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"Aang! You're alive!" Katara gasped.

Aang had finally arrived, staff still clutched in his tired hands, aimed directly at Hougen. Hougen just couldn't believe Aang was still alive even after a direct hit from the Phoenix blaster...but then he thought about it for the first time. "Darn it. That dumb GB ruined everything...oh well. He won't last long." Hougen thought. He called his comrades aside, as Aang did the same. Both of the leaders stepped out of the crowd facing each other. Eyes locked.

"Hougen...I'm giving you one. Final. Chance. To surrender Ba Sing Se and end this war for the sake of the world." Aang warned . But oddly Hougen simply chuckled and said, "Come, come on, Aang. Must we really have to? Make it easier on yourself and-...wait...I got a better idea." Aang was confused but listened anyways. Hougen then sat down and started.

"Okay Aang, since this is Probably the so-called "battle of the world", why don't you and I find a different location besides this ghost town eh?"

"No Hougen. Decide now. Surrender or fight right now!" Aang demanded.

"You sure you want to now? You don't want to go bezerk on your friends don't cha?"

Aang got wide eyed and turned around. He does have to fight Hougen but he can't hurt his friends...especially those who rescued him at the South Pole.

" all have to go." Aang said.

"Were not leaving you." Zuko said, but Aang quickly air sliced them a good 20 feet.

"I'm not asking."

Aang then turned and got ready to fight Hougen. Hougen knew this was coming, was waiting for this moment...he's rising the ranks from Phoenix balance breaker. A stand off went on for one long minute, both ready for their opponent to attack...Hougen struck first, charging at him full speed, but just getting hit with Aang's earth-bending. The crazy fight lasted for who knows what. Hougen getting strong bites out of Aang as Aang slice up Hougen. Their fight ended up inside the palace as Hougen raced up their as height advantage, only to have Aang fallow him. Their fight was mostly of Hit-n-run. Jumping at each other and bolting away before their opponent got to them. But them at a point they both stopped for a bit. Aang and Hougen were both completely bloody, tired, and determined to beat the other. Aang thought of his Staff, and remembered what Zen Coi had said about it. The perfect now.

" final chance." Aang managed to say between breaths.


"...I never wanted to do this...but you left me no choice...goodbye Hougen." Aang then finally opened his staff. The symbols on it showed the moon and the sun, as both shined the bright colors of black and white...yin and yang. The symbol spun around faster and faster until a starting of a beam began to show. Hougen knew what came next...and is having none of it.

"NO YOU DON'T!!!!" with one swift move...Hougen...broke the staff! Aang was shot back as the staff shattered into pieces of what was the only thing left to stop Hougen. Before Hougen can try anything, Aang quickly made a thick durable earth barrier around himself so Hougen can't hurt him.

"No fair!! Get out of there!...AANG!!!" Hougen demanded...But Aang was trying to think. What can he do now to defeat Hougen?

"This is terrible...Hougen destroyed the only thing that can defeat him...I don't know what to do." Aang thought, a tear going down his face. But as he thought he was done for, he finally had one final idea that changed everything the world has ever known...he began to meditate, thinking hard and focusing on what he needed to do. Then he finally was now alone...with the previous Avatar in front of him! "Avatar summoned me?" Roku asked. Aang sighed.

"Avatar Roku...I need to give up my Avatar State."

"What? Aang your the avatar. If you give it up, the avatar will seize to exist!" Roku said. Aang knew that no Avatar knows of the information he knew except himself...and Smith-San.

"That's not true Roku...there isn't just one avatar at this time. There are three. Me, the Air Nomad of the south. Katara, the Southern Water Tribe air-bender. And Zuko, your descendant... One was chosen by destiny, Choice, and family line...Avatar Roku. I must sacrifice my avatar state in order to defeat the Phoenix murderer. Take my avatar state and revive the elemental staff." Roku looked at Aang in slight surprise. Aang looked up and saw Smith standing right behind him. He smiled proudly at Aang and nodded.


Meanwhile, Hougen was ramming, slashing and beating at the barrier to get at Aang, but he couldn't make a dent in it.

"FOR GOD SAKE!! COME OUT HERE AND FIGHT ME!!!!" Hougen shouted. But suddenly a strong force literally shot him back. He landed a bit sways and saw something horrifying...the elemental Staff started to come together and repair itself! Hougen tried his best to stop it from doing so, grabbing pieces, breaking it even more, but it's not working as it finally fully repaired itself. It was now that the barrier was gone...only to find Aang in his final Avatar State! He floated to the staff as it dashed to his hands. He spun it fast and finally opened it's wings, puncturing the ground. Hougen bolted at it and tried to smash it again, but instead a strong electric shock, sending him back.

"I'm outta here!" Hougen thought aloud and bolted to the door. Everyone outside saw Hougen running for his life...but it was too late. Just before he jumped from the edge, a giant light beam engulfed him! He made a horrifying scream as his body finally accepted defeat and he was turned from the Phoenix murderer into the demon statue...Hougen was finally defeated. When Hougen was fully turned into stone, the most amazing thing the world has ever seen started to play out. First a giant earthquake started to occur. "WHAT'S HAPPENING?!" Weed shouted.

"I DON'T KNOW!! LETS GET OUT NOW!!!" Joe shouted. It didn't take long for everyone, including Hougen's troops to agree, and they all bolted to the wall...everyone except Katara and Zuko. Joe turned and tried to get them but suddenly the ground right between them caved open, splitting them apart. Then suddenly the sky above them turned from sunset orange to a dark blue as it engulfed the city. Next all the buildings around them were struck by growing trees that shot out of the ground, one of them gotten apart of the group. Shooting them upward! And just when things can't get any more bizarre, they all suddenly saw Aang rise with the staff in hand. He suddenly dove down to earth, and stabbed the staff right into Hougen! The impact cause a giant explosion of chi all over Ba Sing Se...and then. Everything was still.


Hours later. So much of the group was knocked out from the blast of chi...but one member was finally coming to. "Uugh...what happened?-...whoa." Toph was the first to awake from the blast and to what bested her eyes was no longer Ba Sing Se...but now a sea of trees. Green stretching in all directions. Ba Sing Se has turned from the world largest ghost town into the most purified forest EVER known! It wasn't very long until the rest were awake and looked out into the giant forest.

"Hello?! Get us down!"

Everyone turned and saw Alam, Mel, Hope, and Sokka stuck up in one of the trees. "How did you get up there?" Weed asked.

"Never mind how we got up here, get us down!!" Alam shrieked. After getting them down, they all high tailed it to the palace, which has now turned into a vine-covered ruin. Joe, Weed, Toph, and Mai ran inside the ruins. What they saw was astonishing. Katara, Zuko, and Aang were all on the ground. Aang was fully healed, and his hair had disappeared. What was surprising this time was on the wall behind them. There shown an ultimate ancient drawing. It showed a scared man, a young girl, and a monk, all bending around a staff as fire, air, and water spun around its open wings of the sun and moon...

"Aang?...Katara?...Zuko?..." Joe softly asked, holding for a least not at first.

"Joe?...are they-" Mai started to ask. But then a weak moan came from Aang's lips...his grey eyes slowly opened. He smiled weakly and said only this:

"I've done it...the war has finally ended.

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