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November 30, 2012

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Ginga Densetsu Avatar Ch.6: Ruling of Blue

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Ginga Densetsu Avatar Ch.8: Implant

Last left off, Aang, Weed, and the rest of their gang had their first encounter with Blue and had lost Korra to him. Sokka and Katara in particular were horrified by what happened. They had raced outside to try to catch him, but somehow he and the statue were gone in a flash! Katara dropped to her knees and started tearing up. Lee walked over and try to comfort her. "There there girl. Don't worry. Well get her back for sure." Lee assured. Katara only felt just a little bit better. Weed and Aang were watching this and were trying to put the puzzle of their visions together. The dog who was charging at them, Aang's Avatar vision, Weed's dream vision...then they got it. "You thinking what I'm thinking?" Aang asked.

"Yea. Let's go!" Weed replied. They only ran about two feet until they were stopped. "Where are you going?" GB asked, running ahead of them to block their way.

"We both need to see Blue!" Weed said.

"Are you mad?! He's probably leading you into a trap!" Lee said, also in their way.

"Just let us pass! He can't continue like this! And besides, don't you want Korra back?"

"Of course we do, but if we just rush in, he'll simply turn us all into Human icicles! Before we can do anything, we need a plan...and I know just what plan we need."


Later on that day, Blue returned to the palace, his female servants bowing in respect. He had the Korra statue wheeled inside by a few other associates. Everyone didn't look at the status, knowing what happened. He went in one of the hallways and opened one of his "secret room" doors into his trophy room...if one can consider living frozen animals trophies! "Let's see...put it over there." Blue ordered. His dog servants this time came in and moved the statue to where told. Right in the middle of the room, on a display plate. "A little to the right." Blue said.

"But its so heavy blue. She must weigh a ton!" a subordinate said. Blue then started walking over saying "Yes, yes I understand she a bit large but she has became the pride of my collection."

"Well I have to admit you chose a juicy number. A bit big up top here. And a smooth face too. You out-done yourself this time." the servant complimented, touching and feeling Korra's chest and head. Korra, unknown to everyone except blue, was still alive, and now completely ticked for the Pervy dog. Blue can just see her reaction in her eyes as she made a faint grunt. "Okay okay you little teaser." Blue chuckled, "That'll be enough harassing the sculpture. Since you two got me in a good mood, as you usually do, I'll set it up. You two can handle wiping afterwards." With that, The blue scared dog walked over and pushed her rear with a bit of force and got her forward. Korea got even more embarrassed and blushed a bit. "Is that the spot blue?"

"No, just messing with her! I don't call them "Life-size sculptures for nothing." Blue laughed. Then the subordinates finally notice Korra grunting and with a red face. "Can you guys give me a paw and push her back just a little?" This time they chuckled before walking over to help. They exposure her back a bit and she was in the perfect spot. "Perfect! Not you two can handle wiping her down so she can be Clean and (he was cut off by some knocks on his front doors) Gah! What now?" Blue then raced off towards the main room.

At the front door, Lee and GB were waiting at the door. Lee was disguised as a traditional Water Tribe servant, and GB was wearing special Northern Water Tribe robes. One of Blue's servants got the door. "Hello?"

"Hello there. We've come to serve the leader, Blue?" Lee said, trying not to sound suspicious. The servant looked at her for a second but let her and GB inside. They both were sent directly to blue. "Hey! Who are these two?!"

"My name is Uh...aqua. And this is Uh...DJ. We wish To serve you." Lee said.

"Man MORE? I already have 20 on me hand and foot...but hold on, there might me something you can be useful for." Blue then walked over to Lee and GB. He started with Ti Lee first. He gave her a good examine, checking her physical potential. Lee didn't like it that much, but it was all part of he plan. He looked over GB next. He walked around him, looking him over. GB didn't like it anymore than Ty lee did. " you two have and guarding experience?" Blue asked.

"Oh of course! I just so happen to be the best of the rest! Yes sir!" Lee said. Blue then looked her strait in the eyes. "A simple Yes was only needed." Blue said, as he walked back.

"Okay. You two can be my patrol guards. Go along your own route and keep an eye on everything."

"Got it chief! Come on DJ!" Lee happily said.

"Led the way!" GB replied. But as they were starting off, Blue got a little suspicious. "Psst. You keep an eye on those two. I don't trust them." Blue whispered to one of his servants. She agreed and went to keep an eye on them.


Meanwhile, outside, Aang was trying to brush up on his old skills since Lee and GB left. He had remembered some basic air-bending moves, such as air kicks, air slices, and his personal air orb. During his practice, Weed managed to find him. "Hey Aang. What'cha doing?"

"Oh hi Weed. I'm just brushing up on my old skills. I got the basics in but that's it. I even got a personal move, watch." Aang then jumped up in the air and made an air orb under him, and he landed on it like a top. "Great Aang! I didn't think you had it in ya."

"Well it wasn't easy, had to do it 20 times before getting it right." Aang said, landing on his feet. Then he asked, "Say buddy. Where's Katara and Sokka? I want to show then what I got."

"Uh...they sent in their best right now...not best to bug them. They are worried over their heads when blue kidnapped Korra, remember?"

"Oh yea. I still don't understand why we can't go. I have so many questions for that blue freak!...No offense Weed, I mean only him! You're fine!"

"None taken, Aang. And I agree, he must of known what happened to us before we shown up at the south pole. Maybe then we can figure out what happened."

"Right...but I sure hope GB and Lee are doing alright. They were doing some spy work right?"

"Yea. They are trying to find where Korra is. I hope they figure it out."

