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"Life is a game, my friend. Remember that now."
— Giu to Chen in Advice from the Fallen

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Giu is a nineteen year old Earthbender, a member of Team Rebel, and a former member of the Kein Forest Rebellion. Giu was born in Phoenix City, though he was given away by his mother in order to let him live.

Giu eventually left the orphanage he grew up in, and found the Rebel City. While there, he learned how to Earthbend, and met a girl named Ray, whom he developed a close friendship with. The ruler of the city, Kambi, also noticed Giu's Earthbending skills, and made Giu one of his top advisers. Giu performed his job well, though he didn't take the position that seriously. However, after a conspiracy on the Rebel City, Giu left Kein Forest with Ray, as well as his new found friends Mina, Kaila, and Chen.

Giu is a well known womanizer. He has flirted with many women, varying from Mina, Kaila, Ray, and the Meijing sisters.



Giu was born under the occupied city of Ba Sing Se. When he was just four months old, his parents, as well as about one hundred other citizens participated in a riot with the hopes of saving themselves and finding an unoccupied place to live. The riot was a terrible loss, however, and each citizen, as well as Giu's parents, were murdered. Just before dying, however, Giu's mother, Lan Gee, snuck him into a cargo cart. Luckily, Giu's small size didn't give him away. The cart carried him out of Ba Sing Se and into a small village.

As the cart was unloaded, Giu was finally found. The man unloading the cart saw Giu, and decided to take him in as his son. The man, though a born Fire Nation citizen, hated what the Fire Nation was doing, and vowed rebellion. As Giu grew up, his father took him on secret missions, stealing food for slaves, destroying weapons, and much more. Eventually, Giu and his father were caught when Giu was twelve years old. Giu was soon taken to an orphanage, and his father was taken to prison. At the orphanage, Giu met many girls, and quickly used his out going personally to flirt, and usually, get slapped or rejected due to bad pick-up lines.

Becoming a Kein Forest Rebel

Earth Kingdom military

Giu and his soldiers prepare to fight in the Battle at Kein Forest

Eventually, Giu, sick of the orphanage, decided to escape. When Kambi was recruiting rebels, Giu quickly took up his offer. Kambi allowed him to join, but also noticed Giu had strong potential in Earthbending, despite being a mere beginner. When Kambi, Giu, and the rest of the rebels settled, Giu quickly began training with some of the best Earthbending rebels in the world. He also met a beautiful Waterbender, Ray. The two became fast friends, though that didn't stop Giu from flirting with her.

Eventually, Giu became a young master in Earthbending, and became one of the best in the city. Kambi noticed this, and also noticed Giu's skills in strategy, usually taking a head-on approach. Kambi soon decided to make him and Ray his advisers. Giu was happy to accept, especially because he got to be closer to Ray. Giu mainly enjoyed a life of leisure and girls, only fighting in a small invasion of Kein Forest. However, as the years went by, Giu always felt something was missing, though he never was able to pinpoint what it was.

Battle at Kein Forest

When the members of Team Rebel arrived in the Rebel City, Giu quickly bonded with them. Soon after the team's arrival, however, a massive armada of airships and warships was seen heading toward the very city. Giu, Ray, and their new friends readied for battle. As the battle commenced, Ray and Giu fought on the front lines, originally holding back the impending soldiers and destroying a few airships in the sky. Soon, however, the barriers were broken, and Giu and Ray were ordered to have their rebel soldiers retreat, by Kambi's orders.

As the battle raged on, hope continued to fade. After seeing Tam Mee blocking the chi of all the rebels, Giu offered to fight her, saying she looked pretty, though Ray quickly shut him down. Eventually, Giu and Ray were forced to return to the palace. While there, Kambi told him that he would sacrifice himself, with hopes of saving his people's lives. Giu, as well as Ray, expressed strong disagreement, though Kambi's mind was made up. Just before all hope seems lost, Giu, along with all the other rebels, sees Chen enter the Avatar State and repel the invasion force, in which he expressed utter shock.

Time in Kein Forest

New Friends

After the battle, Giu and his new friends wait for Chen to reawaken, and then happily reunite with him. As they sit around a campfire, Giu tries to cheer Chen up by telling him that life is only a game, and to always remember that. Chen, however, is somewhat disgusted by Giu's lack of seriousness toward the issue, and quickly snaps at him. Later on, Giu and the others discuss Chen's Avatar ability with Kambi, which Chen overhears. Finally, after speaking to Avatar Aang, Chen accepts his destiny, and asks Ray to teach him Waterbending, which makes Giu smile.

Roku's earthbending training

Giu trains with an Earthbending rebel

Sometime after Ray and Chen arrive in the hot springs to train, Giu also travels there. He sneaks into the bushes, and tries to peak at Ray while she takes a bath in the springs. When he sees Chen, he takes him into the bushes too, and tells him that "The best is coming. She's getting out." Ray, however, uses her "sixth sense" to locate Chen and Giu behind the bushes, and whips them with some steaming hot water. Chen asks how she saw them, and Giu nearly tells him, though Ray silences him. Giu, however, persuades Ray to tell Chen, and Ray agrees. Before Giu leaves, Ray implies that if he ever peaks at her again, she'll beat him up. Giu gets the message, and promises not to peak anymore.

