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Ginga Densetsu Avatar Ch.9: Badger-mole Girl

After a few days, Aang had managed to find master Pakku somehow alive and after well amount of training, Katara and Aang were now well profound water benders. And now the group then went off towards their next objective...Earth-bending. The group then stopped when they first managed to find a suitable spot in the Earth Kingdom. It was remote and quiet and well away from the Fire Nation. But the area was full of trees and a lot more wet. But they were low on supplies so they had to stop there. "Hey sis? It's your turn to get our food," Korra said.

"You sure it was my turn? I think Aang's next," Katara replied.

"No I'm pretty sure it's your turn."

Katara thought about it for a bit and realized it was her turn. Everyone else had gotten their chance already.

"Okay then. Be right back," Katara said and she went off.

The water bender went off a bit of ways to a stream they passed while flying around. She bent down to get some water when she notice something swimming in the water.

"What's that? It looks hurt." She thought. But when she reached over to the struggling animal, it suddenly leaped out of the water, jabbed it's tail in her belly button, and swam off before she can even react! The tail stab did cause stinging to her stomach but then it faded away as she went back to the others with some caught fish and collected berries.

"Thanks a lot for the meal, Katara," Sokka said.

"No problem. There were plenty of fish to catch," replied Katara. Everyone was enjoying themselves, but Weed and GB didn't feel very good. "You two okay? You don't look so good." Korra said when she saw them.

"Uh...yea I think so. I think I need my ears checked," Weed replied, rubbing his ears.

"You too, Weed?! Geez so irritating," GB butted in. At one point, they both rushed off to about 3 feet away from where Katara was sitting. The group then noticed Appa was getting annoyed too, but not as much as the dogs were, and he was right by Katara. Katara wasn't sure what was going on, but she didn't mention the incident with the creature she came across, thinking that it wasn't the reason for the trouble. But later that night, Katara couldn't sleep very well. She felt very uncomfortable for a while in her stomach. "Oh god...what did that thing do to me?" she moaned quietly. She got so uncomfortable that she got up and decided to go for a walk to try to get tired. Of course, GB and Weed were still awake when Katara did this. "Where's she going?" GB asked weed beside him.

"I don't know man, but I'm too tired to figure it out." Weed replied, still tired from the noises they both were hearing.

"Weed honestly, were not gonna sleep anytime soon. Come on, let's see, maybe it'll help."

"Fine. Lets go." Weed and GB then decided to fallow Katara, despite the odd gross noises they were hearing from Katara. Katara meanwhile was not feeling so good. She got a very full feeling in her stomach and at one point she had to lay down for a second. It was now that GB and Weed made themselves known to both of them. "GB? Weed? What are you doing here?" Katara asked, laying on the ground.

"We couldn't sleep and we saw you walk off so we've decided to fallow you." Weed said. But then they both notice something with her stomach... It was growing! Uh...Katara?" GB stuttered. Katara, Weed, and GB all just watched in horror as her belly suddenly started growing at an alarming rate! It stretched out more and more until it finally stopped. It looked like she swallowed a small boulder! Weed and GB walked slowly. Katara oddly fell asleep during it all, seemingly unaware now of what happened. "Katara...Katara!!!" But it was no use, she was already out cold. GB and Weed just stared at her now huge belly. They couldn't grasp what has happened. They both even bit each other in case it was a was no dream. "GB?..."


"What happened?..."

"I have no idea what just happened..." Weed slowly reached out and touched her hard belly, but suddenly something made a loud shriek and a row of sharp teeth and large red eyes suddenly showed from Katara's belly button. Weed and GB almost immediately passed out after seeing that.


The next fallowing morning, Weed and GB were just recovering from their unconscious state and both thought all that stuff that happened was just some creepy nightmare...until their heads bonked Katara's huge bulge! "*Gulp*...GB? That wasn't a dream."

