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False King
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The Fleet was still heading around. It was dangerously close to the solar eclipse, so they will have to hold on their search for Toph so the invasion can get underway.

"Come on Aang. Stop moping. You have to go and face Ozai." Weed said, trying to comfort Aang.

"But Toph still missing. *sniff* and smith San is...he's..."

Ssshhh. I know I know. He lived wonderfully. But for right now, we need to focus on the mission right now. I promise afterwards well find Toph and bring her back. I swear." Weed said. Aang leaned over and hugged Weed.

"*sniff* thank you." Aang sobbed. Weed hugged him back and they both went off to the meeting.

He of course was standing with the others, With Weed, Zuko, and Suki alongside as they look off at the fleet. Zuko began first.

"Attention friends. As you may all know, it's only 2 hours left until the day of the black sun begins. And also, the fire-benders will be powerless. So we have to finish the invasion while the Eclipse is happening."

"But wait. Should we attack during the eclipse?" Genba brought up.

"No. The eclipse only lasts for 40 minutes. Not enough time to do the entire invasion, so we have to start fighting before the eclipse. It's when the eclipse starts happening is when we truly begin to fight them back." Aang said. Then he aimed his staff to the Fire Nation map.

"The most likely spot of attack is at the southern coast here. The Fire Lord's palace is over by the coast, making it easier for the invasion to reach the king." Aang added.

Everyone began to understand the idea of the whole thing but only one person had his differences.

"Avatar Aang. Are you sure you want to go through with this?" Alam asked. Everyone turned to him surprised at his question. But Alam just ignored them.

"Of course I do. How come Alam?"

"Well Aang just think. Fire Lord Ozai is being faced right now with experienced soldiers from different nations, therefore giving us too strong of an advantage."

"Too strong?"

"I agree with Alam. He does have a point there. If Ozai is being faced with such impossible odds, he probably know that by now. Heck, he might even know of the eclipse for all we know." Hook added.

"Hook, Alam. What are you trying to say?" Zuko asked.

"Guys all I'm saying is is that what's the point on invading the palace and Capitol if the Fire Lord if he's not even there? If we all just charge in without Ozai showing up, it would not only be pointless but will lose lives for no reason. We have to abort the mission," Alam said.

"We can't. Whether he's there or not, this is the only chance well get at doing major damage to his nation. If we miss this, we might never get another chance. You two can stay back if you want to, but the rest of us are going and ending this war." Aang said.

"That's the point! We can't end the war if we can't find Ozai, let along fight him! I'm telling you Ozai's probably long gone by now!"

"Alam! Enough of that. Now you're going to have to stay out of the mission for you insubordination." Zuko said. Alam was shocked...but there wasn't anything he can do now.

"Anything else needed to be said?" Zuko asked.

The fleet was silent. The meeting was over and everyone got ready for the invasion. Zuko and Aang were about to go when Mel piped up "What about you?"


"You're a firebender right? How are you gonna go into the fight if you can't bend?" Mel asked. Zuko didn't reply.


As the whole fleet was prepared, Fire Lord Ozai was going over the plans on defensive strategies to keep the invasion back. He was assigning places for the platoons, explaining plans, things like that. During the whole meeting though, Mai noticed that Hougen was staring at the Fire Lord, as if judging him...waiting for something to happen.

As soon as the meeting was over, Mai went to see Hougen.

"Hey Hougen? I have to ask to you." Mai said, not much emotion in her tone.

"Let me think about...ok I thought about it. NO!" Hougen growled.

"Why were you staring at the Fire Lord the whole time?" She asked. Hougen was a bit annoyed with this girl. "Look. Normally I'll make some crazy threat but I'm very busy anyways. And besides I don't talk to test dummies." Hougen sneered. Mai was insulted but didn't show it as Hougen walked away.

Ozai looked out to the sea to see the Fleet coming over to them. He could even see Avatar Aang at the front of the vessel, looking over in his direction. He's not planning to coward away.

"Avatar...he has arrived."

"But I thought he's dead." Hougen said, "You can't fight them during the eclipse, you need somewhere away from the action. Private, no one will know you're there," Hougen insisted.

"No Hougen...there's no point in backing out now. It wouldn't make much difference if I hide or stay when the eclipse starts." Ozai replied, walking inside his palace.

"You kidding me Ozai?! You have a small fleet if fire benders against varied amounts of different benders! Not to mention avatars will fight too!"

"You mean Avatar?"

"No I don't. Remember Blue sir? He told me one time ghat there's more than one Avatar on that fleet! There both airbending and waterbending masters," Hougen said. Ozai oddly didn't seem too worried.

"WHAT IF I SAID ZUKO'S AND AZULA ARE WITH THEM?!" Hougen snapped. Ozai gasped and quickly turned around.

"Zuko and Azula are the ancestral children of avatar Roku himself. Making them a threat to the Fire Nation! WHY ELSE WOULD I BANISH THOSE TWO BOZOS IN THE FIRST PLACE?!" Ozai just stood there silent for a bit... He looked back at the invasion fleet, thinking now what to do. Hougen signaled him back inside. Right behind his back he made an evil smirk and went in with him.

Meanwhile outside the Fire Nation tried to shoot out the ship, but the airbenders easily shot the first rocks right back, as the ship set ashore, dozens of different benders and fighters charged right out and attacked. As Team Avatar had planned, most of the time they were just fighting and not invading until after 20 minutes, the eclipse finally started. It is now that the invasion truly began. Aang quickly got out his glider and flew right off to the palace.

Ozai was still waiting patiently at his palace for the Avatar. Hougen was getting impatient with him, and he decided the only time is now. Hougen ran over and locked the doors so Ozai can't escape.

"Hougen? Unlock the door, it won't make a difference really." Ozai sighed.

" you actually think I care about what you think?...say goodbye!" Hougen suddenly bolted at Ozai, and with one swift move...killed him!

"Okay. Now for the act." Hougen said to himself. He got things ready for a horror set up and he hid away to watch the action.

A few minutes later, the doors suddenly broke open, and Avatar Aang jumped in, pointing his spear at the Fire Lord.

"THE AVATARS BACK!!" Aang shouted.

There was a dead silence in the room, just him and the Fire Lord, eyes closed. Aang tried to get his attention but he didn't react to anything.

"Hello?! Anybody there?!" Aang shouted, waving his hand frantically in front of the Fire Lords face. He gently tapped the lords head...that was all it took for the decapitated head to fall to the ground, rolling to Aang's feet. Aang stood there frozen in fear for Abit until he suddenly bolted out. Hougen chuckled evilishly after seeing that.

Hougen can only wonder what would happen next so he walked to the balcony and just for the heck of it, carried the head outside.

Aang landed on one of the balconies and he whistled for everyone to stop.


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