A Tough Reunion
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It's been a week since the invasion, and much of the group now weren't sure what to do now. Is the death of Ozai a time for celebration or hardship? Zuko and Azula especially were confused on what to do now. Their father now dead, do they go home or stay with Team Avatar? The members of Team Avatar had decided to be dropped off over by the southern air islands. The fleet would go and take care of the damage done. The group, now having Toph, Suki, Tesshin, Mel and Hook as members, settled down by the mountains, discussing on what to do next. " what? The Fire Lord's now gone, what to do now?" GB asked.

"I dunno. I didn't even fight him yet he was killed...I don't know what to do now besides find Toph...poor Toph. Probably stuck all alone out there." Aang sighed, thinking of what kind of trouble Toph gotten into.

"Aang don't worry. I'm sure Toph's just fine. We just have to go get her," Hope said.

Aang glanced up into the cloudy skies. "That depends on when." Aang sighed.

During much of their time, they spent it just resting up, still not sure if there's still anymore to do or not. As night fell, they were hanging around a campfire made by Zuko. Zuko again wasn't sure if returning to the Fire Nation palace now is a good idea or not, but he will have to wait for the answer to come to him, instead of him looking for it. He made everyone some nice tea he made from local herbs. He also gave bowls of it to the dogs too.

"Wow Zuko. This tea is great!" Hook gasped after a lick of the tea.

"Oh come on, you should try my uncles tea. Best in all of the nation," Zuko said.

"Come on Zuko, don't be so modest. This is THE best!"

"Well. Thank you," Zuko said.

The group talked for a while about usual things until Korra got an important question in mind. "Guys?...has anyone given any thought of Ozai?" Korra asked, concerned.

"Thoughts? All there is is that Aang found him dead. What else is there to know?" Tesshin asked.

"Well let's think for a second here. Does anyone find Fire Lord Ozai's death even a little bit suspicious? I mean he's a extremely powerful bender and it would take slot more than just the eclipse as support to even win a fight with him, let along kill him. Knowing Aang, I'm pretty sure that he didn't even touch him if he was found like that," Korra explained.

"We already know Aang didn't kill Ozai, what's the point?" Mel asked.

"The point is is that if Aang didn't kill him, then it must of been someone else there before Aang that could of killed him. Whoever it was has to have been close to Ozai in order to pull it off so easily and quickly...but who?"

It was quiet for a while, everyone thinking on whom it might be. Then suddenly Zuko and Azula remembered who sent them both on the mission in the first place! The very same platoon leader who threatened both of their lives if not bringing the Avatar back!

"HOUGEN!" They both gasped. Everyone quickly turned to them both.

"That's right! Hougen was very close to Ozai, and is heartless, he has to be the one!" Alam spoke up. The whole group thought about it for a bit...well almost the whole group.

"Wait a minute. Where's Sokka? Where's Suki?!" Katara asked.

"Man they need to know this... Hook? Mel? Can you two go and look around for them?" GB asked. Hook and Mel agreed and they both walked off.

Hook and Mel walked around the set of tents made when they arrived. They looked around in each tent but couldn't figure out where they were. "Psst. Mel, over here," Hook whispered.

"Why are you-" Nel began to day, but Hook quickly covered his mouth and pointed into the tent he was at. They heard some odd noises from inside, some slight laughing was heard but mostly it was moaning and some other odd sounds can be heard. "Oh, Suki," Sokka's voice moaned.

"Oh, Sokka," Suki's voice moaned.

Hook and Mel, being teenagers in dog years, didn't have a clue what's going on in there. They both looked at each other for a second or two.

"Uh, Mel? Can you see what's going on?" Hook asked. Mel wasn't very sure about it, but he and Hook looked inside anyway, only poking their heads inside. What they seen was Sokka and Suki making out, down to third base in cloths! They looked for a second or two and shot their heads out of the tent, now slightly scared.

"...Let's say it differently, okay, Hook?" Mel said, eyes still widened and gave red.

"I couldn't agree more..." Hook said. With that, the two accidental perverts bolted off before anything is said.


The next morning, Korra and Smellerbee went for a walk nearby. They both knew they need to find Toph, but they left alone since the pressure on Aang couldn't be raised anymore.

"Korra. Can I ask you something?" Smellerbee asked.

"What is it, Smellerbee?"

"Well, it's just...are we ever gonna find Toph?"

"Don't worry, Smellerbee. I'm sure well find Toph sometime soon. I know how much you care for her, like a sister."

It was then that Smellerbee stopped.

"No,'s more than that. She's my savior," Smellerbee said. Korra turned around fast and listen carefully on what she had to say.