"Yea me too...I'm gonna go see Katara. Coming?" With that, Weed and Aang went off to see them. They had managed to chose a remote spot after meeting Blue and had set up camp. Aang decided to ride in on his air orb as Weed ran alongside. "Hey Katara? Sokka!...guys?!" Aang called. But oddly, Katara and Sokka weren't around. Appa was laying over by their equipment, weed however noticed a grim detail. "Oh no!"

"What's wrong Weed?" Aang asked.

"Aang look. Sokka's clubs not here...but that can only mean...!!!" Weed and Aang looked at each other, and quickly bolt off back to the city.


That night, back at the palace, Blue was going through the usual routine. He was being served his dinner by his loyal servant. "Here, your majesty." Blue happily thanked him for bringing his meal. But before he can start, suddenly his huge wooden lock on his door suddenly split in two, as the doors quickly slid open. Everyone turned over to the door and saw Katara and Sokka standing there. They looked right at blue with hateful eyes, with Blue just acting as if it's no big deal. "Where's Korra?" Katara asked sternly.

"Korra? You mean that girl I froze up, yea yea. She not available right now so come back later." Blue replied.

"No...we want her NOW!" Sokka said.

"Hey hey, how's bout you wait until dinner's over, K?" Blue was about to eat when suddenly Sokka's club was chucked and stabbed in his food, literally inches from his face. Blue hesitated for a sec and jumped back, on his feet. "Now. Blue." Sokka and Katara warned. Blue looked angry at first, but then got a sly face on him. "Now now you two, I'm hip. I'll show you your precious Korra. And even a few others during your stay."

"Were not staying." Sokka said, getting his club, and aiming right at Blue. "Bring her and change her back!"

" why would I do that? She's the pride of my collection. And threats of death won't works, cuz I'm the only one who knows how to safely remove the ice case." Blue said, gently moving the club away from his direction. Sokka and Katara weren't sure how to respond, but still aimed the club at him. "Now hows about a deal? That kid, Aang right? You give him to me and you'll get your Korra back." Blue offered. But then suddenly Sokka shoved the club at his throat, hitting him right at the wall! "I'm warning you!" Sokka growled, as Katara stepped over to him.

"So that's how it's gonna be eh?" Blue laughed. Then suddenly Blue lifted both back legs and shoved Sokka off him, meanwhile Katara was going at him with water bending whips, which blue easily endured until she got his scared eye. Blue shrieked in pain and walked back, getting the water out of his eye. But Sokka was bolting back at him, but before he can hit him...

"Katara! Sokka!"

Suddenly Aang and Weed rushed in as Lee and GB ran in to see what's happening. "Aang!"

"Get away from him!"

But then Blue rammed Sokka aside and was getting ready to bite into Katara! But as he was running, he closed his eyes to protect them. But then, just before he can finish her, Aang rushed in and rammed Katara out of harms way, getting bitten instead. But it was after Aang was officially turned into another of Blue's ice statues that blue opened his eyes and realized his mistake. "Oops...oh well. Now as for you guys, along with LEE and GB! Get out of my castle." Blue said, sitting back at his thrown. Katara ran over to Aang's frozen body. She tried her best, but she just couldn't bring him back out of his frozen shell...Aang, at least to her. Was gone...she slowly turned over to Blue sitting calmly at his thrown. "Bring him back." She growled. Sokka and GB rarely saw her this mad, and they both knew what was about to happen next. Sokka grabbed hold of Lee's arm as GB picked up Weed and ran out as fast as they could. "I said...Bring him back!" Katara repeated. But when she took a step forward, a small fast tremor rattled the castle, making the ground under her feet crack open in all directions. Blue got a bit spooked. But it wasn't just the tremors that frightened him...Katara's eyes were glowing white...he knew what that meant. "Uh miss? Uh...heh...just calm down and-" Blue tried to say, but then Katara took another step forward, shaking the ground and causing parts of the ceiling to fall. Blue jumped out of the way of one as it crushed the thrown. "My thrown!" I'll kill you for that!" But before blue can do anything, Katara suddenly made an ice orb around herself as it suddenly lifted up off the ground. Blue got confused now. As it lifted, it appeared to levitate off the ground, rather than with any known resource like ice or water. But as it began to split into spinning rings, he finally realized what she was doing. He saw an air orb around her as suddenly Ice darts shot out all over the place. All his servants had rushed out before Katara had released her deadly darts. The darts stabbed almost everything on the room! All the darts somehow missed Aang, but Blue got hit with about 7 of those darts. "NOW YOU'RE DEAD!!!" Blue shouted, but before he can bite her, suddenly a large pipe-shaped icicle was thrown from Katara's spinning ice rings and right in his mouth! The impact was so intense that as soon as it fell out, it took Blue's fangs too! Seconds after blue fell to the ground, surprisingly Aang's icy prison suddenly broke off, releasing him from being Blue's statue. Katara landed gently on the ground as her eyes faded away, and she collapsed. Blue couldn't believe what he had seen. "Can she?..." Blue tried to get to his feet, but suddenly Lee rushed in and quickly jabbed him in his back, keeping him down.

"Katara!...what happened?" Sokka said, coming in along with Weed and GB. But Katara was knocked out already before they got there. They all turned over to where Blue was but somehow he disappeared! But now was not the time for a search party, right now they need to get to safety. As Sokka, Aang, and Weed got Katara, Lee and GB managed to find Korra, also free from her prison along with Blue other so-called trophies as they escaped. Lee and GB scooped up Korra and the whole group finally escaped, unsure what happened to Blue.

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