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GB laid there silent for a second as the thing jumped down and walked over to him. GB saw a limp in its walk and saw it lost it's leg! It was now then he got a good look at the creature. It looked very much like he did but he didn't have any spots on him. "Who might you be?" he asked stern yet calm.

"I'm GB. I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to stumble in your way." GB stuttered.

"I know. Toph already knew you were here anyways. So you and your friends don't need to hide."

"Huh?...who's Toph?" The setter simply turned around as two other people jumped out from the wagon. One was an earth bender by her cloths, but she had very grey eyes...the girl was blind! The other was a bit of a ragged girl with three painted marks on her face.

"GB? This here's Toph and Smellerbee, my trusted friends. Toph was the one who heard you," the dog said.

GB looked over at her as the others decide to come down as well. "Yea, thanks for the intro, Smith. You should really watch it, GB. You were lucky I was here, or you'll get run over," laughed Toph. GB didn't know what to say honestly.

"How did you hear us?" Weed asked after coming down.

"Well, you see, she was born blind and her other senses are heightened. So she can literally hear a pin drop two feet away," Smellerbee praised.

"Impressive...well, my name's Sokka. This here's Ty Lee, Korra, Aang, and Uh...this is my mom, Katara," Sokka introduced. Everyone from the group looked at him as he winked at them. But Smith, Toph and Smellerbee simply chuckled a bit.

"Come on, Sokka. We know she's not pregnant," Smith chuckled. Everyone stared at Smith and Toph.

"Yea, she just has been infected as all, no biggy," Smellerbee added.

"NO BIGGY?! How is this not a biggy?!" Katara snapped, pointing at her belly.

"Don't worry, I'll handle it. May I ask you to lay down?" Toph said. Smith instructed the others to go to the other side of the wagon as Katara laid down as told. It took only about a minute until Toph was finished. Everyone turned and saw Toph holding up a long, multi-eyed, disgusting alien-like creature in one hand with a big grin on her face. Katara walked around her, back to normal size, but looking a bit dizzy from the weight change. The thing grossed much of the group except GB and Weed who saw it already. "...What the heck is that?" Aang asked, pointing at the creature.

"This here is called an Lamprey worm. It has been known to grow at a fast rate when injected in an animal's body, in this case, Katara. She seemed to come across it when she found a mother lamprey worm in a river nearby." The creature tried to wiggle free but Toph had a good grip on it, it gave up after a while, Toph handed it to Smellerbee and she threw it aside in a tiny stream nearby. "What did you exactly do to get rid of it? We tried beating it out, but all we got was a drum beat," GB asked.

"Well, that's easy. All you mainly have to do is grab its tail and pull out. Didn't you know that?"

" I tried a ram, but was literally shot back. I wish it was that simple."

"Yea, it's quite a fighter."

"Hey, Toph? Mind if I ask you something? While that thing was in there, it seem to freak out and then pointed over here before we saw you. Do you know why it would do that?" Sokka asked.

"It did that?...well, it tries its best to protect its host in anyway it can, like turning the skin into rubber or producing small shocks. But I guess it sensed that I was more of a guard for it. Where are you all heading anyway?" Smellerbee asked.

"Oh right. We were trying to find an earthbender for Aang. You know of anywhere that'll might help?"

"May I suggest a town called Ba Sing Se? It's the largest city in the world and is the Earth Kingdom's capital. There are all sorts of earthbenders there that'll might help. We too were heading there but you can tag along if you like to." Smith said.

"Thanks for the directions. But I think we can handle it. We got a flying bison with us," Ty Lee said.

"Well, okay then, if you say so. Come on, Toph, Smellerbee, we still have some way to go." With that, Smith and Toph got in the wagon and the horse ostrich started off again. The trio had traveled only a bit of ways when they came across the gang again. "Look who's back? What do you want?" Smellerbee asked, laying on the hay looking down at them.

"As embarrassing as it sounds...what was your offer again?" Weed asked.

"What do you mean? I thought you had a sky bison to handle the trip," Smith said, laying next to Smellerbee.

"Well, it seems Appa doesn't want to fly around, too tired. So can we tag along with you guys?" Aang asked.

"Heh...I knew you'll ask. Sure thing. As long as Appa can get along with our ostrich horse," Toph said.

Toph only gave a few of them a lift in the wagon; the people included Katara, GB, and Korra. The rest, Ty Lee, Aang, Weed, and Sokka, had to walk for the time being. With the arrangements made, they set off towards Ba Sing Se.

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