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Aang, Weed, GB , Katara, Korra, Smith-San, Ty Lee, Wan Shi Tong, Fanon:The Scroll Wolves


Team Avatar discovers their prime objective

Team Avatar were finished with their relaxation and continued onward. But it didn't take much longer until they were stopped that night when Appa oddly stopped and won't continue. Where Appa stopped at was a large arid plain, mainly rocky and dry habitat. They tried to figure out what was wrong, but no one could understand this bison deal. "Come on Appa. You can fly now right?" Korra asked, rubbing the bison head. Appa replied with a moan, still not flying. "Appa come on! You can fly!" GB snapped. Appa didn't reply.

"Oh...what's wrong with you?! SPEAK!!" GB yelled. All he got was a loud roar in his face, saliva flying at him. "GB, stop that! You can't force him to fly. You need to let Appa decide if he wants to fly or not. Isn't that right Appa?" replied Korra. Appa licked Korra happily, but GB was very annoyed.

"Well then Appa! Yip Yip!....YipYipYipYipYipYip!" GB was stopped when Appa slammed his tail on him to shut him up. GB moaned from under his tail. "What's this bison problem?" GB moaned, still under Appa's tail. As the others were removing GB from under Appa's tail, Toph was looking through their supplies, seeing they didn't have very much.

"Oh great. Short on food. We need to get some more supplies." Toph moaned.

But as they were discussing on what to do, Weed managed to see something far off in the distance. It appeared to be a huge tower standing in the middle of a vast plain, like a beacon. "HM...wonder what that is?" He thought, looking at it. But as he did, he suddenly saw a dog carrying a scroll walking towards it. But when Weed got up, the figure vanished. "Hey Weed! What's with you?" Korra asked. Weed turned around fast.

"Oh nothing it's just...I could of sworn I saw a wolf over there." Weed replied, looking over at the tower. It was now that everyone saw the tower.

"What's that doing there?" GB asked.

"Don't know...hey Sokka? Is it on the map?" Sokka took a quick look on the map. He did see something on the map near where they were.

"That looks like it can be the Spirit Library. I've heard about it, a special library away from other towns, said to hold all the knowledge of the whole world." Much of the group got a bit interested after hearing that. Katara especially. "You really think that's the library over there?" Ty Lee asked.

"Maybe. They say that it became buried years ago to seal it's secrecy." Sokka replied. As he was talking, Katara went over and got on Appa's back.

"How about we check it out? Could be fun." Katara said.

"Katara, you know we still need to get to Ba Sing Se." Sokka said.

"Now hold on Sokka. Maybe we can try something besides travel. If you don't want to go, that's fine." Smith said.

After a short discussion, Toph, Smellerbee, and Sokka stayed behind as everyone else decided to go. It was finally now that Appa decided to fly and they went off to the tower. Sokka couldn't believe it, NOW he chooses to fly?!

Appa flew fairly well and made it there in 20 minutes flat. "Good boy Appa! Nicely done!" Korra congratulated. Appa gently landed by the tower as everyone else got off. The tower was much bigger up close. It had a large hole in the bottom part of the tower, leading inside. Korea got Appa to stay as they went inside...but were stopped when they saw a 20-foot drop! "Uh...anyone bring any rope?" Katara asked. But before anyone could answer, Appa suddenly sensed a bad presence and began to roar to them. They weren't sure what Appa was trying to do, but suddenly Appa turned around and with a strong smack of his tail a strong gust of wind pushed all of them down the tower! Everyone crashed down hard on the floor below.

"Gives us a warning next time!!!" GB shouted. As everyone else was trying to recover, Katara was astonished at the huge amount of scrolls and books all around her. Then she saw a special scroll just sitting out in the middle of the room, surrounded by light from the tower above. She walked over to it and was just about to pick it up when suddenly a claw landed on her hand.

"Who are you?" it asked. Katara jumped back, letting go of the scroll. The others looked over at the giant owl standing in front of them.

