By Gingalover Part of the Book Seven: Order continuity.

A giraffasaur is a colossal mammalian herbivore that can be found within the Earth Kingdom. A number of them were found by the Eastern Air Temple, when Ikki, Meelo, and Jinora were herding the flying bison, and a herd was spotted by Bumi while he and his squadron went through the Si Wong Desert.


Giraffasaurs are exceptionally large, standing at over twenty feet tall, and weighing twenty tons, double the amount of a full grown sky bison. These animals don't have any hair, having thick grey skin like a rhino instead, with long thick necks. Their feet are flat and have three large toes. A full grown giraffasaur doesn't have any natural predators.


These giant animals travel together in herds, mostly made up of females and offspring. A female giraffasaur is protective of her offspring, defending her calves with strong kicks and head banging. Despite their protective behavior, they're usually gentle giants and won't attack unless provoked. They're mostly sighted during their migrations, which take place during the spring and summer. Since they don't have any natural predators, they aren't afraid of human beings, though will fight one if they feel themselves, or their offspring, threatened.


Giraffasaurs resemble the prehistoric animal known as the Paraceratherium, the largest land mammal to walk the earth. The modern day rhino is related to them.

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