"Yea, you think?! Is Katara still asleep?" Weed looked over at Katara's head. She was still asleep. "Yep. Katara?...Katara?!...KATARA!!!" Weed final screech had awoken Katara. Katara was quiet at first...but then a huge screech of shock rang out! "Wha? What happened to me?!" She shrieked.

"Katara, just relax, and-"

"Relax?! How can I relax when I was turned to this?!"

"Stop it Katara! look. We are not sure at all of what happened to you or why it happened anyway, but either way, panicking won't help anything."

Katara sat up, her "I'm-pregnant" belly stretching almost out to her knee caps. She just couldn't believe it at all of what had happened to her. Then she thought back to the incident she had...maybe it was more involved then she thought. "But how are my friends and siblings gonna react when they see how big I've got? I mean look at this! I look like I'm pregnant!" Katara said. GB and Weed looked at each other for a bit. "Uh...that's kind of what the case is. You are carrying a animal inside you."


"Easy, easy Katara. Now I may have one idea that might help...EAT THIS!!" GB suddenly rammed his head into her belly, only being rocketed off into a tree! Weed look dumbfounded. "Whoa...what happened?" Katara asked, actually kind of impressed.

" seems whatever's inside you made your stomach like elastic...I guess it can't be brought out that way." Weed said, patting her belly. Katara still didn't want her belly like this, but she can't do anything if a good ram won't get it out. Then suddenly they all heard Aang and the rest calling for heard. "Oh crap. Be right back! Come on GB!" Weed and GB quickly rushed off and found Aang, Ti Lee, Sokka and Korra looking around for Katara. "Hi guys! What's up?" Weed said.

"Weed there you are! GB too. Have you too seen Katara? She's not around for some reason." Ti Lee asked.

"Uh...Yea sure! She's over there, but she wants to be left alone!" GB stuttered.

"Huh? Why? Is she sick?" Ty Lee asked.

"Yea, sick, VERY sick! She just needs some peace and quiet right now!"

"But she was just fine yesterday." Sokka said.

"Yea well she just got sick this morning, well we should go check on her, Eh?"

"I'll come along too. Maybe I can heal her," Korra said.

"No, no, no, no! WE got it! Come on, Weed, let's go."

And with that, Weed and GB bolted off before anyone can say anything. They all got the feeling that they were hiding something and they decided to check on Katara anyway. But when the whole group got there, a very disturbing sight was shown. Weed had gotten a wooden log and was trying to beat the creature out from Katara's belly. But the thing stretched it's tail out, grabbed the log and whacked Weed good and hard. "Katara?!" Ty Lee suddenly screeched. Weed and GB tried to hide her, but the group saw what happened to her and didn't know what to say.

"Gb? Weed? What in the world happen to Katara?!" Aang said. Weed and GB looked at each other for a sec.

"Okay look. Were not sure how exactly, but it seems something had gotten into Katara and won't come out," Weed explained.

"Katara? How are you feeling?"

Katara looked down at her belly for a sec and then answered, "Well I don't feel any pain, but lots of discomfort."

"Alright then. But now what do we do? She can't protect herself in this state at all! Any ideas?" Ty Lee asked. But before anyone can say anything, suddenly the thing in her stomach suddenly started screeching and squirmed around a bit, as if trying to warn them of something. All they got was Katara clenching her stomach from all the discomfort. But then suddenly a bulge showed on her belly, seemingly pointing over south from here. Then Weed suddenly heard something.

"Weed? What's wrong?" GB asked.

"It a horse ostrich. I think. Over there!" Weed said, heading over to where the bulge was pointing to. GB rushed after him as the rest helped Katara to her feet as the creature calmed down. What the creature was pointing to was actually a horse ostrich pulling a wagon full of hay. Oddly know, it seemed to have no driver, though the animal seem to know where it was going. The horse ostrich took no notice as it continued on its way. But then GB suddenly fell down, tumbling into view. The horse ostrich didn't even flinch as GB stumbled in front of it. Instead the horse ostrich simply stopped when it got to GB. But then GB saw something looking down at him from the wagon. He got very scared as to what it'll do.

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