"We are Team Avatar sir. And you are?" Smith asked.

"My name is Wan Shi Tong. The creator of this library. But may I ask why did you come here?" Wan Shi Tong asked.

Everyone then turned to Katara, who wanted to come in the first place. She got very worried, not wanting to say her true reason for coming here. The spirit owl walked over to her and looked her right in her eyes.

"Uh...we Uh...we need to take out the Fire Nation! Yea! And we figured a place with so many answers such as this will help us out!" Katara lied. Much of the group agreed with her thinking about it until Wan Shi Tong said, "If you're going to lie to a spiritual being like myself. At least put some more effort into it."

Katara stood there speechless by the owl's comment. She glanced over at the scroll on the floor. Wan Shi Tong fallowed her eyes over to the scroll.

"Does it have something to do with the air-bending scroll?"

"Now that's enough Wan Shi Tong. We do need some help with the war outside, and I'd think the answer if anywhere should be here...just let us look around, at least until we can find out a key opportunity to end the war. And then we all will leave." Korra said. The owl stared into her eyes for a bit...he nodded and said, "Very well...but if I find your lying to me, there will be severe consequences."

"Thank you Wan Shi Tong. Come on guys, let's see if we can figure things out." Korra said. The owl watched as the others looked around, trying to find some info that can help them in the war.


Katara too went away, trying not to get the scroll, and looked at one of the shelves of books. "Maybe there's something else here that can help me." Katara thought. But as she was searching, Wan Shi Tong found her.

"Need any help Katara?"

"Huh?...but how do you?-"

"I've found out your name when I found out your desperate tell me the there a special reason why your here?" Katara wasn't sure what to say. She looked around to make sure none of her friends were here.

"...Ok look. You know about the Air Nomads do you?...I've heard amazing stories about them when I was a kid and was since fascinated by them. I would day dream of myself flying around like the day I found this scroll for air-bending and I've tried to learn some air-bending...I wanted to come here because I was thinking that a place with all the knowledge of the world can help me find something so I can learn air-bending." Katara explained. The owl can see that she was telling the truth.

"Well if that were the truth? Then why did you lie to me the first time you asked?" The spiritual owl asked.

"That's because I'm scared. I was both a water bender. I don't know what they would say if I told them what I've been doing. But it didn't matter now. I lost the scroll years ago and forgot even the basics of air-bending." Katara waited for a reply. But then Wan Shi Tong handed her a scroll from his talons. Katara looked at the owl at first. "It's for you. I'm terribly sorry. Sometimes my Scroll wolves grab scrolls whenever they want to...I believe it can help you very." Wan Shi Tong said. Katara didn't know what to say. She gently took the scroll from Wan Shi tong and he walked away to tend to the rest of his library. Katara was very happy indeed. She put the scroll away where no one could see it, and went to get the others.

Katara managed to find the others who were looking threw a special astronomy room. Ty Lee was trying to figure out something with it.

"Hey Katara! Where were you?" GB asked.

"I was busy. Have you found anything yet?"

"Well I've red somewhere in the library that a fire bender loses power during an eclipse or at night. I'm trying to find out if one will come up and help out." Ty Lee explained. She set in one last set up and the ceiling moved again. Finally she got it. A day when the moon blocked the sun! And it's at the end of the summer!

"Perfect! Well set our attack at the end of the summer. Now we have our information, let get going."

Everyone agreed...but they forgotten that they fell in.

"Oh no. Now what do we do?" Aang asked. Much of the group weren't site at first. But then Wan Shi Tong showed up again.

"Allow me," he said. He stood where they were and, one by one, lifted each person up to where they came in. Each person said goodbye to Wan Shi tong and they left on their way back to the three who didn't come.

"There you guys are. You ready to go?" Sokka asked when they came Back. They all agreed and they went on there way. But unknown to them...something was watching them the whole time.

"Darn it...thanks to that bison I lost my matter. I just have to wait until they get to the pass and I'll get them then."

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