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The Boy in the Snow
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November 30 - 2012

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Ginga Densetsu Avatar Ch.2: The Adventure Begins

Legend foretold that many years ago, all nations lived in harmony. But everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked. My mother said that only the Avatar, master of all 4 elements can stop the nation and the world will be at peace once more.

The story begins over all the way in the South Pole. The small village was going through their daily ways. One of the girls, Katara, was off with her close friend, GB, and her oldest sibling, Korra, for some ice-fishing. GB was getting a bit tired from walking to the fishing spot.

"I'm getting tired Katara. How much longer?" GB whined. He stopped moving and stood in place.

"Not much longer, GB. Now come on." Katara said calmly.

"I can't go on! I'm so hungry I can't walk another step." GB replied, as he stubbornly sat down. Katara tried to talk him out, but Korra got her to stop.

"Relax sis. I got this." Korra said with a smirk. She then began walking away, turned over to GB and said, "Okay, GB. You wait around here and we'll go onward, I guess you won't mind the first ice fish then!"

GB's eyes suddenly bulged open. He loved ice fish, and he likes the first choosing over them. So he quickly bolted back to the girls. "Hey GB. I thought you didn't want to continue." Korra smirked.

"Uh...well, we're almost there anyway so...there it is!" GB replied, running over Towards the fishing spot. But suddenly he tripped over something hard and fell headfirst into the snow. "What the?..." GB got to his feet and walked back to what ever tripped him. He couldn't make out whatever it was since it was covered in snow. "What the heck is...AAHH!!" He suddenly jumped back as his scream made Katara and Korra rush over. The thing was a young boy, ice cold in the snow. They then noticed not to far away a small blue dog laying nearby, also unconscious.

"Oh my! Are you okay?!" Katara yelled, turning the boy's body. He didn't reply.

"Oh man. GB, you get the dog, I'll take him. They won't last very long out here." Korra instructed. GB rushed over and grabbed the blue pup as Korra lofted the boy out of the snow, on her back. They all then had to go back to the village.


Back at the village, the townsfolk were going about doing their daily duties. One of them was Katara's brother, Sokka. He was looking out for their return. After a while, they did come back, but not with fish. They've managed to get the boy and the dog back to their main hut, where their mother was trying to heal them both. "Are they going to be okay?" Katara asked, very concern. Their mother managed to heal their wounds but they were still knocked out.

"They will be fine dear. They just need some time to come to." She said.

"Thanks for your help, mom. Sorry we didn't get the fish," Korra said.

"Don't worry about it. You three did the right thing to bring them back out of the tundra. That was very great of you. Now you three run along and play. These two need their rest." Korra, GB, and Katara went on out and decided to check up on Naga, the villages bear dog. He had damaged his paw on one of his trips and is now resting. "Hi Naga. Good boy." Korra said, patting Naga on the head. Naga happily licked Korra. He then began "talking" to GB for a bit. "He said that he's doing fine. Although his paw still hurts," GB stated. As they were comforting Naga, Sokka came in to see them.

"Hey guys. What's up?" He asked. Korra noogied him saying "Hi lil' bro. What brings you round?" Sokka didn't really like being called little by Korra. But this time he shrugged it off. "First of all, don't call me that! And second you two, mom wants to see us now. It's with that bald kid and that blue dog." The group went back and saw the two conscious, sitting up on their healing beds. The boy looked up at Katara as if he was born in the world for the first time. "What is your name?" Katara asked.

"I'm Aang, and this is Weed." Aang introduced.

"Hi. Now where are we? How did we get here?" Weed asked, with a curious looked on his tilted head.

"You two are at the south pole. Where are you from?" Sokka asked. Aang and Weed looked surprised at first. But suddenly Aang's head began to hurt. He gripped his head for a second or two and relaxed as the pain faded away. "You okay Aang?" Korra asked.

"Yea...I think so." Aang said.

"Do you remember where you're from?"

" least I don't think so. I can't remember, miss...?"

"Korra. My name is Korra. And this is my sister, Katara, and my brother, Sokka."

"And I'm GB." GB added, walking over to Weed.

