By Gingalover Part of the Avatar: New Universe II continuity.
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H8_Seed, Endermare

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Azula's Comeback

Glaze is a rather odd human-like horse that works for the S.C.P as a member of the Rainbow Factory. He used to be the main administrator for his factory until the companies joined up with the foundation. He had been responsible for many deaths for his operation under the roll, and grown rather merciless, will take whoever comes around, even if that meant double-crossing his promises to his victims. When the factory was given to Slenderman, he instead uses the same devices for requested projects, like removing the memory of Azula once she was caught, or using the colors to color the creations made by the SCP.

Avatar: New Universe II

Arc 2

Glaze first appears a little bit after Azula did, and commanded her to stop. He only said that because its the reminder that they need the team alive, not dead. He commanded the team to go with them but H8_Seed had quickly and easily convinced him to wait until at least they know who there dealing with. Annoyed, he commands Endermare to keep an eye on them as he goes off.

He and Azula go to the prison hold and got Ozai out for more test subjects for the SCP. He doesn't respect ozai at all and keeps mocking him until he gets kicked in the face. After they got outside, he explains a few things to Azula about what to do, and warns her about Melasa, thinking she's trying to kill the Avatar, who they need alive. After that, he goes off to the foundation.

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