Ruling of Blue
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Novermber 30, 2012

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--1 month earlier--

The city was under invasion from the Fire Nation. Most of the water benders were fighting off the fire-benders/pack invading as Zuko and Alam were confronting master Pakku. "Okay, Pakku. Where is the Avatar?" Zuko demanded.

"For the last time, I don't know! The Avatar never came here?" Pakku managed to say, Zuko meanwhile holding his neck.

"Stubborn are you? I heard the Avatar is an airbender, and everyone knows the air bending Avatar starts on waterbending, and the only person who can possibly teach him is you...but if you still won't talk, then I guess precaution is in order." Zuko then signaled Alam to come out with the princess in his jaws.


Alam began to sink his fangs into her throat. If Pakku doesn't do anything, he's gonna kill his only daughter! Zuko asked one more time or he'll kill Yue! But before the king can say anything, something locked them all in. Then something said, "...Leaving so soon?"

Suddenly a blue dog jumped in view.

"Who are you?!" Alan asked. Zuko however knew who it was. But before he could say anything, the dog quickly bolted at him and bit in his leg, good and hard. Within seconds, Zuko's leg began to freeze. Then his torso, then his while body, including his body was under a thick layer of ice. Zuko was now an ice statue. Pakku and Yue looked a bit relived at first, but then the dog suddenly turned and did the same to master Pakku! Yue and Alam jumped back and tried to get out, but the door was frozen shut! And neither knew how to remove ice this thick. The dog just laughed at their attempts to avoid becoming ice statuettes.

"Calm down, I'm not gonna freeze you." the dog said.

Alan and Yue breathed a sigh of relief. "Now before this goes any further. Who are you?"

"I'm Blue."

"Uh...we know you're blue, your whole body's blue. You cold?"

"THAT'S MY NAME, SCARFACE!! Now listen up. I simply ask for ruling over the city and I'll let both the hothead go."

"But what about my father?" Yue asked, horrified.

"Heh...that's my secret."


Appa was flying high and head long to the Northern Water Tribe. Everyone was happy to finally make it to their destination. Katara and Aang were very eager to meet master Pakku to begin training.

"Well, guys. Here we are...the Northern Water Tribe," Katara announced. With those words, they can see the city ahead of them. The giant glacier walls bordering the city with its entrance leading to the great blue icy waters of the arctic ocean. The huge tower represents the great city castle for the leaders of the north. Appa landed calmly inside the cities boundary and onto the ice. Aang leaped out first. But oddly there weren't any people out today.

"Hello?!...Anyone here?!" Aang shouted. No one replied.

"Do you think we've came at a bad time?" GB asked.

"Maybe it's the day off for the town?" Weed said. Everyone just stared at him for a second until they decided to walk around. "You stay here Appa. K?" Korea insisted. Appa licked her affectionately and stayed put as the others went around to see If anyone's around. They all decided to go in one of the shops to get some supplies. In one of the stores, of course, no ones inside. "Excuse me? Anyone here?" Sokka asked. Then someone finally came out. It was a girl, with nerdy glasses on, wearing a mechanics work uniform. From the black dust on her, she was a bit busy. "Hello there gentleman, how may I help you?" she asked.

"Yes miss. We had just arrived and-" GB started, but then the girl interrupted saying "Sorry, I can't allow dogs in my building. Sorry, but you're gonna have to wait outside."

"What?! That crazy!" GB snapped.

"Relax GB. Just wait outside." Lee insisted. But before they can leave, Weed suddenly walked in. "Hey guys! What's all the hub-bub?" But suddenly the girl got freaked out and nearly knocked over some of her things in her panic. "Oh dear! Please forgive me master!!" she shouted. Everyone looked at her with an odd stare.

"Uh...miss? You okay?" Weed asked. The girl cleared her glasses and looked again. Then she turned bright red. "Hehe...oops. Sorry I thought you were blue."

"But he is blue." Aang said.

"Not what I meant. There's this dog named blue that lives here. He's our leader since he came here."

"Really? Who's this blue anyways? Doesn't sound so tough." Korra joked. Suddenly the girl got very scared, jumping back to the wall. Suddenly Korra screamed as a sharp pain in her leg. And then, in 30 seconds, she was turned into an ice statue! Everyone jumped back after seeing this.

" came after all, Avatar and Ohu. I thought you've forgotten already," a voice rang out.

Everyone suddenly saw a grinning blue dog walk from behind Korra. "What did you do to her?!" Sokka yelled.

"Relax, kid, she's just an ice sculpture at the point that's all."

"And who might you be?" Weed asked. Blue then turned towards the airbender and canine. But then suddenly they both got another vision from his scar. The vision showed them both running through the halls of a tower and they turned to see Blue running after them.

" were there," Aang said.

"Yes, I was," Blue growled. Then he grabbed the statue and quickly bolted off. Leaving the others speechless.

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