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Weed looked over at the freshwater pool where Aang and Lee were playing, and then over at where the noise was. He thought of calling Aang, but then the thing walked out of the brush. The thing was actually an Eel hound, growling at Weed. "Stay back!" Weed warned, trying to drive it off, but the Eel hound was quick on its feet and bolted past him as if he was standing still. Weed turned around and grabbed the creatures tail before it got in the water. It shrieked from the sharp teeth in its tail, now getting Aang and Lee to notice. Weed threw the lizard aside, it crashing into some trees. Aang rushed to the shore as Lee swam over out of the way to get help.

Aang jumped in the Eel Hound's way and air punched it, the only air-bending move he knows at the point. The Eel hound then got to his feet, but before Aang or Weed can do anything suddenly...


The Eel hound somehow spoke to them. Weed didn't find it that interesting, since any dog or dog mix can understand each other. But this time Aang understood what he said! "What do you think you're doing?" Weed asked.

"I was about to ask the same thing! No other human should know of this place!" the Eel hound growled.

"What are you talking about? Lee knows about this place!" Aang shouted. It was now that Weed became surprised with the Eel hound. The only way for other animals to speak to humans is speak their language.

"Well Ti Lee I can make an exception for. She had rescued me many years ago when I was just a pup, and in return I showed what's supposed to be only OUR secret! This place is sacred to Kyoshi, and no one else is supposed to know!!!"

The hound then charged right at them. But before he can attack any of them, he suddenly stopped right in front of them. Then the hound was slashed and thrown in the water. Aang and Weed's savior was Akame. The eel hound came up to breath but when he saw Akame, he immediately coward and ran away.

"Thanks Akame. You're a life saver." Weed said.

"No problem. But now you have to get going. Your supplies and foods all packed and Appa's waiting."

Aang, Weed, and Akame then went back to the village. Sure enough, Appa was standing waiting to go with Aang's friends waiting up top. Lee was also up there, deciding to come along as well. Aang was surprised, but he didn't argue, nor wanting too. He climb up on Appa and thanked everyone for their help. And with that, Appa swishes his tail and began to fly off.


Days went by, and Appa flew strait on north, only having a few bites from Aang's feedings. Much of the group knew that Appa needed to rest, but the bison was very determined and loyal. They tried to stop a few times for Appa's sake, but each time Appa stubbornly refused, even fighting against Aang in order to continue. It was after a week of flying that Appa finally decided to stop, all worn out and exhausted. As soon as he landed, he went right to sleep. The others didn't set up for now, since they had a schedule to keep.

"There there Appa. You've flown enough for any animal." Korra said when Appa was done sleeping and wanted to continue. Appa moaned in disagreement but he knew that she was right, and stayed put.

"I have to say I'm speechless. I never EVER met a bison that can fly for as long as Appa can." Lee said, nibbling on some bread.

"Me neither. Are the bison always like this Aang?" Korra asked.

"I don't know. I can't remember much before you found me."

"Oh yea...right. Sorry."

"That's alright sis." Sokka said.

"Oh! You're related?" Lee asked.

"They are. Katara, Korra, AND Sokka are all siblings. A bit big and close family." GB said. Lee had a surprised look on her face.

"Heh wow. Say Sokka? Is it hard for you to be the only boy among your siblings?" Lee asked, curious.

Sokka thought about it for a bit. "Well sometimes. There were some embarrassing times here and there, but other than that, things went well." Sokka said, trying not to get anything embarrassing passed his lips.

"Really? Like what?"

"Uh...that's not important."

"Okay then. What about Lee? Do you have any siblings?" Weed then asked. Lee then felt a bit tense and lowered her head.

"Siblings...yea I do." Lee said.

"Okay then how many?"

"Uh...I think...10?"

"10 SIBLINGS?! Geez, and you were supposed on a triplets family. How did you deal with all them?"

"*sigh* that's the thing. With my sisters, I seem non-existent. All of my sisters were all under the same name, Lee. I too had the name, but I was called Ti Lee to at least tell me was overwhelming...and I ran away."

"Ran away?! Why would you do that?!" Aang asked.

"Why?...WHY?! Because I don't exist with my family! That's why!! I don't feel special or even one person! I feel like just apart of some doll set." Lee began to tear up a bit. Aang patted her back to comfort her. "Sorry to hear that." Weed said. But then Appa began to call again, now fully rested and ready to go.

"Sounds like Appa's ready to go. How bout you guys?" Korra asked. Everyone agreed and they all went off.

That night, everyone was sleeping as Appa flew onward north over the sea. The clouds cleared up to show the stay of stars above them. Lee was starring off into space, thinking about her time as "apart of the doll set". Was it really right to run away? But then Weed was awake. "Something wrong?"

"Hi Weed. I'm fine, I'm just thinking for a bit."

"Okay. Well you should get some sleep, not a good idea to stay up all night."

"Alright Weed. Goodnight." Lee said. With that, they both went to sleep. But then during his sleep, Weed then got another vision in his dream. What it showed this time was at a temple, he was playing with another dog as a white dog watched them. Then a flash came and it showed this time an enemy dog, like Alam, but with a full muzzle and blue fur, charging right at him, jaws open, fangs at the ready. But right when it was about to bite at him, a blinding light beamed from its mouth. Then Weed woke up, heart racing and breath panting. It was just at sunrise, explaining the blinding light. Aang, GB, and Lee were already up as Korra, Katara, and Sokka still slept. Weed walked over to Lee and looked over the horizon. He was amazed seeing glaciers and ice caps under them...they were getting very close to the North Pole.

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