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Everything was quiet for the Avatar. His life was thinning thanks to the events back at Ba Sing Se. Once again Aang had been wounded deeply. But this time, without Katara to heal him in any way, the only thing that can save him now is luck...A LOT of luck.

"Katara...Weed...I'm so sorry...I've failed everyone thinks I'm dead..." Aang thought. He could feel himself alone now floating down the calm river, his skin gently being patted by small raindrops. Then, even so gently, he felt himself touch and being stop by something else going against the current. He felt something gently rub against him as he was lifted out of the water into what felt like a raft or a boat.

Aang lost some feeling during the trip for a while and actually thought he really had died...but after what felt like an eternity. He felt feeling again after a bit. He felt his body on top of something soft, like fur. But he felt something on his mouth too. Something he never exactly felt before. His eyes slowly and weakly started to open his eyes. He saw glimpses of black strands going down the sides of his face. He looked ahead and saw a set of closed eyes in front...he knew exactly what was going on now! But he couldn't move, his arms and legs seemed to not budge as he felt the warm and soft lips of an unknown stranger on his own. The stranger opened her sapphire eyes, seeing him awake. It was now that she let him go, removing her lips from his, and moving off him. Aang blushed bright red as the young girl walked off a few steps.

"Where...where am I?" Aang thought. He looked around, seeing the floor covered in furs of different creatures. He felt something else too...a strange calming feeling flowed through him as he looked around.

"Am I Alive?... Was I alive?" Aang thought. He slowly found his feet and staggered slowly outside. It seemed almost unreal. He felt like he was in the real world...but in the spirit realm too. It almost seemed like in between. He was in a very small Indian village. Made up of a few small huts. He had heard of this but never thought one can exist.

"What Is this place?" Aang asked himself. As he was looking around, he noticed an oddly familiar bird perched on the branches of a small tree. He recognized the bird back at the ghost town of Ba Sing Se. The bird flew down to him, unafraid of his presence. Aang sighed.

"What do I do now? Everyone thinks I'm dead again...I've failed to stop Hougen at Ba Sing Se...what am I doing, I'm talking to a bird." Aang said aloud. The blue bird jumped up in the air and hovered in place. It closed it's eyes and then the strangest thing. The birds wings started to grow longer as each wing beat stretched closer to the ground. At a point the wings concealed the bird as a set of small sparks flew around as the bird...turned into a human! Aang was sure now that he must be in the spirit realm, only spirits can cruelly change form like that. The bird had changed into a human girl, around Aang's age. With copper skin, black hair flowing to her shoulders, and sapphire blue eyes that almost seem to glow...she was the one who kissed him!

"Hello Aang. Nice to see you." she calmly said.

"What? How did you know my name? And why did you kiss me?!" Aang gasped.

"First of all, the kiss was a healing trick, not a passionate loved kiss. We've just met you know. And second, I've already saw you once before...that little bird you saw at your old home? In Ba Sing Se?...that was me. I'm blue-feather."

"Blue-feather?...well where am I? Are we in the spirit realm or the real realm?" Aang asked, still surprised by what Blue-Feather told him.

"The real realm Aang. I know it might be confusing with my shape-shifting ability. But I'm a member of the spirit tribe, a special human tribe that changes into only their spirit animal. In my case, a blue mocking jay...come, let's go to the others."

"Others? Bit I thought they had been wiped out many years ago."

"Not exactly. Our kind didn't wipe out, we just hid from the other nations thanks to our spiritual animal forms. But we make an exception for the peacemakers. That's you."

"Don't you mean Air Nomad?"

"Well if that's what you call it. Come here, you need to get healed anyways." Blue-Feather said. Aang, though trouble balancing, fallowed Blue-Feather over to the small village. Aang luckily kept on his feet the whole time.

The two had arrived. Aang was simply amazed. A race he thought was gone for good, and here he was in a village of 20 members. He seen many people in different ages, from young kids to adults. Compared to them, he felt really out of place, especially as the eyes of many individuals watched him walk by. Blue-Feather showed Aang to a special hut and they both walked inside. Inside Aang seen three other people. A couple with a newborn baby in the mothers arms.

