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As weed rested up, Aang took the opportunity to have the rest of the group rest to. The Kyoshi clan apologized for their disrespect and agreed to let them stay until they are ready. During the preparations, Aang managed to go out for a stroll along the beach. The water was nice and calm as it lapped along the shore. " isn't this nice? A lovely walk on the beach." Aang thought. But as he was walking, he turned to the forest and he could of swore he saw someone jumping around the trees. Being curious, he decided to go and investigate. After a little bit, he peeked around a tree and saw Ti Lee playing around with some of Kyoshi's white canines. Aang marveled at this girl. She's friendly, very acrobatic, and beautiful. Then the girl spun 360 digress in the air 10 times! And landed on her hands, like it was nothing! "Wow...she's amazing." Aang thought. He looked at his own hand and tried to balance on one...only getting a face full of dirt. When he spat out the dirt, Ti Lee found him. "Hi there." She cheerfully said.

"Hi there." Aang said, quickly cleaning off the dirt and getting to his feet.

"Sorry Aang. Was I bugging you?"

"No, not at all...Are you an Air-bender?" Aang asked.

"Me? No not really. I can't really "bend" well. Why? You saw me in the tree?" She giggled. Aang then started to blush a bit. "Uh...Yes? I'm sorry, I just Uh."

"It's okay. I don't think we've introduced yet. You didn't tell me your name."

"Oh right. I'm Aang," Aang said.

"Ti Lee. But you can just call me Lee," she replied, and they both shook hands. "Say Aang? Wanna play a game?"

"Sure Lee. What did you have in mind?"

"How about tag?" Aang humbly agreed with a nod, but before he could do anything, Lee suddenly tapped him on the shoulder and said, "Tag! You're it!" before she bolted up a tree. Aang went along with her and the game began.


Aang and Lee were having a LOT of fun with their game of tag, with Aang being it. They raced around the forest trees together and into the village with their game. Sometimes Lee would tickle Aang's shoulder when Aang's looking the other way. Aang finally managed to catch her back at the village when Lee seemed to "let" Aang win. Not too far away, Katara and Korra were hanging when they saw Lee and Aang play around together.

"Looks like their having fun." Korra smirked. Katara saw how happy Lee and Aang were and agreed, but she seemed a bit jealous of Lee, for how she and Aang seem to get along so well when SHE was the one who rescued him. "Looks like someone's jealous." Korra said, with one of those "Gotcha!" smiles on her face. Katara began to blush a bit with embarrassed saying "No I'm not!" "Come on Sis. It's all over your face." Korra laughed. Katara simply blushed as Aang and Lee decided to walk over. "Hi girls!" Lee happily said.

"Hello there, hi Aang." Korra said. Katara decided to leave to get some supplies for their trip.

"Hi Korra. This is Lee, Lee, Korra."

"Hi Korra, great to meet ya." Lee said, reaching out a hand. Korra instead reached out a friendly fist, not a hand. So Lee did a "manly" handshake. "Hey, where's Sokka?" Aang asked.

"Don't know. But knowing Sokka, he's probably going out to check on that Suki girl, and wanting to see if a normal girl can fight."

"What?! A girl can fight easily when needed to be. Boys just fight for the heck of it! No offense Aang." Lee said.

"None taken." As they were talking, Akame came by to see them. "Hi there you guys. Can I talk to you?" Akame asked.

"Sure. What is it?" Aang asked.


Meanwhile, Sokka was a bit a ways from the village, but he was practicing on the trees. He was doing pretty well with his club, but then he heard someone nearby. Sokka didn't bother at first, and continued practicing on the trees around him. But the more he heard it, the more he wanted to see for himself what it was. GB was practicing with him at the time, but wasn't interested as much. At one point Sokka gave up and went to see what it is. "Hurry on back Sokka." GB said, as GB continued on the trees. Sokka fallowed the noise over a bit of ways before he hid behind a tree which appeared to be right where the noise is. He reached for his club, just in case it was an enemy. He peered around the corner of the tree just enough to see...he wished he didn't. The noise maker was actually Suki training on the trees with her fans like Sokka was doing...but she didn't have her armor or her main cloths on, just down in her underwear and bra! Sokka quickly his back behind his tree before Suki can see him. He tried to sneak off, but he accidentally tripped over a fallen branch. But as he got up, a fan quickly rushed just inches from his head, slicing into a tree in front of him. "Sokka! You know in a sneak attack you can't make so much noise." Suki said, hands crossed. Sokka quickly got to his feet and bolted off. Suki wasn't exactly sure why he acted that way. She knew she was stripped down to "3rd base", but she shrugged the incident off and went back to training. Sokka simply walked back dumbfounded and the image of Suki stuck on his brain. "Uh buddy? You okay?" GB asked.

