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Ch.25: Water under the skin

In Ba Sing Se miles away, Hougen was really enjoying himself. With the Capitol now under his control, he pretty much has the whole world under his power. But he knew that there are still more trouble to deal with, with the Avatars still out there. If they are still alive right now, he has a chance of not only losing all his goal, but his life as well.

He had hired a group of trained bounty hunters but he was getting impatient. He had given out the wanted posters the notice 3 weeks ago.

"Oh god, when are they coming? It can't take this long for a group of dogs to get to Ba Sing Se does it?" Hougen growled to himself, pacing back and fourth along the thrown room. During this, the doors to outside opened up. He raced to the door to meet the bounty hunters, but he couldn't find them anywhere.

"Okay now! Where the heck are ya?!" Hougen demanded. But then suddenly something rammed him down the steps, him tumbling to the very bottom. Luckily his servants weren't outside so there weren't any embarrassment. He looked up and saw three odd-looking dogs standing in front of him. Two of them were brown, as the top dog in the trio was orange. Hougen got up to his feet, shaking off the dust. "Very funny. Who are you anyway?" Hougen said, annoyed.

"Were the boa brothers. I'm rocket, this is Jet and Missile. We've given you that message? From a messenger hawk?" Rocket said.

"Oh yea. That bird did make a good snack." Hougen smirked, licking his muzzle, "So you probably know who exactly I need you to find?" Hougen said, placing a wanted poster of Aang on the front.

"Of course we do. That arrow-headed kid, ye tall, nomad, a bit idiotic." Jet chuckled.

"Right. You go kill him and the bounty's yours." Hougen said.

Missile and Jet were about to go but Rocket stayed where he was.

"Hold on spot. You forgetting something?" Rocket said, pointing to the bounty.

"Excuse me?"

"You know what. We don't do the job until the dough's to us first. So hand us the cash, and well be on our way." Rocket smirked.

"Hey! Don't toy with me. You'll get paid upon after the jobs done." Hougen growled. Rocket nudged Missile and he pulled out a slip of paper. A wanted add for Hougen! "Now you and I both know you're wanted as the so-called "Phoenix murderer". I won't mention this to anyone if you hand the money over now. Unless you want yourself as replacement." Rocket smirked. But suddenly Hougen jumped in and grabbed missile by the throut!

"You listen here! I'm in no mood for games, if you don't go now, then off goes his head!" Hougen warned, gripping harder on his neck. Oddly, Rocket simply growled and said, "Okay, since you are pathetically begging."

"Excuse me? I wouldn't call that pathetic." Hougen growled, letting Jet go.

"I would. Let's go!" Rocket said. They both were just about to go when someone else showed up in front of them. It was a teenage girl, a bit of a hot-shot! Her body seemed perfect for any teenage girl, all parts perfect size. Hougen just stared at her as she walked over to him, walking like she was a model. "Hello, Hougen," she said.

It was now that Hougen snapped back to reality. "Okay, who are you?" Hougen growled.

"The names Violet. And I'm here for the bounty job. You know, for that Team Avatar gaang?" Violet asked. Hougen really didn't want to deal with another bounty hunter on his pay roll. The via brothers got a bit ticked that she is around. "Hey, hot stuff, why don't you butt out? We already got the job." Missile said.

"So? I do a much better job and once more I really think someone like the criminal Hougen here deserves the best. Three orange freaks don't come close to a gorgeous beauty like me! Right Hougen?" she asked, bouncing her chest a little as seducing. Hougen didn't feel up for anything like this right now.

"Sorry busty, but I already hired these three to handle it. Good looks arn't going to cut-"

Before Hougen can finish, suddenly Violet made her hand like that of a puppet and when she closed it, Hougen's mouth was tightly closed, unable to open! Hougen tried to open his mouth, but he couldn't open it even the slightest! Suddenly Hougen got on his back feet against his will, unable to control himself! The Boa Brothers tried to stop her, but she let Hougen go before they did anything.

"Convinced, hot-shot?" Violet smirked. Hougen didn't reply at first, catching his breath.

"Some chick. Alright, how's this? You group can go together and go for different people, saves time and you get more done okay? I promise equal the bounty for each party, and all that jazz." Hougen said after catching his breath. Violet put one of her hands on her hip and replied, "What's the bounty?"

"How's 50 gold prices sound?"

Violet just stood there, tapping her foot as the Boa brothers took that offer and snuck off as Hougen was busy.

"Uh...100?...200?..." Hougen continued. All Violet did was raise an eyebrow.

"How much you want?"

"HM...1,0000 gold. Pay up of forget it." Violet said. Hougen can't BELIEVE the bounty!

"You kidding?! Er I mean, alright! All I care about now is killing the Avatars...oh and If you don't mind, there's this other girl, Mai's her name. If you find her, can you do me a favor and kill her too?"

"Fine...but it's gonna cost extra."

"What?! Isn't 10000 gold enough for you?!"

But Violet was already gone and left Hougen very annoyed. But he's not an IDIOT by all means, so he didn't argue with someone like her.

--2 weeks later--

Team Avatar meanwhile was now on the Earth Kingdom continent. It took awhile to get to the continent by the raft way but has managed all the same. They were still traveling on foot though.

"Okay so we should start heading right to Ba Sing Se in order to find Hougen." Toph said, looking at the map.

"You sure you know where you're going, Toph? I mean you never really read a map before." Ty Lee said.

"Don't worry, Lee. I'm sure I know where were going. Besides, what's there to worry about anyway?"

As they were talking, suddenly Tesshin stopped, hearing something nearby.

