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Death beside the Atlantis

It was two day's after Arkantos arrival, Kastor was wondering around the beach with Athena. They both were happy to see each other again, her father is Zeus, King of a Kingdom not so far from Atlanteans, they're palace is highly in the mountains and Zeus is known as King of the skies. "I'm so glad I can see you again, Kast! I mean, the last time I saw you was when I was eight! That's so...long ago! My father wants me to stay with him in the palace, just to make sure I'm safe."

Kastor nodded. "Yeah, he seems to be so overprotective. As for my dad, he's always at war missions. Ah, but the next time I'll go with him! Finally, something to do!"

Athena looked at him a bit worried, then smiled as punched his shoulder. "What a big guy you've grown up, now you're also in Atlantean army! I thought You're father wanted you to stay safe, here in Atlantis."

"Yeah, he did, but he seems that I'm much stronger and better warrior! Well, the next time we'll leave will be like..after a month, two tops!" Kastor made a small sigh, he's been waiting for it his whole life and yet, he still has to wait a long time.

"Anyway, it seems you've almost have won the war. And yet, after the invasion in the palace seventeen years ago, it seems to be a better place!" she said in awe, Athena loved the beaches of Atlantis. Not only the beaches, but whole island.

"Yep, Atlanteans have made progress! Thou, I heard...Some kind of guy, is preparing an Army to fight against us. There was something about Ragnarok as well."

Athena gasped a little. "Ragnarok? Who is this guy?"

Kastor shook his head as sighed. "I don't know, I just heard something about him. If I'm correct his name begins with K, or G."

Athena placed finger on her lips. "I see, well...Who ever he is, he sounds dangerous. Ragnarok, my dear friend, means end of the world, but in other way...End of Atlantis."

Kastor's eyes widen. "Y-You mean Mebalmoh?!"

She made a small nod and looked at her friend. "You have to be careful Kastor, you should talk with you're father."

"I already did, he said it's no big deal to defeat a guy like him. I'll talk to him again...."

Athena grabbed his hand. "Go now, don't wait. Trust me, you're father needs to hear the rest, if you need me I'll be by the market."

"Alright, later then!" Kastor began to run towards his house, it took only a few minutes till he got in. "Hey mom, where's dad?"

Saruna looked at him and thought for a second. "Let's see....Am, I think he left to a war meeting."

He sighed coldly. "Just great..."

"What's wrong?" Saruna asked sweetly.

"It's am... Nothing! Bye!" Kastor ran out, then stopped. "I guess I have no choice to disturb him..." He decided to go to the war meeting and explain the Ragnarok thing to all of them.

"Dad, I need to talk with you and...To all of you as well." Kastor rushed into the room, it was full with generals and few soldiers.They all were sitting around the world map and talking about next invasion.

"Kastor?! What are you doing here, this is a closed meeting!"

"Dad, I have to tell you something important! To all of you!"

"Get out, you're not supposed to be here!" A general shouted at him.

Arkantos sighed. "Let's hear what he has to say."

"But Admir.." The general tried to excuse.

"No buts, he's my son and I want to hear what he has to say if it's so important."

Kastor nodded. "Remember when I told you about the guy who is preparing an army to fight with Atlanteans, us?"

"Not this talk again.." Arkantos made a facepalm.

"There was also something about Ragnarok, the meaning of it is End of the world! Or to Atlanteans, Mebalmoh!"

General's gasped, Arkantos raised his head and looked at his son. "Ragnarok? End of the world? End to Atlantis? What is this nonsense?!"

"It's not a nonsense! Whoever is that guy, we have to find him and put and end to it, before he does any harm!"

"I told you Kastor, it's not a big deal! We'll defeat him before this 'Ragnarok' has began!"

"But dad..."

"No buts! Now get out!"

Kastor looked down. "You never listen to me, how can I call you..father?" He walked out of the room and closed the doors. Kastor leaned his back against the wall and sighed. Then frowned and hit his fist against the wall. "I'll find out who he is and stop him, if my father takes no action, I will!" Kastor ran out of the building and began to run down the streets to the market.

Meanwhile, back at the meeting. Generals looked at Arkantos. "What if...It is true?"

Arkantos shook his head in disagreement. "No, it's a nonsense! Atlantis will be and is a powerful kingdom! No one will crush us! We're Atlanteans, remember that!"

Meanwhile, back at the market, Kastor found Athena. "My dad... He, he doesn't believe me! Not even now! He thinks it's a nonsense! No big deal to him!"

Athena sighed. "Well...Then what are you going to do?"

"I'm going to find out who he is and stop him by my self!"

Athena gasped. "What?! There is no way You will be able to do it!"

"I will do it! I just need help from Atlantean gods, a small blessing and I'll crush every one of them!"

"No Atlantean god can help this, only you, you're father and all of the Atlantis."

"What do you mean...?" He raised an eyebrow.

"Ah, nothing, fine...Go to the temple of Poseidon, ask the gods for help and then we'll BOTH go!"

"What?! No! You're father s..."

"I don't care what he said, if no one is by you're side then I'll be!" She placed her hand on his shoulder. "We're a team, we're going to solve this together."

Kastor nodded. "Together! I'll be back as soon as I can!" He said as began to run towards the shrines of Poseidon.

"I hope the gods will bless him, dark times are coming, and gods are our only hope..." Athena sighed as looked at temple of Poseidon.

Kastor ran inside the main room at the temple, in middle of it was a pond with a fountain and seahorse. Kastor sat next to the pond and began to meditate, Kastor focused on the energy. Suddenly a figure appeared next to Kastor, it was Kronos. Kastor opened his eyes, he was shocked to see Kronos himself. "K-Kronos...?" He bowed a bit. "I need you're help, Atlantis is at danger! My father, the generals, no one believes me! But I need to know who is that guy and stop him!"

Kronos looked at the boy. "Kastor, trust me.. There's much, much more you don't know yet. Many twisted tales are bound around you, but as for this man. He's using an ancient power, a power that perhaps will crush not only the Atlanteans, but rest of the world. Ragnarok is close and it seems like world's only hope is you and Athena. But be careful, you will have many nemesis, and you already have one..."


"I'm afraid I can't tell you that, you'll see by you're self, but keep you're guard up! When ever there will be a fight, I'll stand by you're side and look after you." Suddenly a staff made of pure Atlantean Chrystal, except the hilt, it was made out of gold. The sword was shining as Atlantean Chrystal's do. "This weapon, will help you defeat this new enemy... But be careful, it's very powerful, use it when you need it, that is all for now... Goodbye."

Kronos shattered, Kastor looked at the sword in awe. "Whoa....It's amazing." Kastor took the sword. A priest was about to enter the room Kastor was in, but he noticed someone already there. The priest gasped, quietly.

"The sword of Kronos? How is that possible? It's been gone for centuries... I have to talk to Arkantos about this." The priest whispered to himself and then left the temple.

Meanwhile, Kastor took out his old sword out of the scabbard and placed in the sword of Kronos. "I think I won't need my old sword anymore." He made a small grin and ran out of the temple.

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