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Ch.26: Third Avatar

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Ch.28: GB's last stand

Aang's spiritual form flew across what appeared to be miles of land and water. Dashing through forests, plains, deserts too. And the whole time no one saw him. "Wow...what a view you get here. But better find my body before things go wrong." Aang thought as he flew on. After a bit he finally found where he last left himself...but the scene was all but pleasant. Most of his friends were laying on the ground, hurt and weak. But he saw that Zuko had run off, same went with Violet, Mai, and his own body!

"Oh Sozin's ghost! What happened?!" Aang gasped as he flew in. Much of his human posse didn't react as much, but the pack pricked up their ears as they heard something come in.

"What the?...AANG!!" Weed gasped. Everyone else (all the dogs anyway) looked up and saw Aang float in. The others didn't see Aang anywhere.

"Weed. What happened?" Aang asked, a tone of urgency in his voice.

"Aang, it was terrible! Violet kidnapped Mai and Aang, er I mean you!" GB said. Aang quickly floated to Katara who was watching the dogs.

"Katara! You all right?" Aang asked, gently touching the side of her face. but Katara couldn't see Aang, only as a silhouette, and Katara jumped back when she felt a cold hand on her face.

"Aang! Come on, Zuko already ran off after Violet! We have to catch up before she puts a third person on her payroll!" Weed said.

"And besides, she took your body too, come on!" Hook added. Aang flew over, but most of the humans were getting freaked out.

"Weed? Who are you talking to?!" Azula shouted. But already the group ran off as Aang flew close behind.


Meanwhile, far off in an open plain, Violet threw Aang's body aside as Mai was set in front of her.

"How could you! We saved you from being wolf bait!" Mai snapped. But Violet simply laughed.

"Do you actually think that's true? I'm surprised the stupid name didn't give it away!" Violet laughed.

"You Lied?! But Toph-"

"Toph had her mouth shut because of me! Like this genius!" Violet said, she made her fingers into scissors and clipped them together, forcing Mai's mouth shut. Mai tried to open but it was no use. Violet kept her fingers in the scissors position as she took a few steps away.

"Well, Maizy since you're not gonna last long anyways I might as well tell ya. I'm pretty sure you've heard of Hougen, aight? The Phoenix murderer?... He originally hired some dog group to kill Aang but I took the job instead. He even raised the bounty to kill you too."

"But...But Joe?"

"Doesn't exist! I just made up the guy!"

"The cuts?!"

"Some water-bending trick. But however since you are Ozai's niece, I'll make it good and torturous!" Violet said. And she started blood-bending Mai!

Not far away, hiding out of sight, Zuko was observing all this in terror. His fortune dream had come to life! He was frozen in fear as Mai was slowly getting killed by Violet. Her eyes and mouth bleeding from the pain and pressure.

"STOP IT!!!! STOP IT!!!!" Mai screeched. But Violet simply smiled devilishly.

"Heh...say goodbye." Violet then started choosing the life out of Mai. Zuko couldn't take it anymore. He was about to rush out when suddenly a loud howl, plain as day, rang through the night air. Violet kept Mai still as she turned towards the noise. Up over on top of a nearby ridge was a silhouette of a dog...the dark night covered him so no one knew who it was or why he was there.

"Violet! Let her go." He demanded.

"How did you know my name?!" Violet snapped. But as the moons rays shine upon him, the vision is clear...a blue dog...with a brown collar...and three scars alongside his face...Just like Violet described! She stood there, frozen in fear, letting Mai go as she bolted to Zuko's side. The dog jumped down and started walking over to her along with (just like Violet said) a strong pack.

"But...but it can't-"

"What do you think you're doing to that innocent child?!" he demanded.

"Innocent?! She's a threat to the nation and she-"

"AND you're trying to get charged for murdering her!" he interrupted. Violet tried to blood bend the pack into submission. It worked...but not on the leader, as he walked on as of nothing happened. Violet was panicking.

"What? What are you?! Who are you?!" She stuttered.

"My name is Joe."

That did it. That 4-letter sentence freaked out Violet so much, she stuttered like crazy and then collapsed from shock! Joe simply laughed at her reaction.

"Aaww. How adorable." He laughed. Zuko and Azula were simply speechless. Joe turned over to see them, but before he can walk over, the Team Avatar pack had finally arrived, Aang's spirit rushing by and finally reuniting with his body.

"Who are you?" Tesshin asked when seeing him.

"I'm Joe. I guess my little appearance freaked out ol bloody gal over there." Joe chuckled.

Just then Aang's body turned alive and Aang got to his feet.

"Is everyone all right?" Aang asked.

"Just fine Aang...well look who's here?" Joe said, turning to Weed.

"Well lil' bro. It's been some time now has it?" Joe said. Weed was caught off guard, he could hardly remember anything and to him, Joe's a stranger.

"Brother? But I hardly know you!"

"Come on Weed, don't try to mess around. Come on, I think it's best to catch up eh?" Joe chuckled.

Weed kind of agreed with him and the others went back, but Weed still hadn't a clue why Joe called him "Lil' bro". He looked so familiar but so different at the same time.

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