"Uh...yea. I don't want to talk about it." Sokka stuttered.

"Come on Sokka, if that's the case, let's get going." GB insisted. Sokka happily agreed and they went back to the village.


Meanwhile, Akame had finished his talk with Aang and the others when Sokka, GB, and Suki (as it turns out) came back. Akame and Jinni, one of his subordinates, came out. "Hi Sokka, GB. How was the training?" Aang asked.

"Just fine. How were things here?" Sokka asked. Aang then noticed Sokka looked a bit guilty in the face. "You okay bro?" Korra asked.

"Yea, of course! Why?"

"Did something happen?" But before Sokka can answer, suddenly a voice said, "I can answer that." everyone quickly turned and saw an orange, dilated dog relaxing on the roof. GB quickly recognized him. "Sasuke?!"

"GB! Great to see you again!" Sasuke said, jumping off the rooftop.

"You know what happened?" Aang asked. Before Sokka and Suki can stop him, he blurted out "Sokka simply accidentally saw Suki at 3rd base." Sokka and Suki got tense after hearing that as the others looked shocked at the two, now looking away sheepishly. "Oh snap! You did not do that!" Korra laughed.

"Shut up you! I didn't even know at the time!" Sokka snapped.

"Yea, lay off will yea?! It wasn't like that, I never meant to!" Suki added.

"Really? Cuz you looked like as if it wasn't a big deal. You thought it was sneak attack practice." Sasuke blurted out. Korra laughed even harder as Suki whacked the blabber mouth pooch. "SHUT UP YOU IDIOT!!!" Suki snapped. Sasuke didn't really reply this time, rubbing his head.

"Well. By this sounds like you two got a severe case." Jinni said.

"Severe case?" Katara asked.

"Yea, severe case of the lovebug." Jinni luaghed.

Sokka and Suki didn't reply this time. But then Aang asked, "By the way. What's 3rd base anyway?" everyone wasn't sure how to answer him. He was a bit more naive then first thought. But before anyone can answer him.

"Uhu? Does anyone want to go swimming?"

Aang turned to see Lee in a small two piece swimsuit, with a big drying cloth on her shoulder. "I'm in!" Aang happily said, and he rushed over to her side. And they both ran off together for some water fun. Everyone else sighed with relief, lucky to avoid answering.


Aang  and Lee went off to a special swimming spot Lee knew of. It was a deep pond with a small waterfall going into it. It was very clear, able to see the sandy bottom with small fish swimming about. But as Aang was getting in his swimsuit, he and Lee looked across and saw Weed  resting on the bank, eating a small fish he caught. "Hi Weed!" Aang called out. Weed heard him and stood up.

"Hey Aang!" he called back. Weed then trotted over to him, crossing the shallow waterfall on his way over. "Who's this? I could of sworn I saw her before." Weed asked.

"Weed, this is Lee. Lee, Weed." Aang introduced.

"Hi Weed." Lee happily said.

"Hello Lee. Nice to meet you."

"You feeling any better buddy? You've took a nasty crash earlier today."

"Yea I'm fine. Oddly the fall didn't hurt really. But then again, I'm not sure what happened myself. I went for a walk and came across here. It's a great place to rest. Nice cooling water and a calming mist from the waterfall feels soothing." Weed then went and laid down by one of the green trees while Lee and Aang went in the water to play. But as they were playing, Weed's ears suddenly picked up something was growling angrily at them...and coming their way.

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