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Boiling Rock Prison
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Ch.21: Sharptooth of Kurohabaki

Toph woke up later that day, only her feet now in the water in the water branch. The sun glistened through the leaves of the Tree Of Life as the small birds fluttered around in the early morning light. Some even flutter around her, although she can't tell if they are there until one chirped nearby. It was nice and cooling out as the warn Fire Nation breeze whooshed lazily by, making the perfect temperature.

"Morning." Kyoushiro said, walking over to her.

"Mornin' Kyou. Sleep well?" Toph asked, not turning to him.

"Yea pretty good...but the leader wasn't sleeping so well. He was stressed out the whole night?"

"Really? How come?"

"No idea. Too tired to care. But that aside, how're your feet? Able to walk yet?" Kyoushiro asked.

"One way to find out." Toph then at first just crawled out of the branch. Then she got to her feet. She hesitated at first but managed to fully stand, not feeling pain anymore. "Great! It's good you can stand again. Can you sense things better now?" Toph concentrated and she could see slot better now. "Yea plenty. I can't thank you enough Kyoushiro."

"No problem honestly. It's cool." Then as if on cue, Tyson came in frantically, a look of panic on his face.

"Kyoushiro! Toph! We have to go!" Tyson yelled, screeching to a halt in front of them.

"What wrong? Something up?" Toph asked.

"It's Usanda! He's been captured by the Fire Nation! We have to go now! Decision already made, there ready out front, come on!" Tyson Panted. Kyoushiro and Toph ran after Tyson until he stopped out front where Teru, Marsamune, and Heizo were waiting. Toph truly wanted to get to her old friends, but right now she was needed by the clan and she had to handle that first.


Miles away, The Fleet were traveling around the sea. They all knew they needed to find Toph, but the mission was still important and they needed to handle that. Smellerbee was very ticked at Weed for not finding Toph and still hasn't forgave him yet.

"Come on Smellerbee." Weed pleaded.

"No way pup! I ain't forgiving you until Toph is back right here!"

"But it wasn't my fault she was gone!"

As they were arguing over the incident, a small messenger bird fluttered in with a small flat rock plate in its beak. The first to notice it was Genba, and he rushed over to the bird first. The others just watched as the little bird set the plate carefully down in front of him and flew off.

"What this here?...It's from...TOPH?!" Genba gasped. Everyone turned to him in amazement...except Smellerbee.

"Come on Genba! Everyone knows Toph can't write, she's blind!" Smellerbee snapped. Smith hushed her as Genba read off the note..

Dear friends-

Need help. Locked in Boiling rock prison. Help me!

Genba was Shocked. He had heard of the prison while he stayed in the Fire Nation and it's the best prison possibly ever...unfortunately. "*gulp*...Uh guys?...I guess now we have to do a break-and-enter in order to get her back...she's stuck in the Boiling rock prison." Genba explained. Zuko and Azula jumped after hearing that.

"You can't be serious! That prison is almost impossible to escape from! It's stuck in the middle of a boiling lake in a volcano." Azula said.

"I know that! We have to find her there before something goes completely wrong." Genba said. Then Smellerbee walked in the conversation.

"You're right; Genba. But we can't all go at once...I'll go." She volunteered. The others looked at her for Abit. Weed was about to say something, but he knew it would only cause trouble so he kept quiet.

"We'll go, too. You need all the help you'll get if you're gonna go," Aang said, Ty Lee standing at his side. The others were shocked but agreed all the same. A small fire navy boat was put in place and Aang, Smellerbee, and Ty Lee sailed off.

Now from both sides, Members of both the fleet and Kurohabaki clan were heading off to the same location. One over water, the other on land. Both sides on a mission.


The group that made it there first was Aang's group of three. They had already got some fire navy disguises and were ready to "report in". "Okay. Ready for this? Smellerbee?" Aang asked.


"Ty Lee?"

"Ready Aang."

"Good. Let's go." The trio then started towards the entrance at the top of the volcano ridge. The heat was unbearable, scorching from the boiling water inside the main area. Aang managed to get past the main guard and were now heading in by elevator.

Meanwhile, Toph group of 7 had just arrived and they were getting things planned out. "Okay Toph. Can you make a path for us?" Teru asked.

"Not a problem." she replied. She then made a square platform around them and she raised it fast to the top of the ridge. Marsamune brought a rope and a sharp blade.

"Teru. Get ready," Marsamune said. Teru grabbed the bladed end of the rope and got into position. Then Teru started running and with a push from Toph, rocketed off the platform and across the lake. He threw the blade as hard as he could and the blade jabbed deep into the steel wall. Teru landed on the now secure Rope. Hiro and Tyson stayed for the getaway as the rest went over across the rope.

"Okay. Phase 1: get inside the prison countries, is now complete." Kyoushiro whispered.

"Onto step 2: find Usanda...but first we need some disguises." Toph said back. She and the other dogs quickly hid in one of the empty rooms as some guards were passing through. All it took was some fancy metal bending, a quick whack to the head, and a quick change in wardrobe for the group to look just like Fire Nation guards. "Okay. I think we look convincing in these. Now let's find Usanda." Heizo said.

"Right. Let's hope these work." Teru said.

Their testing was coming sooner than they expected. Because just then two Fire Nation guards bolted over to them. Toph tried to calm down as they raced over.

"Hey you, what are you waitin for?! Come on were being called up front now!" one of them said, yanking Toph by her hand. The dog soldiers rushed after her as she was brought to a line up over by the elevator entrance. She quickly got in her stance like the others, tall and strong. Oddly it turns out right next to her Aang was called to the same thing too! But both of their disguises were too good so they didn't recognize each other. But then three people came forward. One was Fire Lord Ozai himself! Second was Hougen, and third was someone new. She had pitch black hair and wearing a royalty dress. Hougen signaled her to read a message she had in her hand.

