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Warning! This page contains spoilers for Gods of War.

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So. Gods of War is my second fanon. Gods of War is about demons and secrets. Fenn, and 18 year old firebender, is pulled into all the secrecy when he is cursed one night by a malicious demon. Now he must face up against demons, criminals and any other danger that presents itself in the futuristic and secretive city known as the Republic. Below is information on each chapter. But beware: this information contains spoilers!

Book One: The Republic


Chapter One: The Curse

Fenn Miyakami lives alone in the bustling, futuristic city called the Republic. This city is run, for the majority, by the high end company known as Beyond. Though Fenn thinks his life is all too normal, it is when a demon appears to him late at night that everything must change.

Chapter Two: Otto

Fenn's curse inadvertently leads him to airbender Otto Tinchen, a street kid involved in gang crime and drugs. To earn an income Fenn fights alongside Otto in dangerous and underground street fights. It is when the winnings go to their heads and a demon attack occurs that their newfound friendship is put to the test.

Chapter Three: The High Life

Hired as a Clandestine for Beyond, Fenn is introduced to a life of luxury and elegance. It is also in this new upper class lifestyle that Fenn becomes close to Beyond chairman's daughter Colette.

Chapter Four: The Green

The Beyond chairman Tariq allows Fenn and Colette to explore the Green in hope of gaining information on the demons. Upon stumbling across a savage tribal girl, Fenn experiences a shocking, paranormal discovery.

Chapter Five: Cloak and Dagger

After ending the expedition in the Green early to help fight against another demon in the Republic, Fenn tries to convince Tariq and Colette there are more out there. Frequenting assassination attempts of Colette, and Otto's trouble with the triads only adds to Fenn's increasing anxiety.

Chapter Six: The Libertarians

Continuing his snooping, Fenn becomes more and more affected by his curse. Otto is kidnapped by the global triad the Libertarians and they take him to the Eastern Domain - old Ba Sing Se. It is here that he meets an earthbender girl called Winry.

Chapter Seven: Civil War

After the Libertarian leader Larkin declared war on the Republic, Fenn, Tariq and Colette attempt to enter the Eastern Domain unharmed. The tribal girl from the Green arrives too in what can only be described as fate. Will the war be ceased an why does this girl keep showing up?

Chapter Eight: The Killer

Upon return to the Republic Fenn tries to show his loyalty to Beyond by killing rioting tribespeople. It is when he gets a vision mentioning the 'Avatar' that he spurs into action, trying hard to uncover hidden information surrounding such a legend. Meanwhile, Otto is given an uplifting visit from a kindred spirit.

Chapter Nine: Gone with the Wind

Discovering there is only one line of airbenders in the world and suspecting Otto may be related to the Air Councilman, the two friends set out to find answers. This sets in motion a whirlwind of new secrets and causes Colette to seriously question Fenn's loyalty.

Chapter Ten: Family Ties

After the mysterious death of the Air Councilman and left with a note reading "36 Moor", Fenn and Otto do some detective work of their own. Otto, in light of his estranged father's death, sets out to find his mother - resulting in some unforeseen discoveries. Continuing his search for answers, Fenn revisits his painful past.

Chapter Eleven: Then It Hit

Trying hard to convince Tariq and Colette that there are still demons in the world Fenn receives a horrible revelation, pushing his relationship with Colette to tipping point. Otto soon learns living with his family is bitter-sweet.

Chapter 12: Out

After arresting his mother and sister, Otto goes to console Fenn. That night, as a bid to get all the answers to properly protect the Republic, Fenn and Otto scale the walls of the city and leave to the Green. It isn't until they find the tribal girl, Akira, that things take a turn for the worst.

Book Two: The Green

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