"Welcome back, Blue-Feather. How come Aang's here? He should be resting." the mother said.

"I understand. But Aang needs the flute medicine. Aang? I like you to meet our local healers of the village. Gold-Wing, Moon-River. And their newest member and youngest in the village, Snow-Fox." Aang looked over at Snow-Fox, and noticed something different of him from the other villagers he seen. While everyone else had copper skin. Snow-Fox had white skin. Once more is that when Snow-Fox opened his eyes after his nap, Aang saw his eyes are red, not white, and his eye color was as white as his skin...Snow-Fox is albino!

"Is nice to meet all of you." Aang said.

"Nice to see you too. Now may I ask you to sit down here so we can begin." Gold-Wing said. Aang did so, but he still has a few more questions about them. But he saved his questions until the end of the session. Moon-River, Gold-Wing's wife, set Snow-Fox down gently on the fur coated floor, and pulled out a native Indian flute. She then started to play a melody she called "spiritual eye". The music was heavenly and as she played, Aang felt much better, his wounds starting to heal much faster. After a minute of playing, Aang was fully healed, and then some. Moon-River put the flute away.

"That's amazing." Aang simply said.

"Thank you. The flute remedy is special." Aang simply smiled, but remembered that he still has Hougen to get back to!

"I humbly thank you for your help. But I have to go." Aang said, getting to his feet.

"Go? Where?"

"Ba Sing Se. My friends are still there, and if I don't return they are in deadly trouble." Aang said. He was about to go though when Gold-Wing came in his way.

"Aang you can't go yet. The Elder wanted to see you when you awoke." Gold-Wing said.


Gold-Wing and Blue-Feather showed Aang to the main chief hut. As they went inside, Aang was a bit surprised to see a large, musk ox resting inside. Gold-Wing introduced Aang to humans the Ox turned into an elderly man Indian.

"Welcome. Avatar Aang. I am elder Zen-Coi." Zen-Coi said.

"Nice to meet you...Gold-Wing said you wanted to see me?" Aang asked.

Aang sat down as Zen-Coi signaled the others to leave. Zen-Coi sat down in front of Aang.

"...Aang. Blue-Feather had told me that you were attacked by the Phoenix it true?" Zen-Coi asked.

"Well...I guess so."

"Then I have to lend you a power in order to defeat the empire. Know this Avatar Aang. These sorts of power can only be done once in a lifetime. Use it wisely...this kind of power is the combination of the powers of all 4 elements of the world...the first is the Peace-Keepers. Your kind. It gives the energy to the ability." Zen-Coi said. He then placed a special air temple medallion between Aang and himself.

"The next is the energy-flowers. Giving the energy a smooth path." he placed a Water Tribe necklace by the medallion.

"The third is the land-carvers. Giving it strength to move the strongest mountain." He placed an Earth Kingdom coin with the other two.

"And finally. The final element. The heat-spreaders. Giving it the deadly accuracy of the best archer." Zen-Coi placed a Fire Nation bracelet into the small pile. Aang watched carefully as Zen-Coi started to place a staff right into each of the elemental symbols. As soon as he did, the staff started to shine as it suddenly changed from wooden to wool, and it's wings turned into the shape of an arrow. The glowing stopped and Zen-Coi gave Aang the special staff to help him.

"As soon as the staff opens it's wings, the power will be released. Only use it when you must."

"Yes...Zen-Coi, thank you." Aang said.

Aang walked out, staff in hand. Everyone gasped when they saw the specialized staff in his hand. Aang humbly thanked the villagers for helping him out. But as he was leaving, he noticed Snow-Fox, who was being held by Blue-Feather, started to sob a little bit. Aang thought about it for a bit. He took off his Southern Air Temple medallion and gave it to Snow-Fox.

"Something to remember me by...thank you so much." Aang said. He then turned and went on his way, running instead of flying, back to Ba Sing Se to end the war once and for all.

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