Other Adventures

While walking with Ray down the streets of the Rebel City, Giu spots a little girl lying on the road as a carriage speeds toward her. In a dramatic act, Giu shoots himself in front of the little girl and saves her. Ray, caught up in the moment, passionately kisses Giu, something he does not resist. Later that day, however, Giu comes to realize that even though he thinks Ray is beautiful, he only thinks of her as a friend. The two mutually decide to just be friends and end the short-lived relationship

A day later, Giu, Ray, and Kambi leave the Rebel City temporarily to go to a fortress selling armory. On their way, however, they run into Yi himself. Without knowing how to stop Yi's technique, Giu is blasted into the nearby river. Kama, however, saves him, Ray, and Kambi in time by throwing a grenade at Yi, which throws him into a tree. Giu is then helped out of the river by bodyguards. He is slightly bruised up, but not severely hurt.

While Ray and Mina plan Chen and Kaila's date, Giu is given the rough task of babysitting Kambi's obnoxious and rambunctious nephew, Saito. He is unable to watch the boy very long, however, and Saito nearly makes a mess of Kaila and Chen's date. Luckily, Kaila is able to trick Saito into stalking the Meijing sisters instead. Upon meeting Saito, Ray says that he reminded her of Giu. Giu takes offense to this, saying that he would never pick Kaila over the Meijing sisters, which prompts Ray to beat him up. The next day, Giu is called over to Kama's room, where he finds the old woman very ill, apparently with Purple Fever. When Kambi says that the only cure can be found in Roki Forest, Giu, along with Kambi, Ray, Chen, and Mina, readily volunteers. They depart the next day, and Kambi bids them a temporary farewell.

Conspiracy of Kein Forest

Toph earthbends

Giu launches a slab of earth at Tam Mee

Unfortunately for Giu and the rest of Team Rebel, Mitsuki, Tam Mee, and Quanlee enter the city under a fake rebel persona immediately following their departure. As Mitsuki begins her conspiracy, Giu and the other members of Team Rebel begin to become angry and tired on their long journey, with little to no water or food to satisfy their empty stomachs. Matters are made much worst when a man named Gian shows up at the scene, revealing that he was the one who had Mina taken to the Fire Nation Detention Facility. Giu is shocked, though he, like everyone else, does not at all take Gian seriously when he says he is going to apprehend Mina. Gian, however, has a secret weapon against them: thirty highly skilled bodyguards.

Horribly outnumbered, Giu and the others still fight, though it is not long before he, Chen, Kaila, and Ray are all captured. Mina takes matters into her own hands, and, instead of fighting the bodyguards, attacks Gian instead. Afraid of being killed, Gian orders his guards to stand down. Giu and the others are released, and they immobilize the guards. A day after the battle with Gian, the team finally reaches Roki Forest. Giu and the others are furious, though, when they learned that Kama only had a cold, and that she thought they were the same things. Giu is clearly furious, though Kama is still unable to see the difference in the two illnesses. As the team prepares to return to the forest, Kama departs, saying she wants to return to the Spartan Islands. Giu seems to be distraught by this news.

When Giu and the others return to the city, they are shocked to see that neither Kambi nor his officials are present. Still unbeknown to them, Mitsuki has arrested Kambi and all of his advisers by holding Kambi hostage, releasing the imprisoned Fire Nation soldiers, and by stealing the city's master-plans. They are even more shocked when they spot a small armada of airships heading toward the palace, led by Yi himself. Giu goes into the palace with ray to look for Kambi, though they are shocked when they come across Tam Mee and Quanlee. Giu briefly duels Tam Mee, and even attempts to flirt with her, much to Ray's anger. Giu's chi is quickly blocked by Tam Mee, temporarily taking away his Earthbending. He is then pinned to the wall by Quanlee. Giu and Ray are able to escape from their dagger trap, however, and they leave the palace, only to find Mina, Kaila, and a severely injured Chen. Giu departs the city with Mina, Kaila, and Chen upon Ray's consent.

As Giu leaves with them, he begins to tear upon seeing the city fall, and also after realizing that he may never see Kambi again.


Citizen with pentapox

Giu is very goofy and childish, to the point of occasionally faking sick to get out of important responsibilities

Giu is a loud, womanizing, and fun-loving person. He treats life as though it is a game, and wastes no time by living life to the fullest. However, as shown during the Battle at Kein Forest, Giu also has a somewhat serious and even slightly aggressive side to him, though that still doesn't stop him from cracking a dry-humored joke or trying to make some aspects of the battle fun, such as the possibility of fighting Tam Mee (whom Giu identifies as "pretty").

Though it is not scene often, Giu is also a very traumatized person deep down, as he lost the people he loved when he was very young. Giu always tries to hide this from even his closest friends, though Ray and Kambi can easily see the tortured soul that lies within.

The most notable of Giu's aspect is mainly his womanizing personality, flirting with every girl he sees, including Ray, Mina, and Kaila.


Giu is a master Earthbender, able to shoot massive rocks into the air and to manipulate huge sheets of rock. Giu learned his abilities late in his childhood, though his great strength and tough personality allowed him to surpass every other Earthbending rebel in Kein Forest in only a matter of years. Giu also possesses the ability to launch someone up into the air, though only to a minimal extent, such as when he launched Mina up to Mitsuki's Royal Jet.

Giu is also a fairly good Sandbender, and one day hopes of also becoming a Metalbender as Toph Bei Fong did.

Non-canon Appearances

Giu also appears in the non-canon crossover, Clash of Worlds. He first appears in Part 2, in which a tear in the fabric of the universal causes him to temporarily end up in SpongeBob SquarePants' house. SpongeBob makes him his temporary slave, forcing him to deliver suspicious white powder to his house. Giu is presumably released, and uses the white powder to make cookies for him and Ray (mistaking it for flower).

Giu is seen briefly in Part 3, in which he continues eating the crack filled cookies and is obviously under its negative effect.

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