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Sharptooth of Kurohabaki
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It was moonlight by the time the Kurohabaki clan had returned to the Tree Of Life. The whole clan was very happy that Usanda had returned, but their fun was turned to concern when they heard about Toph. So for the next two days, Toph had to keep her eyes under wraps (literally) until they can recover from Ozai's powerful lightning. For the 48 hours she was like this, all she could picture in her head was that incident back at the Boiling Rock. Bat exposing her, Ozai shooting her, her painful screams filling the was horrifying to her, much more than anything else. She could have died for all they know. She was laying down inside one of the rooms, face pointing to the ceiling, her eyes covered in white cloth and pads, both blood stained, when Kyoushiro, Hiro, and Tyson came in. "Hi Toph." Tyson said. Toph didn't reply at first, shrugging a bit.

"Toph? awake?" Kyoushiro asked. Toph groaned a little and replied in a sleepy voice "Yea...well, now I am."

"Okay good. Now it's been two days now right? You can take off your bandages now," Hiro announced. Toph was happy and gave a weak smile. Kyoushiro began to take off her bands. Toph at the time still only saw darkness with her eyes. But as Kyoushiro was removing the bands, light began to shine among the darkness, despite her eyes closed. All the cloth came off along with the pads. Toph opened her eyes for the first time since the incident.

"Toph? Better now?" Tyson asked. Toph didn't say anything, but started looking around. Kyoushiro and Tyson were a bit confused but Hiro was shocked. He had one theory...but he had to try something first.

"Toph. Let me ask. There is a window in here...where is it?" Hiro asked. Tyson and Kyoushiro weren't sure why he asked that but to everyones surprise, Toph turned get head to the window next to her! Toph couldn't believe it herself, being able to answer correctly. "I...I can see." Toph gasped, looking at her own hands.

"REALLY?! OH GOD, I HAVE TO TELL USANDA!" Kyoushiro gasped, as he bolted out to tell Usanda the news.

"So you can see now?" Tyson asked, surprised. Toph looked over at Tyson with an astonished look. "Yea I can. I must say though Tyson, you look pretty good with orange fur. Pretty unique." Toph replied.

"Well it isn't that special. Most of our pack has an orange fur color. But thanks for the compliment." Tyson said, blushing.

"Well I guess color-blind is out of the question. Come on Toph, let's see Usanda. A good idea to get to know him after all." Hiro suggested. Toph happily agreed and walked with them both to see Usanda.

Usanda was happily catching up with Marsamune and Kyoushiro when Toph walked in to see him. Toph stepped back with surprise when she saw how big Usanda really is compared to the others.

"Heh...surprised are ya?" Usanda smirked. He got up and walked over, Toph falling backwards just looking at Usanda's face!

"'re much taller than I thought," Toph thought aloud. Usanda simply chuckled and turned to Kyoushiro.

"You're right, Kyoushiro. She can see after all. And pretty well too by the looks of it," Usanda said.

"But...but how? I mean...I was born blind. How can I see again after Ozai zapped me? It doesn't make sense," Toph asked.

"Actually you just answered your own question. The lightning literally split open the area where you couldn't be able to see, giving you not only sight, but enhancing it as well. I'll show ya." Usanda said. He walked over to a special artifact, a large tooth, and handed it over to Toph. Toph had her eye on it when she arrived in, and was getting curious over it. Toph looked it over with a curious look.

"Impressive tooth. A bit of marks though here and there...where did you get this anyways?" Toph asked. Everyone else didn't even know there were and scars on the tooth. Usanda knew now her eyesight is now really good.

"That tooth came from Sharptooth. A horrifying monster that used to live around here. Legend goes that when the island was first made, the horrifying Sharptooth roamed this land so he can protect it. But sadly he was killed years ago during the settlement of the fire-benders. When Usanda got here, he found the skeleton of the monster and took the tooth for himself." Hiro explained. Toph looked at the tooth, thinking what kind of monster can hold a tooth like this!

"Well, okay then. Here, Usanda, I think I need to walk for awhile," Toph said. But as she started walking to the exit, Hiro quickly blocked her path.

"You crazy?! You can't go out now, not during the full moon night!" Hiro yelled. The others simply Sighed.

"Hiro, not that story again. It's not true," Kyoushiro groaned.

"What story?" Toph asked. Hiro sighed.

"Listen Toph. The full moon was out when Sharptooth was killed, and every full moon, his ghost comes out to try to find his tooth." Hiro said. Toph got a bit spooked, and set her hand on the floor by Hiro.

"Now Hiro, quit freaking her out! There is no ghost of Sharptooth! And if there was, how come we didn't see it?!" Tyson yelled.

"It is real! He gave me a horrid lesson and left it ON MY FACE!"

Before anything else was said, Toph said, "He's not lying."

Everyone was quiet and looked at her.

"Toph? did you-"

"When someone lies, a special reaction happens around them...he's telling the truth." Toph announced. Everyone looked at Hiro with a surprised look.

"Now there is one way to get rid of it." Hiro said.

"Hiro. You're not handling this! It belongs to me and you know it!" Marsamune snapped, holding the tooth in his jaws. But suddenly Toph snatched the tooth and went out. Hiro was speechless and he bolted after her.



Toph had raced outside with the Roth in hand. She walked a good ways away from the tree, knowing spirits don't go near the tree of life.

"TOPH! TOPH!" Hiro shouted, running after her.

"Hiro. Stay where you are." Toph instructed. But Hiro wasn't gonna let her go alone.

"Toph!! You get back here with my tooth!" Marsamune shouted, running after her. Toph stepped in a clearing and held the tooth in front of her. The wind blew silently around. But right before Marsamune got close, suddenly a huge roar was heard throughout the whole forest. Everyone stopped what they were doing and looked at Toph.

"Toph! Let go of the tooth!" Marsamune whispered. Toph didn't budge. Then something came out of the forest in front of her. It was GIGANTIC! Reading everyone as it walked out of the brush.

"Sharptooth." Hiro thought.

The giant animal looked down at the little girl with one of his teeth. He snarled alittle bit, and it opened its mouth full of sharp teeth. They all couldn't do anything as the beast charged its head right at Toph and seeming ate her! But when looking again, the beast began to disappear. First the tail...then its torso...then its head. Toph still was standing there, this time without the tooth. Hiro quickly raced over and hugged her tightly.

"Toph, you crazy kid! You survived Sharptooth!" Hiro said.

"," Toph said, a bit rough to breathe from Hiro's strong front legs hugging her.

"Okay, Hiro...sorry we didn't believe you." Marsamune said.

"It's okay, Boss. Toph? You still want that walk or do ya want to sleep now?"

"I think sleep is better," Toph said. With that the group headed back to the Tree Of Life.

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