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November 30, 2012

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Ginga Densetsu Avatar Ch.1: The Boy in the Snow

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Aang woke up the a few hours later back in the same hut he first was brought to. Katara was the only one in the room this time. Aang moaned a bit from his pain he was dealing with by Zuko and Alam, and Katara began to heal Aang with her water-bending. "Glad to see you're up Aang." Katara said calmly, soothing Aang's pain.

"How long...was I out?" Aang asked.

"Only for a few hours. You were amazing Aang, when you saved our village with your water-bending." Aang wasn't sure what she was talking about, he was lucky he can remember he can air-bend now. But before he can say anything, Korra, Weed, and GB walked in. "How is Aang doing?" GB asked.

"He's up now, but it might take some time for him to walk around again."

"I have to say Aang, I'm impressed. not many water-benders can water bend like you do." Korra complemented. "Huh?...water-bending?"

"Yea, we saw you lifted that HUGE fire navy ship over a mile to the sea." GB said. Aang still didn't remember anything that happened before he passed out. "Where's Zuko?!" Aang suddenly said, sitting up.

"Don't worry about him, he's been and gone now. But what happened to ya?"

"I...I don't know uh...I just lost it at a point during the fight." Everyone thought about what he had said. But then Korra then piped up "say Aang. I have to ask. can you remember anything?"

"Huh? Well no, I can't remember much after that point in the fight."

"No, no. I mean when we found you. You and Weed were passed out in the snow, unconscious. How did you two get there?"

Weed walked over and laid down by Aang, trying to come up with an answer. Aang focused hard and tried to think of something, along with Weed. But instead, they both got a major headache, like a brain freeze.

"I...cant remember anything." Aang panted, gripping his head until the pain started to fade. "Me neither. All I can remember was hitting something hard." Weed moaned, putting both paws on his head. "Sorry you guys. I didn't mean to push you." Korra said.

"It's okay Korra."

"Say Weed? What's with the glowing? I seen many people get mad, but none enough to start shinning their heads." GB asked. GB walked over to Aang and looked over at his arrow. "I'm not sure. I never saw him like that before." Weed said. GB gently, for some reason or another, placed his paw on Aang's arrow. he removed GB's paw from his head, gripping his head. "Aang? You okay?" Weed asked.

"I think...i had another vision for some reason." Everyone gasped when he said that. "What did you see?" Katara asked.

"It showed me...but he, or I, didn't act like I should do. I done a huge tidal wave with the ship on top of that what happened to me for real?" Aang said, more confused than ever. "Yea That's exactly what you did...and you don't remember it?"

"No, no. I least I think I did. it came up after GB touched my head." GB looked surprised himself as everyone else stared at him. "I don't know what happened. I simply touched his head, asking why it was glowing, I didn't do anything else." GB pleaded, trying to stop the odd moment. "Now wait a minute GB. It could be a memory trying to come back, nothing to do with you. Now Aang? Has this happened before?" Katara asked.

"Hm...I think so. there was this other vision I've gotten when Alam bit me. It showed a dog. Running right at me, teeth showing and all."

"The dog...the bending...there might be a connection here." Korra said.

"But what happened with the glowing thing?!" Before anyone can answer, Katara and Korra's mother walked in to check on him. " are you feeling?" She asked.

"A bit better now mam. thanks."

"Good. It's best that you're awake anyway. Aang...i need to tell you something...the fight with Zuko. When you water bend to remove his ship...that can only mean one thing...Aang. You are the Avatar."

When she was done, Aang was both shocked and amazed. Zuko already said he was the Avatar but he didn't know at the time. "I...I'm the Avatar?..."

"Well that explains the glowing now does it?" GB said.

"Yes. Only the Avatar and Ohu hold such power and have done the shining light. Aang. How many elements had you've learned so far?"

"Well...only Air-bending...why?"

"Then you need to master all four elements. Since you've already master Air-bending, you have three elements left. Earth, Fire, and water. The war has already made a great loss for the Water Tribe. only you can end it." Aang looked at her for a bit, seeing how honest she was. He nodded and said, "alright. I'll do it!"

"Good choice Aang." When she was finished, suddenly they heard barking outside, but also a low moaning as well. Weed went outside and saw Naga barking at a huge, 6 legged beast. it also had the same arrow-markings like Aang did. "Uh...Aang? I think you need to see this." Weed said, eyes fixated on the beast. Katara helped Aang outside and they all saw Naga and the beast. they also saw Sokka trying his best to calm Naga down. "Naga! That's enough!" Korra called. when she did, Naga stopped fighting and walked back to her. The beast Fallowed Naga over to Weed and Aang. but when the beast licked Weed, it was he this time who got the vision. it showed Weed as a puppy playing around with a small sky bison. They were playing around and really were having fun. When the vision ended, Weed looked at the bison, now knowing who it is.

"Appa?...Appa!" Weed said, hugging the sky bison on the snout. Appa roared loud and proud with approval and joy. Suddenly Aang remembered too and hugged him along with Weed.

"Aang? Weed?" Sokka asked.

"Oh right. this here's Appa. Appa, these are my friends. Korra, Katara, GB, and Sokka." Appa walked over to Sokka and gave him a big lick, getting him soaked again. "Oh man! And I was just drying off from Korra's water!" Sokka snapped, trying his best to get the saliva off him. "Sorry Sokka. he didn't mean to get you wet." Weed said.

"Young Avatar. You and Ohu have to start on your way now if you were to succeed. I know of a great teacher of water bending, master Pakku. He can teach you water-bending at its peak." the mother said.

"Thank you. everyone, thank you for your help. Let's go, Weed." Aang said, and with that, they both got on Appa's back. but before they can go, GB stopped them. "Wait Aang. I want to go with you!" he said.

"You want to come GB?" Weed asked.

'Of course! It would be the perfect opportunity to toughen up for the Fire Nation." GB replied, climbing up on Appa's back as well. Aang looked down at the small crowd and asked. "Anyone else before we take off?" There wasn't much reply at first. But then Katara spoke up. "Well I would like to go. it can be a good time to practice my water-bending with master Pakku."

"If Katara's going, I'm going to. I need some action in my life, and what better way to get it then to come along?" Korra added. Appa happily complied and both girls got on his saddle. All was left now was Sokka. "Sokka, what about you?" Korra asked.

"Sorry guys. I like to go, but this village needs me. Dad gave me the responsibility over this village. and if I go, who's gonna protect it?" They didn't reply at first, but then his mother said, "go Sokka."

"But mom-"

"Sokka, Dear. You've been around here long enough. If you want to go with the Avatar and Ohu then you can. We'll be fine." She said. It took a little more convincing but Sokka finally accepted the offer and went on Appa's back. But then Weed tapped Aang on the shoulder. "Aang? You think Appa can handle so many people?"

"Don't worry Weed. Okay everyone, ready for liftoff! (turning down to the mother) thanks for your help."

"You're welcome Aang."

And with a single 'Yip! Yip!' and one swing from his huge tail, Appa was airborne, and he flew off north with the tribe waving goodbye, and the group waving back as Appa flew onward. The adventure has begun.

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