"Listen, Korra...many years ago, I was all alone in the one to help me. I was about to get killed by a deadly Badger-mole when Toph came in and saved me...I owe my life to her. And I must find her before something bad happens!"

Korra stood silent for a second or two, taking in what Smellerbee had told her. Korea knew now that they have to find her...but unaware to both of them, they are in for a big surprise.

"Korra?! Smellerbee?!"

The voice, BELIEVE it or not, came from none other hen Toph! She had left the clan a few days ago, and has been looking for the group since. And now she found them! Toph quickly rushed down to them as Smellerbee embraced her with a big hug, tears down her face.

"Toph! Thanks goodness you're alive! Where were you?!" Smellerbee asked.

"Looking for you!" Toph replied. Their hug lasted for another 5 seconds until Smellerbee let her go.

"Come on, buddy! Let's head back. The others are worried sick about you!"

Smellerbee started back but stopped when she saw Toph still standing there, looking back where she was. Just then Heizo and Tyson went down to her. It was only now that they went onward back.

Back with the others, Toph began her story of what happened to her.

"Kurohabaki?! I thought they were just myth," Mel said after a while.

"Oh there real alright. And we are proud members. Right Tyson?" Heizo boasted.

"Yep! A well profound pack if I do say so," Tyson added.

Some of them gasped with amazement.

"Well anyways, I was staying with them for a few days, healing up from Kite's attack. After I got better I helped them get their leader back from the boiling rock prison." It was here that Aang got surprised.

"You were there? I was there too but I didn't see you," Aang said.

"You were?!" Toph gasped.

"Yea! I was looking for you when a lot of crazy stuff happened. A meeting, the spy call, someone getting shot at by Ozai-"

"THAT'S ME! I WAS SHOT AT BY OZAI!" Toph gasped. Aang and Toph looked in each other's eyes completely shocked. Silence was around for a while until Toph continued her story. "Well anyways. After I was shot and brought back to the Tree Of Life, the most amazing thing happened to me."

"Really? What is it?" Ty Lee asked. Toph gave her one of those "you got to be kidding" looks.

"You don't know yet?...I'm pretty sure someone would of noticed by now." Toph said, waving her hand over her eyes.

"Notice what? We already know you're blind." Katara said.

"You mean I was blind. That shot from Ozai gave me my eyes back! Isn't that great?!" The others were abut taken off by what she had said. Toph meanwhile moved some of the hair from her face. Most of the group were very happy for her. Toph looked around and didn't see Sokka or Suki around.

"Hey, guys? Where Sokka and Suki go? I want to tell them this!"

Hook and Mel looked at each other for a second or two and quickly bolted in her way. "Now now Toph, not a good idea!" Hook said.


"Uh...cuz Uh...because he's very busy! Yea! And he doesn't want to be bugged right now," Mel said.

"I know you're lying to me," Toph smirked, and walked by them. Hook and Mel were praying that Sokka and Suki weren't making out again like last night.


Over by the tents, Sokka and Suki had left during the talk, but they weren't Making out or anything. In fact, they both were looking over the world map to figure out what to do next. Suki was leaning on Sokka's shoulder most of the time.

"Sokka! Suki! I want to tell you something!" Toph said, walking inside the tent. Sokka and Suki got a bit surprised but not enough to freak out. "Toph! The talk done already?" Suki asked.

"Yea, it's done. I just want to say I'm no longer blind anymore," Toph announced.

"You're not?!...well, now that you're here, can you help us out with something?" Suki asked. Toph sat down and gave them a hand.

"Okay. Now upon recent notice, it seems that Hougen is now leader of the Fire Nation. At least that's what we heard. Got an idea on where we should go?" Sokka said. Toph looked long and hard on the map, focusing on the southern islands around the area.

"Let's see...wait a minute? What about the invasion?" Toph asked.

"Oh, that's done and over with, but anyway-"

"You went on the invasion without me?! I can't believe it!"

"Never mind that, Toph. Now we've finished the invasion on the coast here, around the east."

"Hm...well if that's the case, we should head over back to Ba Sing Se so we can get it back. After that, if Hougen needed a base, it's gonna be there anyway. Besides, after dealing with Hougen there, we can make a new home there as I guess the fleets ready to go?" Toph asked.

"Uh actually...they left. We stayed here as they were heading that way to look for you," Sokka confessed. Toph remained silent at first.

" that case, we should go onto the coast and build a large raft so we can travel there then...Unfortunately," Toph moaned.

"Geez, Smith can easily tell the fleet to stay...say. Where is smith anyway?" Toph asked. Sokka and Suki looked at each other for a bit...

"Smith-San...Smith-San is dead."

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