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Ch.17: Blue's Defeat

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Ch.19: Kurohabaki

As Team Avatar left the island after Blue was taken care of and Zuko and Tom was back, the black Labrador, named Bat, quickly raced off.

The day was a bit stressful for the blind lab. How is he gonna explain things to his boss without literally losing his head?! He was now pacing around back at base, trying to get an idea in his head on what to do. But then he suddenly stopped and looked over at the door leading out of his room.

"Not now Bruge." Bat sighed.

"Wait? How did...never mind. But anyways, I was thinking we can talk." Bruge said.

"That's nice of you to offer but I can't think at the moment because-"

"Because Team Avatar survived the phoenix blasting, I know! Just let me in and well talk. I think I have an idea that might help." Bruge insisted. Bat thought about it for a bit.

"...*sigh* come in...I hope this ideas good."

Then a dog walked into the room. He was a blackmouth dog, with orange fur and a black snout. Bat and Bruge are both leaders of the same platoon assigned by Hougen, and became good friends.

"Okay Bat, hear me out. You have that amazing sensory thing right?"

"It's called the mind's eye. Everyone has it, I just put mine to good use."

"Oh...Well anyways, you noticed during the shooting of that girl right? That green lassie, black hair, grey eyes, goes by the name Toph?...well you probably sensed that special sensory she has too. So she is considered to them like their own Minds eye."

"What?! How can she-"

"She's blind. Like you. But listen. I saw when you first shot at them and you would of killed that arrow-head if Toph didn't sense your shooting first."

"Yea, yea I get it! I missed!! What's your point?"

"My point is is that if Toph somehow lost her sensory ability, then we can plant slot more trouble for them without that green girl Toph ruining everything. Get it? And what's better news is that she senses it through her feet." Bruge explained, patting on of his paws.

"If we can disable her feet, we disable her senses. It's perfect!"

Bat realized he was right. He did notice that when he sensed the vibrations it flows through her much better than the others.

"That's a genius, you are! But there's one tiny can we go in to do it without her noticing?!" Bat snapped. Bruge didn't think about that part. But before they can say anything, Bat suddenly sensed what he thinks is a metal dog coming up to them. They both then heard a set of metal steps coming closer. Then after awhile the doors opened. An unknown figured walked in a few steps, reveling a set of metallic legs.

"I believe I can help." it said, wicked and sly smile across his muzzle.


Meanwhile, The Fleet had gotten things ready and went off again. Much of Team Avatar were very happy that Zuko and Tom made it out okay, Azula rushed over and Hugged them both when they got back.

"Oh thank god your both safe and sound." Azula saids through tears.

As Azula and Zuko talked, Aang was getting curious over Katara's whistle that she blew, or how she blew it for that matter. He was thinking very hard about her bending ever since Smith told then his theory back at the hot springs. His theory repeated in his head at least once. He found Katara sewing some clothing when Aang came over with Ty Lee.

"Hi Aang. What are you doing?" Katara asked.

"Oh nothing much...say Katara? Can I ask you something?" Aang asked.

"Uh...sure. Actually I need to tell you something." Aang sat down with Ty Lee as Katara turned to them.

"What is it Katara? Is it important?" Ty Lee asked.

"Well it's important for me...and for you." Katara said, turning to Aang. She was trying to get the words out but was a bit difficult. But then...

"*Sigh* you know what? Let me just show you."

Katara relaxed her frightened nerves and, in front of them both, made an air orb with her Air-bending. Aang and Ty Lee jumped a bit as she spun her orb for a bit. The jump got the attention of the others, getting shocked Katara was doing this.

"Katara? Your an air-bender?!" Aang gasped. Katara stopped her orb spinning and sighed.

"Well sort of. I'm trying to get it right. You see when I was just a little girl, I've heard of the amazing stories of the Air Nomads. Especially when they can fly at will. I always wanted to do that, so one day I found this Air-bending Scroll and I decided to start air-bending."

It was silent for the crowd around her. Never before had most of the group heard of someone trying two different bending styles...most of them.

"But Katara! Why did you keep it a secret!" Sokka said.

"Because I was scared. I was worried that I would get in trouble If I'd say anything." Katara started to sob a little when Korra stepped in.

"Katara how could you?! You know that only the avatar, ONLY the avatar can learn more then one element! No one else is supposed to learn any more then one technique to there nation, if at all! You know the dangers do you?!" Korra Snapped, Scolding her sister. Katara started crying again, tears landing on her unfinished cloth at her knees.

"Korra!!...enough!" Smith yelled. Korra turned to Smith shocked.