"Tesshin? What's wrong?" GB asked.

" someone there?" Tesshin said, aiming his head over toward an area nearby. No one replied. He waited for Toph to notice something, but Toph was too occupied to notice anything, so Tesshin put the thought in his mind and they went onward. But it didn't take much longer until suddenly they all saw someone past out ahead of them! They all ran over to her. She had black hair and was dressed in Fire Nation clothing.

"What the? What happened here?!" GB gasped.

"Wait a minute." Aang said. He looked at her closely, turning her over. He recognized the face from the prison!

"Mai! This is Mai, I saw her with Ozai back at the prison! What's she doing here?" Aang said, surprised.

"You met her?!" Katara asked.

"Yea! She tried to capture us around the time Smith died...but why is she here? She won't last very much longer here." Aang said. After abut of discussion, he had convinced the others to help her out and brought her with them.

Now the gang had set up camp again, this time near some old ruins. Much of the group stayed with Mai as Weed and GB went off to get some water.

"How long will it be until she's up again?" Mel asked.

"Well she's out cold right now, but from malnutrition. We just need some food for her when she wakes up." Suki said.

"Alright...I hope Weed and GB come back soon."


Not too far away, Weed and GB were down by the river. GB dipped the bucket he carried with them in and filled it up to the top.

"There. Bucket filled." GB said afterwards, setting the bucket beside him.

"Good boy GB. Now can you help me get some fish? We might need to grab something to eat." Weed said. GB happily agreed and helped Weed collect a good amount of delicious Earth Kingdom trout.

Unaware to them both, they were being watched by three sets of bounty hunter eyes.

They were walking back, very successful over their fishing trip, and they were talking things over.

"So what do you think we should do about that girl anyway?" Weed asked.

"I dunno. She is Fire Nation you know, I don't really trust Fire Nation folk really." GB replied.

"Really? You seen to trust Zuko and Azula pretty well, even while we were in Ba Sing Se."

"Yea well there different. They had agreed to stop the hunting and joined us. Mai however we just found and took in. I'm still not sure about this, Weed."

"Come on now GB. It'll be fine, trust me." Weed said. It was now that GB stopped.

"That's exactly the problem. Trust. I just don't know if I could trust her or not. Trust can be good but very risky depending on the person." GB said. Weed realized that he has a point. He can trust Mai, but can she trust him?...however before the conversation can go any further, they both heard a rustle in the bushes nearby.

Suddenly three blurs bolted out, one grabbed Weed, the other two grabbed their hard earned fish! GB tries to fallow them and get Weed, but he ended up tripping on a tree root, the others running out of sight.

"Weed! I'm coming!" GB shouted. He got to his feet and ran after them again, much slower than the kidnappers were.


Meanwhile, Mai was just waking up now from her state and looked around at the small crowd. "Wha?...where am I?" Mai growled.

"You okay Mai?" Zuko asked. Zuko was the first person Mai saw.


"Don't worry Mai. You're safe now."

Mai just stared off into space for a bit until a sting in her stomach caused her to cringe up.

"Mai relax. GB and Weed will be back with some food soon." Aang said. Mai looked over at the Avatar for a bit, but she didn't look much surprised. She was looking for them anyway.


Far away from the others, Weed was taken over to an old shack. When they got there, he was thrown inside, the door closing behind him. Weed then suddenly found himself surrounded by the Boa Brothers. "Okay pup. Where Is he?" Rocket demanded.

"Depends on who's asking."

"Were the Boa Brothers. And we are looking for Avatar Aang. Now where's he at?" Rocket repeated. Weed was silent for a bit.

"Rocket this is ridiculous. Let's just beat the tar out of him." Jet said, licking his muzzle.

"Jet no. Were here for Aang, not this pup...but if he won't talk I guess we can play with him a little."

"Sweet! I call first dibs!" Missile shouted, rushing for Weed. But weed bolted aside, trying to avoid the three brothers constantly bolting for him. This lasted for a while longer until Rocket suddenly got him.

"Now I'll ask you again...where. Is. The Avatar?!" Rocket demanded, but Weed quickly kicked him in the eye and he bolted out the window. The Boa Brothers rushed over and surrounded him again. But before they can get to him, Missile suddenly seen two huge red eyes looking through the brush.

"Stay away FROM MY SAVIOR!!!" A voice bellowed, and suddenly a giant leaped out and nearly killed all three brothers on sight! The monster is Kaibutsu!


"Good to see ya again. As for you three, stay away from him or I'll eat every single one of you!" Kaibutsu warned. The brothers didn't need to be told twice, and they were gone in a flash. Kaibutsu turned to Weed.

"You okay Weed?" Kaibutsu asked.

"Yea Kaibutsu. did you know where I was." Weed asked.

"I've heard you calling for help as the Boa Brothers took you away, and I hurried on over. It's good to see you're alright." But as they both were talking, suddenly GB raced in, accidentally running right into Kaibutsu's leg.

"Ow. Weed are you-" GB stopped mid sentence when he saw who he ran into.

"Hi GB. Good to see you." Kaibutsu said.

"Kaibutsu! What are you doing here?! Haven't seen you since that stop at the fair." GB said, getting off his leg.

"Well I have been roaming around, exploring the Earth Kingdom mainly. I just saved Weed from becoming Boa food."

"Boa food?"

"Well explain later. But for now, let's grab the fish and get back. The others are waiting."

"Allow me Weed." Kaibutsu said. He then reached inside the shack and grabbed the two bags of fish and gave it to both GB and Weed.

Then, with Weeds permission, Kaibutsu went with them back to the others.

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