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Ch.29: I am Aang

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Ch.31: Sacrifice

Back at Ba Sing Se, Hougen felt a ton better now, thinking Aang's finally gone for good. He knows there two more Avatars but Aang was the main problem, and he had handle it easily thanks for some quick thinking. He brought most of Team Avatar to their prison hold, all given a special cell to make full sure that they won't break out.

He personally decided to put both Zuko and Katara in the same cage, guarded by electric bars in case they try anything.

"Okay you two, keep quiet and out of trouble and things will go on just fine." Hougen said, as he threw them both in the cell. Zuko and Katara tried to get back at him but he was already gone, electric fence up and everything.

"Hougen!!" Zuko shouted. But Hougen simply chuckled and walked out. Zuko couldn't BELIEVE it. His own nation against him...Hougen had turned them against him.

"'s over."

Zuko turned fast to see Katara. She had given up her hope after Aang was shot. "Excuse me?"

"'s time to face the facts here. We arrived in Ba Sing Se, Hougen has full control over it. We tried but...Aang is now gone...forever. the humans are dead while Hougen is in charge of the whole world." Katara sobbed.

"How can you say that?! You can't give up now, not now! Not when were this close!"

"Aang is dead, don't you get it?! He's gone, the whole worlds balance is done for...and Hougen had won."

"He hasn't won, not yet! still hold balance do you?!"

"Stop it! I don't know if I'm even A Avatar, let along the avatar! And even if I am, I only learn water and air bending, both of which hardly have much effect on a devil like Hougen...and also I can't enter the avatar state. Only a true avatar can do that, and only that state can stop Hougen for sure. It's over, you hear me?! OVER!!"

Then suddenly Zuko slapped her good and hard right on her face, something he wouldn't normally do except I'd it's necessary. Katara felt the heat and pain from her face as Zuko stood tall in front of her, not accepting her choice.

"...It's not over's never over until a true victor is decided...and one hasn't been decided. And if Hougen wants to win, he had to kill us first."

Katara was astonished by what Zuko was saying. Only a true and brave soul would say such a thing at a time like this.

"Zuko...wait. us? What do you mean by us?" Katara asked, tears still going freely down her face.

"Katara...listen. Do you know how the war started?" Zuko asked. Katara thought about it for a bit.

"Well from what I've heard. I think it began when general Sozin murdered avatar that right?"

"Yea...listen. My fathers grandfather was general mothers grandfather was Avatar Roku."

Katara was going through mixed feelings right now. Hatred for his ancestors starting the war, but also astonished that his ancestors also related to Avatar Roku, of all people! Zuko looked outside his cell at his other friends in their cages, shock in their faces as to what Zuko had said (everyone except Azula). Zuko turned around and looked down at Katara again. And set his hands on her shoulders.

"We can do this...we can all do this. Even if Aang isn't here, we can still end the war by defeating Hougen...its not the end. Understand?"

Katara sat there silent for a bit at first.

"...alright. I trust you...but how are we gonna get out without shocking ourselves?" Katara asked. Zuko turned to the fence sealing them in.

"I known Hougen for a very long time. And there just some things that he can't stand at all. Just go with me on this and things will work out easily."

Zuko was about to explain his plan when Bruge walked in. He had a strong look of dread on his face.

"Guys?...again. I'm sorry for what happened. And now I want to help. I know it's sudden, but I never liked Hougen and I rather help you." Bruge said.

Although surprised, Zuko included him in the plan. He needed a guard apart of it anyways.


A few hours later, Hougen was called into the prison by Bruge out of complaints from the prisoners.

"Now what?" he growled.

"Hougen? May I ask you to remove Zuko and/or Katara into a separate cell? It's creeping me out a bit." Weed said.

"Excuse me? I can do what I want, mutt! I don't care what you think!" Hougen snapped. But then Weed pointed over to their cell. Hougen couldn't believe what he seen. Zuko was on top of Katara, tongue out, face to face!

"Aw, SICK!!" Hougen exclaimed, fake-barfing from being grossed out. He never liked a love scene that much.

"You were saying Hougen?" GB asked.

"...alright...but only for a sec. Geez." Hougen growled. Zuko and Katara, mouths locked looked over and saw Hougen opening the gate, suddenly Zuko jumped up to his feet and blasted at him with a good fire punch, blasting him down the hall! Katara and Zuko jumped out and quickly got the others out as Hougen quickly got to his feet, but was too late to stop them.

The whole group ran through much of the prison hold, fighting off Fire Nation soldiers and dogs along the way. But as they finally got outside, they all saw Kaibutsu fighting off other soldiers outside, killing enemies left and right. "Guys! Come on! Let's get out of here!" Kaibutsu called. The others quickly got down and started fighting them. Almost immediately, Toph and Kite locked eyes. "Why you! DIE YOU BLIND BRAT!!!" Kite screeched, and he leaped strait for her. Toph, now seeing him, raced out of the way and blasted at him with rocks, shooting him To a nearby building.

"That's it. SKINNER STRIKES!!" Kite was about Ti get her when Tesshin suddenly leaped in and threw him out of Toph's way.

"Thanks." Toph said, and got back in the battle.

The whole group was stuck in a war zone, Kaibutsu was even having trouble with the attackers. The more enemies they beat, the more they come out.

"FOR GOD SAKE!! KILL THEM!! SOMEBODY KILL THEM!!" Hougen shouted, finally getting outside.

"Come on! Let's get out of here!" Korra shouted. Everyone raced over and they began running to the great wall. They kept running for a bit until suddenly Bat raced ahead and caught Mel!

"Mel!" Hook shouted, making a U-turn to save him. Bat quickly saw him and lunged at him. But Suddenly a gigantic gust of wind blew him and the others a mile back, saving Hook and Mel. The wind blast convinced two powerful wind blasts into one.

"Thanks Katara! Hope!" Hook said.

"Uh Hook?...we didn't do that."

Everyone gasped. There was only one person that can do that...and they saw him land right in front of them!


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