sent Mu beneath the waves. He then sought shelter on Lagos Island where he was shot upon by US troops during the Pacific War and left for dead before being mutated by the H-Bomb testings in the South Pacific. Godzilla is by far one of the most feared Kaiju on the planet and has little to no patience towards humans.
  • Asami Sato— Bolin's girlfriend. The daughter of a well-known and respecting engineer, Asami is the heir to his industry.


  • King Ghidorah— The three-headed draconic King of Terror, King Ghidorah is the primary antagonist for the first and fourth seasons.
  • Vaatu— An ancient Dark Spirit that was defeated by the efforts of Avatar Wan, Raava and King Seesar and imprisoned in the Spirit World.
  • Devonians— Fishlike humanoids that lived long before and at the same time as the Mulians. The Devonians waged war with the people of Mu until the Great Cataclysm caused both kingdoms to vanish beneath the waves. They are the main antagonists for the third season and secondary antagonists for the fourth.

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