"Nice to meet you guys. We humbly thank you for saving us." Weed said.

"No problem, you two," Korra said. Then Aang's stomach growled.

"I guess I'm hungry. What do you guys have to eat?" Aang asked.

"Well, we WERE getting some fish, but we came across you instead." smirked GB.

"Oh. Well, is there anything like some lettuce or something?" Aang asked. The others stared for a second from the odd question. Then Weed added "He doesn't eat meat. He's a vegetarian." Then the healer got out some warn soup for Aang and Weed.

"Thank you, ma'am," Aang said.

But a few hours later, Sokka was still on watch when suddenly black snow began to fall...the Water Tribe knew what it meant. "Everyone, into Battle stations, NOW!" Sokka yelled, jumping down from his post. Everyone in the whole village were running franticly to get ready. But both the new arrivals didn't know what's going on.

"What's happening?" Weed asked.

"Not sure. But by the looks of it, it's not good. Come on." Aang and weed managed to find balance and slowly walked outside. They suddenly got shock on their faces as they saw a huge ship coming right at them! The huge ship stopped and then the doors opened up. Suddenly a pack of dogs rushed out and into the village. The waterbenders managed to keep them back but it was getting harder and harder to. Suddenly the fighting stopped when one dogs howled good and loud. The dog walked over to Sokka. The dog had it's muzzle ripped out. "Attention southern village of waterbenders! We've come for the Avatar! Hand him over now or face the consequences!" he yelled. The waterbenders didn't know what he was talking about. "We don't know whom you're talking about," Korra snapped.

"Don't lie to the great Alam! We know he's here, so we'll make it REAL simple for you. You throw the kid over; we leave. If you don't; we'll trash the place. Your choice." Alam smirked. Aang and Weed were shocked by what Alam's saying. But they both know that the Water Tribe is in trouble if the Avatar doesn't come up. But then suddenly, another person walked out. This time it was a teenage boy in Fire Nation armor with a huge scar on his eye. "Alam. I'll handle this."

"Yes, Prince Zuko." but before Alam can walk back, his eye suddenly caught the glimpse of Weed standing at one of the entrances of the huts. Alam quickly jumped past the crowd and right at them. But Korra quickly rushed in his way and blasted at him with some powerful waterbending. Alam was tossed at some jars nearby, shattering most of them. Alam got up and shook off some of the broken parts off his fur. " off." he smirked.

"You stay away from him." Korra warned. Zuko rushed over to the Avatar and the Ohu. "Avatar. You and Ohu are to come with me now or this village will fall." Zuko warned. Alam walked over to him. But suddenly Zuko was hit hard with something and fell to the ground. Then they all heard "Got him!" Zuko got to his feet slowly and turned to Sokka, running at him grabbing his small club. Sokka swung it at him, but Zuko this time dodged it and nearly burned Sokka's face with a fire blast. Katara rushed towards Aang as Korra blasted some water at Zuko, but Zuko used Sokka as a shield and got him soaked. "Korra!"

"Sorry bro!" As Zuko was fighting them off, Alam was walking over to Aang and Weed. Aang tried to back away, but he and Weed were cornered as Alam was closing in, but suddenly out of fear, Aang shot a huge air blast at Alam, shooting him at Zuko, knocking them both over. Aang looked shocked, he forgot he can airbend. "Did I do that?" Aang thought as he got to his feet. But then Alam suddenly bit him on the leg. His leg hurt, but his head suddenly gave him a vision! It showed a dog, like Alam but without his muzzle ripped apart, charging head long towards. He then came back and Weed threw Alam away from Aang. Alam and Zuko both tried at him, but suddenly Aang tried his air attack again, this time it was so strong it knocked them both back on their ship. Weed saw suddenly that Aang's arrow glowed and Aang suddenly lifted a tidal wave in front of the ship, the water lifted the ship and Aang sent the wave miles off towards the nearest sea, long ways away. Everyone stared at Aang for a while as he suddenly faded and collapsed. Katara and GB rushed over to him. "Aang! Aang!" Katara yelled. Aang was still conscious but suddenly tired.

"Katara..." Aang then passed out.

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