"Greetings boiling rock guards." she started. "As you may all know, the day of black sun is almost upon us! I offer all of you to work your best and when the time comes, make sure each and every single prisoner in this prison is put in the ice boxes. Understood?" Everyone agreed to the orders given to them. Both Toph and Aang were getting very worried. How did they all know about the eclipse?! "Mai? Aren't you forgetting something?" Hougen asked.

"Right...*clears throat* The lord himself also needs everyone to keep there eyes out for the avatar, if seen even by a glimpse. Kill him on sight!" Mai added.

She dismissed the group and they all were heading back to their posts. But as they were about to give them the slip...


Everyone suddenly stopped as Mai called them back to post. Turns out Bruge, Kite, and Bat were all there already.

"Excuse me bat?" Hougen snarled. Bat didn't panic as the others got a bit worried. Bat then started walking into the crowd. To their horror, he stops right in front of them!

"You. Step out of line." He demanded. Toph got scared, but did what she was told. Ozai then suddenly shot strait at her eyes! Toph screamed in pain as she grabbed her eyes. Everyone was shocked. Even if she was an impostor, that still was very cruel. Toph was grabbed by her friends upon command.

"Don't worry Toph, it'll be fine." Marsamune whispered. Luckily Bat didn't catch that. Toph was then taken away. Aang still didn't recognize her, but could of swore she sounded just like Toph.

Toph was taken to a metal cell as her friends guarded the door as other soldiers went by. Toph was still gripping her eyes from Ozai's lightning blast, still dripping blood onto the floor. The pain faded but she still had blood down her face. As she was whimpering on the floor, her roommate walked up to her. "You alright, miss?"

Toph didn't bother to turn her head towards who was talking, from the huge pain In her face. Her roommate was actually a dog. Very tall with orange fur and a black muzzle. He had thick shaggy fur and drooped ears. "No. I got shot in the eyes by Ozai!" Toph sobbed, now eyes dripping tears as well.

"As if slicing my feet weren't enough, now my eyes are stung!" she added. The large dog stared down at her for a bit and then said, " will happen to you in this life. But you'll have to toughen it out. Lives too short to stress all the time."

"What do you know old hound!! LOOK WHAT HE DID TO ME!!!" Toph shouted, removing her blood stained hands to show blood red eyes.

"Being old has nothing to do with it. You're as old as you feel young." Toph just stopped talking with those words...she knew now who she was with. Heizo's words repeated in her head.

"You're Usanda, right?...let's get out of here," Toph said, getting up. Usanda nodded as Toph walked to the door, cracked her knuckles, and smashed the door to scrap metal. The whole pack and Toph, though took some wrangling, had managed to escape undetected...almost.


Bat meanwhile called upon three particular guards to the front where Mai and Ozai were at, now about to leave. "Fire Lord and Royal Niece!" Bat yelled.

"Bat now what? This better be good." Ozai groaned. Bat then suddenly knocked one of them over onto his stomach. Bat walked right over to him.

"Ozai! Who we have here is a spy trying to bail out the prisoners here!" Bat announced. As he did, one of them slowly grabbed one of the blades in her pocket. Bat then ripped off the headband, reviling his arrow! Aang was exposed in the worst possible place! Smellerbee quickly rushed at them and sliced at Bat while Ty Lee got Aang. Mai quickly rushed at the Avatar, but Ty Lee threw him in the elevator as Smellerbee challenged her. Mai and Smellerbee were now in a crazy joust as the other two got in while Hougen and Ozai were distracted. Smellerbee saw the elevator moving away now 20 feet away, so she rushed over and ran on the iron wires to the others, Mai fallowing close behind. She had made it, but now they all had Mai to deal with.

"Avatar Aang. You stay still or we can do this the hard way." Mai warned, getting her blades out.

"I would never agree to that. But I don't want to fight." Aang said. But Mai attacked him anyways, and they all ended up in a 3 on 1 battle. Unaware to everyone, there was a fourth person who came with Aang. He was rushing across the rope on his three legs as Mai finally pinned Aang down. "That's it Aang! I had enough with this nonsense!" Mai yelled. Just before she can finish him off, suddenly the fourth person jumped at her and rammed her off Aang.

"SMITH-SAN!!" Ty Lee yelled. Smith was facing her as the others got Aang to his feet.

"All of you! Go now!" Smith yelled.

"You kidding?! I'm not letting you die!" Smellerbee snapped.

"SMELLERBEE!! NOW!!" With those words, Smellerbee changed her mind and went with the others. Mai tried to fallow, but Smith blocked her path. They fought for a while until Smith noticed something...the hinges are collapsing! Smith didn't need any more lives at risk aside of his own, so to Mai's surprise, Smith grabbed her and chucked her at one of the wires a good distance from the elevator car. "Mai! Get out of here now!" Smith yelled.

"Why did you do that? You're getting yourself killed!" Mai shouted, noticing the collapsing hinge.

"Won't matter anyways. I had my time in the sun, but you got a whole young life ahead of you. When you find Aang, tell stay out of trouble." Those words left her speechless. She tried to rush back but it was too late for Smith...the hinge had broke, plummeting the car and Smith down to a watery grave of the Boiling Rock. All of his friends and Mai can only watch as Smith was boiled alive. Smellerbee was heart broken the most. She fell on her knees, crying her eyes out at the lost of her closest friend and savior many years ago. Now two people were missing...this time one was for good...forever.

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