The Birth of Kyoshi
Kyoshi Island
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Ginga Densetsu Avatar Ch.2: The Adventure Begins

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Ginga Densetsu Avatar Ch.4: Time in Kyoshi

For a few days, Aang, Weed, and the rest of the group were still trying to reach the North Pole so Aang can master water-bending. Much of the group was getting along well, even Appa was going good. But then one day, a terrible storm rein as Aang and Appa were trying to navigate through. The rain felt like needles as lightning shot around them. "Aang! This is too dangerous! We have to find shelter now!" Sokka yelled.

"I'm trying Sokka! It's not easy flying through this!" Aang yelled back. Just then Appa swooped down towards a sea side cave. It was high enough so the pounding waves don't reach inside but not to high up that it's exposed to the rain. Appa landed right by the entrance and walked inside with the others. "Thanks Appa," Korra said, leaping off of Appa's back. Appa licked her as a way of saying you're welcome. It took a bit of work, but they've managed to make a fire inside. Much of the group rested around the fire. "Much better." Katara sighed, very relaxed.

"Yea it is great. Hey! Maybe one of you can show me some water-bending tactics?" Aang asked. But before Korra or Katara could answer, Sokka butted in saying "why don't you wait Aang? I don't think you're gonna go far?"

"You saying a girl can't teach a boy to fight?" Katara asked.

"No I'm saying a girls an optimist, same thing basically."

"Well lil' bro. We leave the south pole for a few days and you've forgotten the strongest in the village is a girl!" Korra smirked. Aang was impressed with Korra but Sokka got a bit annoyed. With that, Aang and Korra stepped out in the rain to start. Korra and Aang began with the basic of catching the water from the rain. Korra was doing well for example, but the only way Aang's catching the rain is on his wet head. Aang returned unsuccessful and whole group went to bed. As they slept, the weather cleared up before dawn came around. But then someone appeared at the entrance. She walked in with a childish smile on her face. She walked right up to Appa first. She cracked her fingers and then started quick jabbing Appa's legs. She went so fast Appa didn't notice. But now he felt numb, and the beast couldn't move.

Then she went over to Weed, but before she can do anything, Appa suddenly opened his glossy eyes and made a huge alarm roar. Everyone got up, but the girl quickly started jabbing like mad, getting everyone in a flash. Everyone was knocked out except for GB, Who was barely conscious. Before she can do anything though, someone else was standing at the entrance. "Ti Lee. You good," she said.

"Okay Suki." Ti Lee said, as she cart-wheeled over to her. GB stayed up just long enough to just hear who they were before he passed out.


They all were conscious later on that day, now in chains in the middle of a village. Weed and GB were collared up to the neck as Aang and his friends were chained by their hands and feet. Then Suki and Ti lee stepped forward, standing in front of a white Kyoshi clan. "Now. What were you all thinking? Trespassing without permission of the Kyoshi clan?" Suki asked.

"We never meant to. We were caught in a deadly storm, and we-" Katara was trying to say.

"Enough! If you did get caught in the storm, then all outsiders must look in the matter with the Kyoshi Clan first."

"Then where are they? I demand to see the men who captured us!" Weed demanded. But then one of Suki's women nearly stabbed him with her fan. "We are the Kyoshi Clan. And you're charged with trespass and now insubordination."

"But we didn't know there was even a village here! So why can't you let us slide Suki?!" GB yelled. Suki and Ti Lee looked shocked. The fans suddenly aim over to GB's snout. "How do you know my name?" She growled.

"Didn't you guys say your names when you captured us?" GB asked. Suki and Ti Lee looked at each other at first, not sure how to react. But then one of the white dogs standing by the female warriors stepped forward. "Listen. Just because you didn't see the village here DOESN'T mean there isn't some sort or restrictions to make out or rules to fallow. I don't know about the rest of you, but I, Akame, have great respect for these rules. And I expect that for the rest of you, understood?" he said. During the talk, Korra noticed a deep scar in his neck. Then she blurted out, "What happened to you?" Akame stopped and turned towards Korra. "Excuse me?" he asked sternly.

"Your neck. I mean Uh I Uh..I didn't mean to say."

"It's fine, miss. It won't matter anyway. You all are charged with trespass and we don't take that lightly. You now sentenced for 10 years!" Akame pronounced. They all couldn't believe what they heard, especially Weed. Suddenly Weed was yanking at his chain, trying to break free. Akame saw his struggling. "Don't bother kid, not even an elephant mole can break free of those chains. Girls! You can take them now." Akame said. Suddenly Weed's eyes started to glow a shade of blue and be started to grit his teeth. "You okay kid?" one or the worriers asked, a bit concern. But then suddenly, Weed's chain snapped! The blue dog suddenly bolted at the worriers, throwing one of the humans aside as he exploded on the others! All of his friends and the Kyoshi clan just stared on as Weed was beating the crap out of the dogs. When he saw Akame, he leaped high in the air and started spinning, screaming "ZETSU TENROU BATTOUGA!!!" Akame was shocked and bolted out of his way before Weed crashed into the ground and got the others free. Everyone couldn't believe what they had seen. When the dust cleared, Weed was laying on the ground, unconscious and injured.


Weed woke up later that day inside what appeared to be a training hall. He didn't feel any form of pain around him. He was all alone in his room, no one around. "What...What happened back there?"

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