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Glassbending is a specialized sub-skill of Earthbending that allows an Earthbender to create and bend processed glass substances similar to bending regular earth. While Tum Guon was the first earthbender to create the skill, ancient Sandbenders discovered the ability to turn sand into glass. It uses a concurrent use of Earthbending and Sandbending, though an Earthbender with some degree of Sandbending can also grasp the skill. Glassbenders are able to create glass by super heating the sand around them to a temperature of near 4,000 degrees. It is very similar to Lavabending.

In Laobao its citizens are trained in Earthbending and Sandbending first, finally being able to learn Glassbending. Advanced skills with this ability such as glass tendrils can be very dangerous for any glassbender as they need to focus on every single piece of glass so they don't accidentally harm themselves.


Only Sandbenders had been known for thousands of years to be able to bend glass, at least at a very minor degree. In 154 AG, Tum Guon (then a member of the Metalbending Police Force in Republic City) was dispatched to a large robbery committed by the Triple Threat Triads. He arrived just as a bomb destroyed the top of the buildings around him. Seeing glass falling from the buildings and having no time to rescue the unconscious civilians, he tried one last thing, focusing on the pieces of glass, and was able to stop them long enough for the other police to arrive.

Tum Guon would later build the city of Laobao in the Si Wong Desert, where it became the first place in the world to learn how to Glassbend. Most of its citizens are taught first Earthbend, then Sandbend, and finally how to bend glass, having the skills necessary to learn it.

Teaching Methods

Tum Guon first taught his children to do a similar trick to Lavabending; spinning the sand in one place so fast that the friction Superheated the sand, effectively making it a glass substance. The more they used the technique, the more impure the glass became. He continued testing his children to use it until they were able to bend even glass with the smallest traces of earth in it.

Because of the limitation of needing to be a Sandbender to have proficiency in this skill, regular Earthbenders would only have a small amount of control (Tum Guon was only able to keep glass shards still for a short amount of time, but after learning Sandbending he could bend glass more vigorously).

The only place to learn glassbending in the world is Laobao. After Yungyen became the leader of the city, glassbending was kept unavailable for people living outside of the Si Wong Desert.


With a concurrent use of Earthbending and Sandbending, a Glassbender could quickly create glass perfectly without needing to be surrounded by deserts. Tum Guon and his children have all learned to used both of these at the same time. Glassbenders generally use large amounts of sand to make large amounts of glass. A Glassbending master alone is able to super heat and form glass from sand instantaneously.

Glassbending abilities

Glass wall: A Glassbender is able to raise a wall of glass to use for offence or defense.

Glassbending master level

Glass tendrils: A master Glassbender is capable of creating tendrils made out of small glass fractures. Yungyen was able to make two tendrils without causing herself any harm from the shrapnel.

Glass armor: A master is able to create a full set of armor to use for defense and offence


Like Metalbending and its inability with metals such as Platinum, Sandbenders are unable to bend completely purified glass as there are no traces of earth left. Unlike earth and metal, glass can't be molded into another shape. It is also more useful in offence rather than defense.

It is difficult for one bender to compress and strengthen a glass substance on their own, so it mostly requires two people to do it, like it would for regular Earthbenders to compress substances like coal. Because of this, a Glassbender would be vulnerable if the glass were worn as armor.

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