"Now listen to me, all of you. I understand that everyone thinks that it's against religion for all nations to learn more then one element, but that doesn't mean that the world is unbalanced. Anyone can be free to learn any element if they want to. It's just some elements are easier to learn for each nation that's all." Smith then turned to Katara.

"Katara. Now let me just say I inspected that you were part air-bender. Ever since Aang told me about the incident at the south pole. But it's not the bending that Is of surprise...I think we have more then one avatar on this ship." Everyone gasped in shock, including Katara.

"Now wait a minute Smith-San! You said yourself there's only one avatar, did you?!" GB shouted.

"I know. (walks to Katara) however, by the way Aang had described it to me. The glowing eyes, the tremors with your steps, I believe that you entered an avatar-like state. It's okay Katara. The avatars had a point in time, each 200 years in fact, that two to three avatars can be found. An avatar can be found by choice, family line, or destiny. Your air-bending isn't of any concern to anyone. Heh...what surprises me is that you never said anything."

Everyone looked to Katara. Katara just didn't know what to say or how to react to any of this explained by Smith.

Later on during sunset time, Katara was sitting alone now thinking about what Smith had said. Can she really be another Avatar? As she was in thought, Aang and Hope came out to see her.

"Katara?" Aang asked.

"Oh...hi Aang. Hi Hope." Katara sighed.

"Listen want to master Air-bending right?...maybe we can help." Hope said. Katara turned around fast, a grin beginning to form on her face.

"Really? You'll help me with that?" Katara asked.

"Of course! It would be silly to not train someone like you so into the Air Nomads. It would be fun." Aang said.

"Oh Aang, Hope. Thank you so much. This means slot to me."

"Don't worry about it Katara. It's getting pretty late though. One thing for any good air-bender is to get plenty of sleep." Hope said.

"That's good for any type of bending." Katara chuckled. Then suddenly Aang looked ahead and saw the Fire navy mainland just ahead.

"Hey look! Another place for the night. Let's set anchor at shore." Aang said.


They did stop over at a reasonable area at shore. Much of the fleet was resting for a bit and talking to one another. But due to what happened, they didn't collect very much resources so Toph and Sokka were assigned to gather supplies. Toph and Sokka were growing pretty close, having a good amount in common with each other. There walk got to a mountain face, one side a deep revenue, the other a large clifface. Sokka brought some equipment; his sword, some rope, and a few other things just in case something were to happen. "Say Toph. You think it's strange for Katara turning out to be a air-bender?" Sokka asked during the walk.

"I dunno. After Smith's little speech it's not as surprising really. What bout you? I mean she is your sis."

"Well it's a bit shocking to me. She was hiding this for a long time, during childhood."

There talk went for awhile, until Toph suddenly stopped, sensing something was around. Nearby, someone was coming there way, walking to a clifface leading down to them. "I know this sounds weird but I think a metal animal is coming." Toph said, getting in battle position. Sokka drew his sword, ready for whoever came around. At first there was just silence. But then suddenly Toph opened up the floor in front of them, reveling a tunnel full of dogs who sprang out and whacked Toph hard! Sokka bolted over and slashed at them, but they were more interested in Toph more than him.

So far Toph was easily fighting them back, but suddenly one of them rammed her hard, and threw her off the cliff! Sokka quickly whipped the rope to her and she grabbed the end hard. The cliff she was hanging in was caved in, meaning she can't touch the earth the earth-bend herself up.

"Climb up! Hurry!" Sokka called. Toph tried to climb up the rope, legs dangling as her arms were pulling her up. But then suddenly a voice rang out saying "The Skinner Strikes!" before she knew it... The attacker slashed the skin off her feet! Sokka pulled her all the way up, only now seeing her skin gone on the bottom of her feet, so red you think she stepped in red paint. Then that same dog jumped in front of them both. His metal legs shinning in the moonlight.

"Who are you?" Sokka asked, helping Toph. But before anything else can happen, A group of dogs bolted at him, knocked him out, and carried him out just like that! Now Toph was alone, bleeding badly, and vulnerable. Toph was scared, she tried to bend, but her sensory was way off now and the rock chunk flew well away from the metallic dog.

"Well. Looks like ol' Kite's done better then he thought." Kite chuckled.

"What'chu gonna do to me?" Toph asked, frightened. Before Kite can reply, suddenly another dog jumped in Kite's way, saying "He's not doing anything."

"What the heck?" The dog quickly ran to Toph by the cliff.

"Toph, forgive me!" the dog shouted! And then suddenly, the dog rammed her off the cliff with himself! The screams of a shocked Toph was all that can be heard before the darkness covered them both.

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